Twitter replacing my blogging…?

I don’t think I can shut this blog down. Though I know my readers have probably left me long ago. I just don’t have the focus for it now that I’m on Twitter. Is that pathetic? Who knows for how long this trend will last. But I’m micro-blogging everyday on my page @Jenice78. I have a lot to say and sometimes nothing at all. But in this world of get it now, short and sweet, blogging can become pretty difficult. How about you? Are you finding the same problem?

I will surely come back here again very soon and talk to you some more…if anyone is even left! But until then, you can read my ramblings on my Twitter page. And I still continue to update my photo blog at

Who else is still out there, WordPress writers?

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  1. Hello, I am also a writer. I am new to Twitter and like you I find days when I don’t have the time or haven’t worked out a topic enough to write a blog entry so the micro-blogging comes in handy. But I still have a lot to learn about how to use Twitter to connect with my readers. At this point is pretty much an experiment since blogging has been so good for me. I invite you to stop by my blog and follow me on Twitter 🙂


  2. my apologies i have been remise –

    never apologise – do what you can – when you are able. i have facebook as [Palestar- Eaglespirit] and i have a twitter as [Palestar]. facebook makes you have 2 names even if you only have one so i used my e-mail as a second name… bored yet? 😉

    okay enough i will try and find you – lets see how good a detective i can be… take good care.


  3. Posted by MisstressM on Friday, May 8, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    I cant figure out twitter. I think i am actually getting too old for this technology thing


  4. But Misstress! It’s perfect for you! Let me know what you need to know and I’ll help. You must get on there. Palestar found me. Clary, what’s yours?


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