What is an Arm Jerker?

[So the time came when I got sick of this moniker. And I have another one previous to it. I just started thinking…It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find me online — with my real name. That is what I’m sticking with. It may get me fired. It may ruin other chances in my career. But ah well. I like my name and that way I can stop coming up with fake ones!!! But if you see Arm Jerker J. posted around, just know it’s me. And below is what it means.]

Arm Jerker: A horse or bull that is really stout and bucks with the power to cause a great amount of pull on a contestant’s arm.

Hold on son…

I have a lot of interests. And yes I do dig the rodeo. I’ve attended many of them when I lived in North Platte, Neb. for a short time. So in search of a new name after seeing that Janus Gate was too damn popular, I looked up a list of cowboy terms. Yes, I said cowboy. Well this is a blog called a writer dodging bullets. And shooting from the hip gives me visions of spaghetti westerns.

Like those ornery arm jerkers out in the dirt-filled arena, I am someone who has a hard time backing down or giving up when I want to make a point. I’m stubborn. Hard to wrangle. Sometimes forceful but always a fun ride.

And I’ve officially decided to keep this name. I don’t think it sounds cute enough to see it around the Web that often.


So Arm Jerker J. it is.



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