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Day 7 and 8: Before you smile you have to cry

The Roots said that best. And they are so right. I nearly had to stop yesterday’s workout because of a potentially throat-grabbing asthma attack. But I pushed through, slowed down a bit and turned up the CD player. Thanks Black Thought. I know I’m better for it. But for shame, today I’m ditching. I’m not getting anywhere with that kind of behavior. According to Stiletto I should be doing this kind of stuff for 45 minutes and according to Anti, do it 4 times a week. I’m doing 4 times a week (well, last week…just started) but the cardio has only been about 30. I’ll work my way I guess. Can I use deadline as an excuse?

Day 5, 6 and Angie Martinez

Photo by Devon CassI listen to just about every genre of music. I’ve even been known to listen to a little old school country. There’s  a station out here Willie Nelson loves and I listen to it daily. That’s about all the music radio I can take really. Then right in the same day I will pop in a Kanye West CD or The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Well I don’t know if you all know who Angie Martinez is but she’s a hot item on New York’s Hot 97 as one of its deejays. Yes I made a shameless pun. And she so happened to have been my Rocky-type motivation music on Day 4 as I cranked it out on the monster elliptical machine. Her album Animal House was a risky hip-hop purchase back in 2002 just basing it on the single “If I Can Go,” but usually I know I’m going to like the whole album or not by a single. Even though I know music heads loathe people that do that. No accounting for taste. Well Angie didn’t disappoint me and although her success is probably considered a little lukewarm compared to today’s crappy music, Animal House was what got me through Day 4.  If you have a workout soundtrack please share.

Anyway, I’m doing a lot of weights and using them to attempt to sculpt out obliques like anti-socialist claims to own. So now my sides are the main part of me that hurts. You ladies out there know what I mean right? That damn fluff of meaty blubber that sits on the side and makes wearing a crisp fitted shirt a risk? (Maybe it’s just me.) I’m starting to feel better already, but I missed Day 5.

Day 5 consisted of me getting the apartment in order. And then a photo shoot that went terribly awry what with rain, mosquitoes, mud and a subject in high-heels. Needless to say we are rescheduling. And needless to say I just felt more like popping open a beer. So that’s what I did. Hey, carrying that heavy camera bag I just upgraded to HAS to count for something.

Update: I’m an idiot. This should read, as it does now, as Day 5 and 6. I’m starting to lose count. I should be looking at that blasted calendar in the sidebar!

It was Day 4 and damn I’m sore

I haven’t been this sore since the last time I got laid. And I won’t be telling anyone when that was.

Day 3 wore me out so Day 4 consisted of me saying ouch every time I moved. Ah. So nice to be working those sad muscles back in. But I know when to take it easy. Here’s to Day 5. And knowing a Friday, drinks may follow or precede the elliptical machine.

How counter productive to the fat/calorie-burning mission…unless I refresh myself on the last time I was this sore!

Bet you thought I didn’t make it to Day 3

I managed to head out to the gym late last night. I think it was fated because while on my way there, I saved a little doggie from running away from home and met my neighbors at the same time.

But I did mess up on lunch. Oh well. I sweat like a pig. Has to count for something. Ya know how I was going on and on about that gym being so cool before? Well the damn dry sauna doesn’t work. Lost points for that.

Jotting all this down kind of helps me out. Any skinny bitches out there want to lend some advice?! Aw. I don’t REALLY mean bitches.

Day two: Satan lives at Sonic

So as you can read here I’m tracking my progress (or lack there of) as I stumble down the road to a “Hotter 30.” Well today was a dud.

This is where Satan dwells.Decent breakfast. But no time for lunch what with management training, a lengthy conference call, concerns of a recent company split (don’t ask but if you follow media news, you may already know) and more work stuff after an hour conversation with my boss. Managed to grab Boston Market for dinner though, so not too terrible. But I succumbed to the sweet lull of the Sonic apple-cherry slush. At least it wasn’t a large…and hey, there’s vitamin C! Yea. Right. I believe Satan took my order.

As you guessed it. No apartment gym. Instead got home around 10-ish, grabbed a beer and started checking work email. But the good news is I’m pretty sore from yesterday’s workout  so I’m still attempting to keep up the motivation. Here’s to tomorrow. Already slacking. Damn you Satan.

Day one at the apartment gym

So the new apartment has a gym. And not any kind of apartment gym that may as well be a closet with some equipment in it. You can actually breathe in this one. And there’s a great view of all the foliage and the creek surrounding the complex. I have to say all of this makes life a little easier working out.

Prior to this gym, I was working out at Curves. Yes, as you may have stereotypically pegged — Curves is really more for the mature ladies. I used to think this was just a stigma that was attached to Curves by the naysayers of their 30-minute circuit approach. But I think I was the only under 40 chick there and the only one that wasn’t a school teacher. And even though they tell you that 30-minute circuit is as good as a REAL gym, I think they are wrong. I never felt like I really pushed it like I would at a regular gym.

Plus one thing all Curves around here share is crazy hours not fit for chick that has no real set 9 to 5 schedule. The hours are only fit for who my father says are “respectable women.” Don’t misunderstand. He’s not saying I’m not respectable (well I don’t care if I’m not, hahaha) but that mainly that’s the whole angle of the Curves franchise. The hours are pretty much for housewives, teachers, secretaries and veterinarians. Anyway, I’ll miss those ladies and their crazy neighborhood gossip

Other than fighting off a spider hanging from the lat machine, the workout went well and I’m sure the thighs will be sore in the morning. I like the burn. And I have to add that all of this is either ironic or appropriate after going on about the food at the fair earlier today.