Do you really need to know more?

December 27, 2007I talk to my cat and think she actually understands. The smell of pine cones makes me nostalgic for — I don’t even know what actually because I didn’t grow up around pine cones.  I enjoy my balcony garden even though I know it’s really just a bunch of potted plants on a deck surrounded by wrought-iron bars. I’m sure I was Italian in another life. I’ve learned that friends who bother to attend your important functions are the main ones to keep around. I’ll be 30 soon and I’ve turned into an odd British romance/comedy script without the romance. I actually miss Nebraska. I love my parents but we are absolutely nothing alike.  Winter is the only season I love. Rain makes me nervous. Every man I’ve ever been serious with is now married. There’s nothing prettier than Christmas lights. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die in a car wreck one day. Counting calories brought my mother and I closer. I write about being single but I think it’s mostly therapy for being single. I don’t claim a side in politics but I know damn sure that when I’m retired one day, I will be screwed. I no longer use a moniker because people can find you anywhere, anyway. In my life I’ve been a cocktail waitress in a gay club and an after-school teacher. A framer and an athletic shoe sales chick. I Google myself to see if I’m important yet. I’m obsessed with rugs and pretty boxes. I recycle even though I know it does no good or at least I keep being told. Photography was a hobby but now I have unrealistic dreams that it is my ticket to that ever cliched “big time.” I’ll admit I recently had a burger after weeks without one but I walked for four hours prior to noshing. I’m married to my job and he seems to have forgotten I have to buy a nearly $1,000 lens and hasn’t given me enough allowance. I care about the children in Africa but will admit I can’t get past my own “problems” to know what to do or do anything at all.

I’m too open.

I’m a journalist but media isn’t the same.

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  1. Posted by meliluvsu on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    WOW , you are funny and beautiful…. Love it! Your blog is great… did I mention you have the most beautiful eyes? ok… just stopped by cus I saw you on a friends page… glad I did… take care!


  2. Janus –

    I’d like to put a link on my blog page to your page?

    Would that be alright with you?

    Email me at




  3. It is actually “Tourette’s” syndrome, named for the French neurologist Georges Gilles de la Tourette…


  4. Hey, I like the new pic 🙂


  5. Hey AJJ,

    I just wanted to quickly let you know that I’ve enjoyed tremendously your comments and postings. And when I have a minute I take a quick look at what you’re up to but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow a lot of time for the blog. It’s a little frustrating – so many blogs, not enough time!

    This year I opted to not go away on my holidays but to instead stay at home and finish a novel I’ve been working on for a few years. (And this would be the rough rough draft.) I have about 5 days left and actually might do it or come very close. However, that means spending all my time locked away at my desk being fantastically creative and no time blogging etc.

    I wanted you to know.

    I’ll get back to you later.


  6. Thanks for dropping by, North. And I look forward to your visit once again! Don’t work so hard. But then again, I do the same thing. You are kind for the nice words on my blog. I hope to read more of you soon.



  7. Awesome “About Me” page. You are very talented, your page flows nicely and you are a great read. Thanks!


  8. Thank YOU Bella. Very sweet of you to say.


  9. Ok, AJJ, here’s a challenge to you… I think I may have had the best search term that lead to my blog so far… The challenge is, can you beat it? 😉

    “nude miniature golf – 1”


  10. Ah Arc! I think I might be able to, lemme look. I got a really weird one last week. BUT according to my spam, Jules Asner loves my blog! Haha.


  11. AJ – I always enjoy visiting – I have the feeling you don’t take crap from anyone –
    YA YA!

    Rrefreshing – great humour – BTW when is your birthday?

    Listening to Aaron Neville right now – ‘tell it how it is’ – enjoying him – bringing back memories.


  12. Ah. Thanks Pal. I like that. Pal.
    My bday is 1-27-78.
    Dreading every minute of ticking towards it! The big 3-0. I better be hotter by then!


  13. Have to tell you that I have shown your site to a friend or too – and according to them you sizzle already. Don’t get any hotter – you may burn up the fibre optics – he he.

    Seriously you don’t have to worry about anything. If I had it to do over again – I be 42 – that was the best time – but of course – to know what I now know. Whoa – uh huh here I come – but fat chance of that happening so here I am older that god – and here I come – uh huh! I’m had.

    YA YA!!!

    Stay safe and well. Palestar


  14. Ah. Palestar. I’m blushing!


  15. I will relay that to my friends – I just reread my last comment – d’uh – I meant to say – uh huh – I’m bad. That makes more sense – then I’m had. and I am an editor? Oy!


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