what’s up with your FORMER name?

 I was blogging under the name Janus Gate, and though I know the name isn’t unique as you will read below, I found out there is a blogspot with the exact same URL. So I had to change things up a bit. Still the same stuff here…just another name. I am explaining this because you will still see  my old name of Janus Gate floating around on occasion on WordPress. Especially forums.

My [FORMER] user name is not unique. Just Google it and you will find that I think even a movie production company has the name of Janus Gate. For me it came with falling in love with the image of a Janus, that is to say the look of it, while deciding on my second tattoo. And once I did a little footwork about this Roman god of gates and doorways, beginnings and endings, (here is a Wiki link for Janus quick reference), I knew it was only fitting to get a tattoo of his face on my back. I love any excuse for a great tat.What struck me about the Janus is how he looks at the past and the future at the same time — he is never in the present. My father recently reminded me of this when he said, (Updated: I had to ask him again exactly what he said!)  “You know that little man with the two faces on your back? You are pulled in two directions.” I found his comment quite funny because I hadn’t written this page yet and I was trying to figure out how to write all of this down. It is true that I have a problem with not sticking to the present. And always having a tug-of-war with myself about all the things in my life. I’m not very patient and I remember too much while reaching for what will be my life five years down the line. It’s not ideal I guess, but I’ve embraced who I am. Other fun facts:

  • Janus is a moon of Saturn.
  • The month of January is named after Janus for his representation of beginnings and endings.
  • Wiccan culture recongizes the Janus in its religion.
  • There are Janus-type figures on the isles of Ireland.
  • And for some reason the stuffy, corporate world uses the name Janus for their companies and for some reason nanotechnology! Go figure. I think it’s the whole thing about beginnings.

And I will forever believe the Janus is the guard at the gate of opportunity.


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  1. […] when I started blogging over here I thought it best to use a handle of some kind. It was first, Janus_Gate. But I soon found that this particular Roman god of gates and doorways, and who happens to share […]


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