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Old friends.

It’s like being haunted by a ghost. Not creepy at all. Just ironic. I have an old friend that I’m now kind of estranged with who simply loves (actually LOVE isn’t a strong enough word) Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah.” That song has now received a resurgence of popularity by American Idol contestant Jason Castro, who just so happens to be from a community we cover at work. Did I say cover? I mean attack at all angles gorilla style— video, blogs, stories, photos…it’s crazy. But obviously entertaining as well. However I can’t help thinking how small the world is. Here is this kid, who we covered almost a year ago at a Battle of the Bands contest, and is now in the Top 12 on American Idol AND climbing the iTunes charts with my childhood friend’s song.

The Adventures of Kandace and Aly CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

My day job offers a few highlights in the doldrums of me not really liking Dallas. This video for instance. I shot this video of two girls on my team who are venturing out in our communities, doing little day trips and adventures and generally having an all around good time doing it. You may want to plug your ears, but their Journey rendition is surely, well…unique…