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What happened to blogging?: Part II

I admire folks like Laurie Kendrick…and Mike over at Aye Wonder.

Keeping up a blog isn’t easy. I think I just created too many and got overwhelmed. Then I guess I just forgot about them. I don’t think it was an overnight thing…just slowly but surely I just stopped.

I’m never at a loss for words. But I’m finding it odd that something I went after for about three years could just stop being a part of my weekly process. Somewhere in there work got in the way I’m sure, but it doesn’t take a lot to post something here, does it?

I look at the blog I used to have here and it makes me a little teary. I met so many interesting people. I laughed, sympathized, made a few friends, cried…became inspired. Now I’m left wondering whether or not to close this one up and start anew. Although since I have dropped off on writing, I don’t think I have many readers left anyway.

I’m thinking about Tumblr and Posterous. Maybe those are more my speed for now. In that span of three  years I’ve gone through illness, job descriptions changes and spiritual awakenings. A lot of which I’ve shared here. I don’t really know now where I’m headed, with this blog or in general. But 2010 has me inspired again and I want to continue writing. One place or another…

I did a happy dance in new shoes…

Why did I just do a really bouncy, silly dance about a pair of new shoes? Could it have been the margarita I had prior to finding these great shoes? Or is it just that I never get to treat myself anymore to a pair of shoes that were over $20?

You see, I used to be a real shoe freak. And at times I think I still may be. Today I broke the heel off of a really great pair of rare looking, purple/pink shoes. I was just talking to my assistant and was suddlenly lumpsided. My right leg dropped and I looked down to see that these wonderful shoes I’ve had for nearly 10 years (yes 10 years) had finally had their day. What did I do? I went to the car (barefoot)after laughing and mouring the stupid things and put on sneakers. I looked like such an old soccer mom, but without the kids. I felt my age. I felt how old those shoes had gotten and how far I’ve come from when I bought them.

When you get older you realize a few things about luxury:

Money really doesn’t just appear after you charge stuff and magically pay off the debt you created trying to look as fabulous as possible.

Haggling is a badge of honor to be worn with pride, not something to be ashamed of.

After you have spent a day of obtaining hard-earned money, and realizing you just still aren’t being paid enough, those items that seemed to be easily at reach are suddenly held victim to being reevaluated.

I’m not entirely sure if I still long for the days of, “Who cares, I’ll pay later.” But I do understand that older means living differently now. And that when I get a pair of new shoes, they mean more than they would have ever meant in my past.