What does it mean to give your life to Christ?


me too, honey.

Anyone care to answer?

For me lately it means the government will make sure to dictate what kind of religion I need to worship if a guy like Mitt Romney is president. A shiver just went down my spine…

But really. Feel free to answer. I’ve never really ever completely understood.

And I was raised Church of Christ.

*Some clarification.

I know a  guy like Mitt is no threat because he will never win. And being a Mormon hurts him. However it’s what he said that the extreme right really grabbed on to when he said to have freedom is to have religion. And I feel that you have to BE free to have whatever religion you choose.

I quite disagree with melding church and state and there are signs everywhere (though somewhat small) that we could some day have that kind of nation — full blast. And the government should never tell me that it’s only THEIR way of God that I should worship. When I say “I” I mean every person in America. We all should be able to choose. Church and state is forced in small-town America all over the nation and that is what I fear can spread.

However my question is quite a selfish one.

I want to hear from people who didn’t raise me! 

So, what does this question mean to you?



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  1. Whatever on earth makes you think that ?

    If anything we need to worry about the secular left doing their best to abolish all religion. No manger scenes, no references to God allowed anywhere.
    they even want to change all our currency.
    The closest I can come to Mitt even putting religion up front was his faith clarification speech two days ago.
    I seriously doubt he’s trying to recruit Mormons. Thats gotta be the quickest way to loose a candidacy ever.


  2. Posted by loudmouthprotestant on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    Do you remember a song called “I Surrender All”? That is what giving your life to Christ is all about…Surrendering yourself to a greater power who has your best interest in mind. Scripture says that God is concerned about everything that concerns you. To give your life to Christ is to believe that His way is the best and only way to live, knowing that He will be a light unto your path and will always guide you in the right direction–though it may hurt. But it also about understanding that giving your life over to him while it is filled with immense joy, there is also immense sorrow for the things you will never be able to comprehend. So trust Him to be your provider, your comforter, your healer, your redeemer, banner, your bridge over troubled water…He is all those things and more when you decide that you can surrender all. And in all honesty Mitt Romney or any other politico has nothing to do with your salvation, they too have to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling and consider Romney can’t even make a speech about his beloved LDS faith without a million adviser he is definitely not one anyone should feel particularly threatened by. Work your faith, you’ll certainly be able to understand it by and by. (I love those old Baptist songs)


  3. Obviously , it looks as if you dont have to worry about the government dictating anything to you when you have people like loudmouthprotestant around.
    The first rule in recommending or advocating any kind of spirituality is to always speak in the “I”
    As in “FOR ME”

    “That is what giving your life to Christ is all about…Surrendering yourself to a greater power who has your best interest in mind. ”

    Should be said this way;
    For me that is what giving your life to Christ is all about…Surrendering myself to a greater power who has my best interest in mind.

    This kind of presentation leaves you to view the person as trying to display an example.
    As opposed to TELLING you or DICTATING how it should be.


  4. Micky. I think you need to understand what it means to be so filled with this, which I find it hard to be, and want to spread the word. Christians like LMP just are so passionate about this kind of thing, it kind of comes off as dictating because they see no other way. It is THE way. My mother is exactly the same way actually. I’ve just been agnostic so long.


  5. Micky,

    I am sorry that you believe that I am dictating to anyone because I am not. If you knew—which you clearly don’t—you would know that I don’t seek to dictate or impose my religious beliefs on anyone but like AJJ said, I am very much passionate about my faith and I do jump at the opportunity to share my experience. I don’t walk around busting people upside the head with my King James Bible, it’s not my thing and I find that approach to proselytizing to be disrespectful. I don’t expect you to understand how deeply this spirit runs through me but I did want to share how much being on this faith walk has changed my life and hope that my sharing will give someone something to think about. My life is not a walk in the park everyday, in fact since I have taken the step to surrender all it has been much harder than leading a life aimlessly without God but I have found that my time spent in the grass on the other side has provided me with some of the most joyous times of my life. My only wish is to be a walking testimony of God’s love by sharing what He has given me. So I come in peace and hope that you receive that. Grace and Peace be unto you. And AJJ, I pray that in due time you will find what you are looking for…


  6. I’m passionate about my faith too loudmouth.
    But all we should really be doing is to let people know what works or worked for us.
    Not TELL them what will work for them.
    Look back on your teachings and the word Christ.
    He only suggested and never told anyone they had to do anything.
    He lead by example.
    I am also passionate about what people say, and I can read what you said.


  7. Not to keep going back and forth but because I don’t think you understand me I want to give you extra clarification.

    The way I wrote my response to AJJ’s question was not to impose or dictate anything to anyone–I stated this earlier. Consider it a stream of consciousness not meant to be so literal as it was just me taking my lead from the spirit and just writing what was on my heart. We all have different ways of expressing our faith and that is just the way mine comes out. It’s evident in my other writings and I didn’t write it to make people feel obligated to agree with me, I only wrote it to give people something think about.

    I am mature enough in the faith to know how to speak to people in all walks of life and clearly writing and speaking are two different things so it’s clearly too simple for people to misconstrue my sentiments as me being some fundamentalist Christian needing the world the convert now. I know my word and I know what Jesus taught, but I also know he didn’t mince words when he had to express something His father told Him to express–and I was saying what God put on my heart to say nothing more nothing less, and I believe that is something no one can really contest. You’d do the same if God or whatever deity your worship put something on your heart to tell another.

    I really don’t like being misunderstood particularly when someone believes I am doing harm when I honestly and truly mean no such thing. Please take it at that and since you are passionate about your faith there was probably a time when you were misunderstood and it grieved you, so I hope you can relate.

    More importantly, since it was written for AJJ, I hope she gets what she needs out of it because it was primarily for her edification and everyone else afterwards.


  8. A.J., Loadmouth, I have only one thing to say.
    Merry Christmas.


  9. “I’m passionate about my faith too loudmouth.”

    Ok that line struck me as funny.

    The first thing that popped in my head was “Surrendering yourself to a higher power.”

    Would that also be Step Three of AA’s Twelve Steps?

    Anyway, this religious guy I met on a plane ride from San Fran to Dallas said something particularly poignant to me. He said, “You’ll have to excuse me for preaching Jesus so much. But you’ve got to understand, giving yourself to Jesus is like being in love. You can’t help but talk about it to anyone who will listen.”

    It made me think of all the times I’d chirp on about some guy I crazy about – to friends, to strangers – and all of a sudden it sort of made sense. Their preaching, that is.


  10. You know what? It’s like anything else. When you find something you love or are so in love with, you want to share it with the rest of the world.

    You just want to like, Pay it forward lol

    So I have more of a tolerance now for people who preach religion; however, I haven’t adapted so kindly to someone telling me I’m going to go to tell or that Buddhism is a sham or there’s only way or it’s the highway [to hell, probably].


  11. Excuse me, typo alert. That would be hell, not tell. Thanks.


  12. Posted by Michel on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 5:11 am

    I’VE BEEN an addict for over 20 years.i gave my life to Jésus and my addiction is very very much gone!!
    God Bless all of you


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