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The writers strike has me in bed early…

I miss you already, Jimmy…Say it ain’t so, Jimmy. Say it ain’t so that you don’t write your OWN jokes and skits?

I can’t believe that I now have to skip my nightly dose of Jimmy Kimmel just because some writers want more money from the sales of DVDs. Shit, I want more money too. But I guess I can’t really afford the markers, poster board and extra cups of coffee to sustain a strike in our department.

It must be nice to have so much power on the world right now. Those writers have managed to halt the all-mighty Desperate Housewives as well. Eva even brought pizza! Boy those writers really have it so bad…

OK, OK. I can go along with this to a point. I understand the feeling of being unappreciated. And I know big-time producers pretty much squander the money earned from great writing. I understand it can get kind of “unfair” when the money from DVD sales isn’t thrown at those who made all our favorite movies and television seasons possible. But what irritates me is that I just don’t think these writers were hurting in the first place. They have what many of us scribblers would call “The Dream Job.” And maybe it kind of sucks to be the bearer of such merriment and not get the dinero for the hard work. However can’t we all say that about our “everyday” careers?

BLAH!It isn’t that I think these guys don’t deserve a little more dough. Everyone could use a few extra quarters in their purse, but I guess I’m just a little bitter. Jimmy is one of those guys that you don’t really want to admit having a crush on because they are so dopey, but just can’t help it because they are so funny and smart. My kind of man. Now he’s all rerun-y and I’m all teary. I haven’t been this depressed since I realized he and Sarah Silverman were a duo. What a waste of a good guy.

Just give the damn writers what they want. I know it’s “hard” but try to pry a few millions out of your already very heavy wallet, O powers that be. I need my Jimmy fix. I can live without DH.

He didn’t have a chance, but he looks good…

 The before and after shaking your booty for over a month…











This will be my last Dancing with the Stars post. I’m not a fan of having a blog that tracks shows and crap. I refuse — but will retract my refusal if something like a dancer passes out again or kills someone.
I’m writing this because our own (Dallas’ demigod) Mark Cuban has been booted off. No real surprise. Those facial expressions were just bananas and so many people didn’t like that he didn’t dance seriously. But what good old Cuban did do was have fun and shed about 30 or more pounds. Just look at the BEFORE picture to the left.

Anyway, he lasted longer than most bets probably surmised. He’ll be alright as you all must surely need to know. He’ll comfort himself with his special pillows filled with the good green dough and distract himself focusing on those new irons in the fire with all that mixed martial arts stuff. All I know is that the Cowboys better win, the Mavs and the Rangers to make up for this Dallas disappointment. I shed a tear…

We’ll always have Emmitt.

Marie Osmond just bit it!

Don’t waste away, Marie!Holy crap! I have to admit to not only watching Dancing with the Stars (go Mark!) but that I had to blog that she just passed the bleep out on live television!  I know she just said that she sometimes passes out when she gets winded, but do any of you baby boomers remember this lady passing out doing duets with her brother, Donny? She laughed it off and had a great sense of humor, but I’m convinced the pressure of being in those outfits and competing with those other skinny you-know-whats is bound to be horrendous! I hate reaching a nice little low of the content equivalent of the overused “OMG!” but Marie is starting to waste away. All of the “stars” drop weight quickly with all that dancing though. But still. Get the girl a samitch!

*as if i could really talk*

Oh. Forgot to add that’s she’s fine, but I’m making stew right now that I will be more than happy to share with her.

Religion, humor and Ms. Griffin

I’m keeping this a light weekend. My brain just can’t function while enduring this hellish move that by now I’m sure you are tired of hearing about. No worries because I’m about to be done by next week.

But I just have to give a big So What? to the fact that Kathy Griffin told Jesus to suck it. Read and hear the audio here at LAist. You will need to hear it there because you won’t hear it this weekend when the Emmy’s award show will be broadcasted on E! thanks to the god of censorship. It’s about time that bitch won something. Ms. Griffin is a Kathy at last year’s Emmy’shard-working, loud-mouth mess of hilarity in my book. And I just can’t understand why people can’t just get the joke in that speech. Now the Catholics are after her and she was raised Catholic with roots set in Irish pride. I trust she really doesn’t want Jesus to suck eggs.

I’m a person who HATES the whole “I would like to thank God” speech. It always seems so insincere. I think some “religious” people feel obligated to say it, even if they really don’t mean it. What they really mean to say is, “I would really like to thank myself for landing this role and kicking so much ass to get here, but I can’t say that because I have to thank God, Jesus then my mum.” I’m not saying NOT to thank God but I bet whoever is upstairs can sniff the bullshit from the people who claim to put God first. I’m going to get murdered for that last statement but I don’t think that you can disagree that there are phonies out there who don’t really walk their talk. Hence her dig at the supidity of people who insincerely thank God and use it so lightly.

I admire Griffin for her ballsy approach and her purposeful gaudiness. It got her far enough in life. Even on the “D” list.

I would like to thank cleaning fumes, morning cartoons, insomnia and dissillusion for this post. Thank you.

anthony michael hall, you have some stalkers…

anthony michael hall then

Someone is obsessed with Anthony Michael Hall.

I have about 20 search engine hits from people searching this dude in the last three days…

anthony michael hall now

Could it be because there is rumor/not so rumor that he will be starring in The Dark Knight — some Batman movie due out in 2008?

Is this breakfast clubber/psychic ready for the big screen again? I don’t really care, just thought the searches for him were getting out of hand. And I swear it has to take like a million Google O’s to even find my post that has his name it. Weird.

Dubya meets The Dead Zone: My encounter with the pres.

Several years ago in college, I shook hands with then governor of Texas — George W. Bush. He came to my school around the time he was campaigning and had a very blanket speech about vocational jobs of all things. It was cookie cutter. It was dry. And he was surrounded by his “yes” men as you would expect, controlling our questions.

But he still had to do the whole “kissing babies” routine so when he got to me I had my question ready. Back then I was a huge non-supporter of capital punishment. I have mixed feelings about it today, though. But at that time, it was a very passionate topic for me. I don’t really remember the exact question but all W. gave me was a very glazed over face and a fake smile and sputtered, “Well, I am a capital punishment governor,” and then he shook my hand and that was that.

Now I don’t know if you follow the USA Network, but good old 1980s geek turned hottie Anthony Michael Hall  plays a psychic named Johnny Smith on The Dead Zone. The show is based on the old movie with Christopher Walken in the lead role which was an adaptation of the book by Stephen King.

Smith can see the future and the past by touching things — or people and after shaking the hand of a to-be president named Greg Stillson, Smith sees the end of the world, literally.  Now I know I’m reaching well around to make a point and I’m sure not saying I’m psychic but I have to admit that I had such a Johnny Smith moment when I shook Bush’s hand. It’s hard to explain. I just got a bad vibe and a chill …

Whether or not you are a democrat, or republican, there is no denying the severe left turn the War on Terror has been steering down for quite some time. I claim no side. I’ve always voted for who I thought was the best person for the job — no matter the affiliation. But what are we doing here? And what happens, and it will happen, when the torch passes on to the new president? Campaign runs are a funny thing. You hear every day all kinds of promises from the candidates. The media does it’s take, covers the story, opens up the forum for discussion. Some instances like CNN take it a little further with some of their biased coverage. But overall we have the ultimate say about who deserves the job.

However I worry that the situation in Iraq will be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without having the box with the picture on it to reference how it is all supposed to fit. Ultimately, whoever gets into office, where the hell do they start?!

And why didn’t I write to Washington when I had my Johnny moment? 🙂