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I could get run over by a truck…

Be hit by a freak tornado. Suddenly lose my memory. Get kidnapped. But today is the day.

I’m supposedly closing on that townhouse I told you all about back in April but couldn’t get. If you need a refresher of what happened, read CHANGES up at the top of the page. I hesitated talking about my going after it again because I didn’t want to jinx it. I hope I haven’t done that by telling you before the keys are in my hot, little hands. I will divulge later.

He’s back in your life…now what?

I have been recently contacted by a guy I was seeing. We didn’t end on bad terms, exactly. He just had a lot going on and dropped out of view while I just figured he was a jerk or something (even though he was always a nice guy.) However he has since asked for another shot. Now I’m one to can forgive. But after you have burned me twice, I’ve moved on. Well. I’m giving things another shot. Shot number 2. However I’m very gun-shy about it. How do you let yourself get involved again without all the fear? Do you trust it?

In this case, he said all the right things. Said he made a mistake. Said he wanted another chance and promised no strings attached while he tries to gain my trust I guess. The way my life is right now, I’ve really been focusing on me. But maybe I shouldn’t let that get in the way? I’m such a skeptic. And I don’t expect romance anymore. I just want something stable but at the same time I have finally accepted single life so if it doesn’t work out, going back to the usual won’t be a shock. Many of you, in a round about way, have stated that whole “life is too short” thing in some of my other posts. It is. While it is short, I don’t want a roller-coaster–but I guess that bumpy ride can be fun. Hum. As I twiddle my thumbs, he’s calling shortly. As I twiddle my thumbs I wonder when will I be comfortable with dating again…If I ever really was.

Cold Case File: My #10

If you have read my dead tooth saga, I have the  latest but still no memory as to what killed it …

This morning I saw, for the very first time in my life, an endodontist which is basically a nice word for “root canal doctor.”  I’ve always had pretty decent teeth—maybe a cavity here and there. Well this was kind of a fancy visit because they have new fangled imaging equipment that was just installed this month. I was a bit impressed at seeing my sinuses and the infamous dead tooth on the equivalent of a jumbo Tran for teeth x-rays. And then was quickly grossed out at all the images my doctor was flashing before me that were textbook cases of what my tooth was not — infected or full of blood vessels.There was nothing there.

He even did a very painful cold test. Have you had this done? They spray the end of one of the doctor’s utensils with that stuff you use to clean the dust out of your keyboard. You know how cold the can gets while you are spraying? Well picture that cold times ten on your teeth. Talk about torture. But when he did the test to the tooth in question (#10) I felt nothing. The same could not be said for the poor chap next to it (I guess that makes it #9) that had to endure this usually harmless office device. This, along with other strange tests, proved that my dead tooth was truly that— dead. And that I didn’t need any kind of treatment — including no root canal. He said the tooth was what sounded to me like, castrated but I’m sure that’s not what he said. I mean, it isn’t capable of being turned into a eunuch seeing how it’s just a tooth. I think my mind was wandering because I was so damn elated that I didn’t need treatment. But at the same time I worried that this #10 would eventually give me more trouble in the long run.

For now he recommended a veneer and that was it. Any more intrusion like a crown could open my tooth up to infection apparently. I don’t know if you are superstitious, but I wore my luck Harley Davidson ring for good luck. And I made sure to turn it a few times while in the dental chair…