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Rick Noriega blew his nose today

I don’t know what to do about it, but I have to know every single detail and move of U.S. Senate hopeful Rick Noriega. And it’s not by choice. I have somehow fallen into the spam trap of getting all of his press releases. And it’s not just one or two a week — it’s daily. Some of them might as well say, “Rick Noriega wiped his ass today, Sen. Cornyn doesn’t wipe his ass…” Oh,  Sen. Cornyn, of course, is our incumbent. The releases I get, as I’m sure so many others seem to get too, usually have a link at the end of it that you can click to unsubscribe but surprise, surprise — it never works.

I am the victim of repeat political emails. I get so much stuff that I don’t want — from Bush conspiracy theorists to “Texans Can’t Afford Another Cornyn Blank Check.” I think the Noriega ones bug me the most because I get them from more than one source and sometimes even twice a day.So now all I can do is set up my Outlook to send all of these useless emails to my junk folder, which still has to be checked from time to time to empty it out. IMHO, this type of propaganda doesn’t help my voting process. In fact, it endures it. I get so irritated that I feel like voting for the candidate who harasses me the least. I guess there isn’t much a political PR flap can do? to get the news out about their candidate.  I mean the only way to EVER get your good word out is to spam the crap out of journalists inboxes, right? So much for the corporate spam filter…

Akismet: Leave Mike alone.

At WorkI am an avid reader of The Grand View.

Mike, the writer of the blog is a nice guy. And who could dislike a man who calls his wife “his bride.” Read his about me, interesting fella. I usually don’t pay homage to someone via blog, but sometimes it’s necessary. Especially in this case because you see, Mike is constantly in my spam. Now, if I didn’t already know everyday that he would be in there, I wouldn’t look everyday. But there he is, every time he wants to say something–there he his. Sitting in spam timeout.

Akismet, why do you hate Mike? He’s a pretty good guy. Loves his family. Seen the world. Writes well. And has a great disposition. Akismet, please leave Mike alone. I know he didn’t do anything to you. So set him free. Let him comment at will over here without the shunning.

Here’s to you Mike, *cue the Budlight real Men of genius music*