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Vegas baby.

It’s been a long time coming. The day I actually have a WEEK of vacation in which I plan to spend at LEAST four days away from my laptop. FOUR DAYS away from email. FOUR DAYS away from, yes, even blogging. Though I’ve been slacking anyway, so nothing different there. But this time vacation will mean that I only plan on doing any kind of work only AFTER I come back to town. I am realistic enough to know that I’m probably going to have to work Sunday or Monday but by then I could care less. Why? Because I’m going to Vegas — finally.

I hope to come back with photos to share here. Wish me that sweet Lady Luck. Maybe I’ll even win some money. I doubt it but I can dream. Don’t expect me ’round these parts anytime soon. It’s time to unplug.

I don’t get the whole pope thing

I’m sorry. I don’t disrespect religions. Well, I don’t approve of those religions that deem it necessary to marry off 50-year-old men to 14-year-olds or those that think it’s OK to kill people in the name of a god…wait…those scenarios may very well represent most religions at some point in history….(I digress).

 As I’ve said before, I love that bumper sticker that says “God is too big to fit in one religion” so I don’t really feel like I, or anyone for that matter, can dictate how a person should worship or test their faith. But what I have always had trouble understanding is the pope.

When Pope Benedict XVI came out to the U.S. recently, it was beyond a big deal. And I guess it should be at this point because that is the nature of Catholicism. He is a key figure of their beliefs. He warrants the popemobile. But I’ve always wanted to ask why a man is exalted to this near hero-worship, well not near at all. It is exactly like hero-worship. I guess I thought that holding that much sanctity for a human was against what God wanted. But is the pope like the apostles or prophets of years before? So is he like the direct connection to God?

I’m sincerely asking this question. If you are Catholic, consider this an opportunity to teach a person who doesn’t understand as oppose to being offended.

Tired of politics…

As you can see from my latest posts, I’m not really going into the latest in political coverage. Why? Because it’s just more of the same. Not about the issues. Not about what we are going to do in Iraq. Not about the condition of our current economy. It’s about who said what. Who insulted what small town. I am just tired of all of the banter and you know the two I mean. Seems like McCain has it the easiest. He could say almost anything and the media  won’t bother to cover it.

I just have not been inspired. Besides the whirlwind that is my life lately, I just haven’t mustered enough strength to come at you guys with my latest political rant. I’m just deflated. Just damn tired and mostly disappointed. I may be a part of the media, but I can safely say they are failing you as well as the likes of me. I feel like ranting about what matters in my life. And getting it all out in the open. I feel like giving the president and the presidential candidates the finger. I feel like burning this cubicle I’m sitting in and charging a ticket to Cancun for two weeks.

Today’s political climate can kiss me where the sun should shine — right there in the middle of the sea of sand I want to bask topless in.

Third date comedy…

For all the yuck in the world (especially life’s wonderful ways to constantly go in the direction you didn’t want), sometimes karma rewards you with something good…(but never without complications).

My latest video of my Eligible Editor series features the guy I’m currently seeing and since it is kind of a silver bullet to a relationship to get into too much detail on a blog, this video is as personal I will get from now on unless something really crazy funny comes up during this interesting courtship. Then that’s another story…

So this is what it feels like to give up…

Being poor sucks. But what sucks more than being poor is when your expectations are squashed because of it. As you have been reading I was looking to buy a home. I will candidly confess that one of the major incentives (and almost the main reason) was because I was going to receive $10,000 of an 8-year forgivable loan from the city of Dallas. As of this week, right in the middle of my offer to the townhome I wanted to buy, they pull the funding for homes not in their network. Meaning that if I want to seek their assistance, I have to look into the properties on their list.

I am a girl of a certain taste. Does that make me high-maintenance? I could give a shit less. What it makes me is a girl who will not compromise. I want the option to pick where I want to live and the home I want to live in for the next 10 or so years. So what does this mean? It means I stay put, bitter in the rent race and clutching the Tuaca I said I was going to give up.

 I’m still in the middle of the offer but I doubt the owner, though a great guy, will want to accept it because it will be about $10,000 less than asking price. The blessing in all of this is that I will no longer be anchored. And maybe I’ll search out Alaska again one day.


Stuff white people like…

makes me want to do a blog about what black people like in a white world. Really, some of that crap I like too but I think I’m not supposed to get it since I’m pigmently challenged. So what does that mean? It seems to be a quite popular blog though. More power to it I guess but if they happen to stumble to my meager blog, I would like their thoughts about my question. And I want to know what you all think about it. I understand the humor in it, I think…

But I prefer another blog that pokes fun.

The curse of non-affection…(a plea for advice)

So it finally happened. I met a great guy. And in the midst of this home-buying jazz, I guess I have been officially dating so combined with work I’m almost never alone. However as of 20 minutes ago it may be quite clear that I am no longer doing that. You see, I’m not a huge cuddler. I mean, I like it and all when I feel like it but I’m not a non-stop, gotta hang on you, hug on you, kiss on you kind of gal…And in a fit of trying to get some zzz’s tonight and just wanting some air, I got up and said I can’t sleep like this. Granted, we haven’t done, well, you know. But it’s only been like TWO WEEKS. What does he expect? I just like to sleep on MY side of the bed and be left alone. But I guess that wasn’t cool. And I’m just playing this game safer than my past hurry-up-and-wait relationships.

But I gotta tell you, I grew up with a wonderful father. He always was and is there for me. He supports my crazy antics, listens and helps when he can. But he’s not affectionate. I wasn’t brought up being called princess. I didn’t get hugged all the time except on occasion from my mother. The household was loving for the most part, just not touchy-feely like other families I guess. It didn’t really bother me. But maybe it’s translated into my not really being touchy-feely. I like holding hands and stuff but I’m not going to be all up in your ass all day. I’m surprised to find a guy who wants, and needs, that. So he left. And I think we aren’t dating now. Not sure really. He left saying he thinks he needs to “figure stuff out??” And I just got off the phone with him and he said he will call me tomorrow. I don’t feel like I have to pay for the psychos of his past. And I’ve given him so much of the benefit of the doubt.

Just because I needed my side of the bed? Men. Help me out here.