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Black women and white men…

I gotta tell you; I’ve not had any slowing down of my old post about interracial dating. It still gets a fair amount of hits. This isn’t a call for all of you jokesters to start finding more weird search engine terms to get to this blog and then for me to write about them.  But for some reason I get on a daily basis at least a dozen search engine terms looking for a variety of topics surrounding black women and white men dating. And lately Jewish men dating black women. WTF? Is this really THAT taboo still? I’ve dated the rainbow, as I’ve told you before, and I just never really saw dating a white man a big deal. Does the rest of society?

I will be honest though. I’m thinking the resurgence of this topic is because of the opposite happening: black men and white women. I’m not going to do some census search on this but I’m just thinking about my every day life in Texas. I see an increasing number of black men and white women coupled up. I don’t have a problem with this but I can only imagine that the two left are looking at each other, shrugging and saying, “Well, why don’t we?”

That said though, there is still so much hesitation. Believe me. White men dating black women isn’t very common here. Not sure about your area of the world. I really dig shows like “Private Practice” that treat interracial connections as something that isn’t a matter of discussion. The main discussion on that show is that the lead black female character has to choose between two men — a black one she was married to and a white one who loves her so much that is the only reason he works in the office. Race isn’t an issue. I can’t stand shows that make that the MAIN issue. The tired old story of “what will my parents think?” Aren’t we over this yet? I just don’t get it.

So for those of you searching to see if this is some “strange” concept, stop. Just go with it. Ask that black chick out. Ask that white dude out. Enjoy Hanukkah with that chocolate hottie…

WTF are you waiting for?

Dogs can poop on your senator

I could just shoot myself for not listening and not taking out a pen and paper while watching the news last night. I admit that I was just relaxing, enjoying hanging out on a holiday weekend with my family and didn’t pay attention to the end story of the night — until I heard the words dog and cemetery.

My local news station did a story on a cemetery (and this is where I want to shoot myself) that received much needed care by using dog walker memberships, but I didn’t hear where the hell it was located! My parents were trying to remember the name of it and I have been frantically Googling to find the story which surprisingly isn’t even on the news’ site. It’s like the story never happened! I can’t blame them though, they did show a clip of a dog actually crapping on a grave site. No joke! Now you know why I could just shoot myself.

So on my Google search I did come across this. If this isn’t news to you, bear with me. But for those of you like little old me, I will tell you that the historic congressional cemetery (which is not government owned) in Washington, D.C. has dog walker memberships. Such memberships helped improve the cemetery in question on the story last night. But can you imagine?! I mean poop you can pick up but in this news story I saw last night (which I’m STILL trying to track down to see if it’s the same place in Washington), dogs were peeing literally inches away from tombstones! Read this from the rules and regs of the Washington organization.

Welcome to Congressional Cemetery. Despite its name, Congressional Cemetery is not a government owned or operated facility; it is a private, non-profit, burial ground. Please keep in mind that Congressional is first and foremost a functioning cemetery, not a “dog park.” Dogwalking is a privilege of membership in the Association. To ensure the harmonious use by all, we ask you to adhere to the following rules.

Oooh. I’m happy for the clarification between a burial ground and a dog park. OK before I give some of the rules, you know what rules are for? Breaking. And you know there just has to be some fun-seekers who will let their dogs crap on an old senator.

2) All dogs must be kept away from people visiting gravesites, burial services, ceremonies, group tours, grounds maintenance crews, and other non-dogwalking visitors and events. Aggressive behavior, barking, jumping, or snarling at visitors or other guests and authorized personnel will not be tolerated and may be grounds for revocation of dogwalking privileges.

I just had a great visual.

4) The Cemetery will be closed to all dogwalkers one hour before and after burials. Notifications will be sent by e-mail and a sign posted at the front gate. The Cemetery will also be closed to all dogwalkers from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on certain holidays: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

But what if I want to walk my dog on Christmas morn? I can’t think of a better place than a graveyard! Come on, please. It’s my privilege.

Am I wrong to think this is weird? No matter how long it’s been happening? And can someone in Texas please tell me what graveyard they featured last night on FOX News? I’m not so good a journalist afterall.

[By the way, I sure have been watching a lot of FOX News over here. WTF?]

Cold Case File: My #10

If you have read my dead tooth saga, I have the  latest but still no memory as to what killed it …

This morning I saw, for the very first time in my life, an endodontist which is basically a nice word for “root canal doctor.”  I’ve always had pretty decent teeth—maybe a cavity here and there. Well this was kind of a fancy visit because they have new fangled imaging equipment that was just installed this month. I was a bit impressed at seeing my sinuses and the infamous dead tooth on the equivalent of a jumbo Tran for teeth x-rays. And then was quickly grossed out at all the images my doctor was flashing before me that were textbook cases of what my tooth was not — infected or full of blood vessels.There was nothing there.

He even did a very painful cold test. Have you had this done? They spray the end of one of the doctor’s utensils with that stuff you use to clean the dust out of your keyboard. You know how cold the can gets while you are spraying? Well picture that cold times ten on your teeth. Talk about torture. But when he did the test to the tooth in question (#10) I felt nothing. The same could not be said for the poor chap next to it (I guess that makes it #9) that had to endure this usually harmless office device. This, along with other strange tests, proved that my dead tooth was truly that— dead. And that I didn’t need any kind of treatment — including no root canal. He said the tooth was what sounded to me like, castrated but I’m sure that’s not what he said. I mean, it isn’t capable of being turned into a eunuch seeing how it’s just a tooth. I think my mind was wandering because I was so damn elated that I didn’t need treatment. But at the same time I worried that this #10 would eventually give me more trouble in the long run.

For now he recommended a veneer and that was it. Any more intrusion like a crown could open my tooth up to infection apparently. I don’t know if you are superstitious, but I wore my luck Harley Davidson ring for good luck. And I made sure to turn it a few times while in the dental chair… 

Does Casper like cats?

Tiger Lily isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. And in fact my father believes her to be crazy. But one thing my little cat can’t be called is nonobservant. 

The last few years of having Lily, I’ve noticed she has moments where while sitting on my lap in utter contentment, she will suddenly bolt her head — eyes big as saucers and then she looks either above my head or right next to me. This has been even more frequent in the past year. Sometimes she even seems to follow whatever invisible thing that is in the room as is “moves.” This seems to be a nightly ritual for her and sometimes ends with her hanging partially off my bed and staring at the nothing that has “landed” on the floor.

Cats will be cats you might say, which is true. And I am in the hottest part of hell in the South so maybe there is a nat, or skeeter, or something stalking her. But really, for this long? She may be crazy but her queer gazing and sometimes fearful reactions to her possible “non-existant” subject got me wondering. Do ghosts or spirits exist?

Goose pimples when you walk into a room that isn’t cold. That weird feeling you can get sometimes when you enter a house you’ve never been. Odd occurances you write off as “just your imagination.” Are these all signs of the supernatural?

It isn’t a news flash that we don’t use all of our brains. (Some less than others…) Do animals? I wonder if we sometimes tap into, without really thinking about it, some other part of our brain that we don’t even know how to use. And is that something the capability to sense or see what we normally would not? This may sound kind of cooky, but I will just blame it on the cat.

Besides, she may just need her eyes checked…