Countdown to a hotter 30

Derby girl, I ain’t.This is probably a bit cliché but I’ve set a goal for myself.
And the really cliché part is that I’m tracking it on my blog. Nothing new right? How many people already do this? But here I am, joining millions of other Americans in this exhibitionist behavior and tracking a common goal on WordPress.

The goal? You guessed it. Dropping the pounds. Though I doubt I will be doing it by repeating my very, very short stint skating with the roller derby as a “celebrity” skater. I’m not unhealthy. I may be jinxing myself by saying so but my cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. always checks out fine But usually this stuff really changes when you reach 30. And I want to keep my health. Plus I’m seeking a hotter 30.

I know I’m not quite the big 3-0 yet, but by January I will be. And I want to know that starting today I will no longer seek the quick route to noshing and push a little harder at working out. It’s so easy to grab junk. But it’s also easy to grab a TV dinner from home, make a sandwich or just CHOOSE BETTER.

I’m not necessarily a porker. But I could stand to be hotter! Couldn’t we all? Eh. If you are interested I will be updating this page with all the posts related to my (hopefully) success. Yes I know this is narcissistic.

Just the same, here’s to sore thighs and a few less Sonic slushes. Oh yea. My butt stays. The rest can go. Ha. Feel free to send me suggestions or accusations using the contact form below…

I still want to keep my butt…

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