What happened to blogging?

Is it just me or did blogging fall by the wayside after Twitter and Facebook blew up in a big way? As I type my current Facebook status reads: Jenice…is wondering the way of blogging. Do people read them anymore? Is Twitter the “new” way to tell what’s on your mind or just a supplement? What will next year’s outlet be? Seriously, what are your thoughts on blogs. Embarrassingly I have way too many that I don’t update nearly enough.

See, I chose to first ask this question on Facebook. Not on my blog. There was a time when the blog comments here were very engaging. I was mostly on myspace at the time as my other social media outlet and hated using it. Pretty much felt like a big high school hallway so I limited it to just for my photography business.

I moved on to Facebook surprisingly because of my job. We were on the brink of integrating how we used social media in our work.  Then one person found me, then another, then somehow friends of friends of friends wanted to add me and I’ve ended up with nearly 700 “friends.” The quotes around friends is not meant  to be snide, it just happens that I probably am really good friends with a handful of the people I’ve befriended on Facebook. However SEVERAL of them have helped me in one way or another or vice versa. Very useful thing, Facebook…

But I remember the geekish thrill and excitement I had when I was ready to post my next blog entry. Then one day it stopped. Why is that? Boredom? Or just a progression of all social media…on to the next thing. I’m torn between several blogs that need updating. This was my very first blog so I’m quite partial to it. But I wonder if my readers are out there anymore anyway…as humans we naturally just, well…move on.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I prefer reading blogs to facebook. I find them more informative. As for twitter, I use it as a way to find blogs to read but the 140 characters are just enough to tell me where to find more information, not to give me the whole story. Some people are the other way round. They prefer using blogs to find people to follow on twitter and facebook. I think all of these have their own place and people will naturally fall to the one they prefer.


  2. I myself gave up trting to come up with something susbtantial at least once a week and found it more productive to go to the blogs posting similar stories of interest where I can spread my thoughts, heh. Better known as chewing out moonbats. Hell, I’m even in demand enough to where I’m getting pais almost enough to pay my mortgage.
    Which reminds me, hows the house comin along little lady ?

    Aloha, long time no see, ya ?


  3. I love my house! It’s the hood that could be better. Boy I’m like never on her blogging anymore. I kind of miss it. How have you been?


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