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Can I please trade in my purpose in life?

In all seriousness, none of us can really know what our purpose is on this Earth — but we can sure take a stab at guessing what it may be.For instance, my guess for my purpose in life would be that I was placed here for two things: To act as a the corporate sounding board where ever I work and to “eagerly” volunteer for everything — even stuff I know I don’t really want to do. My time at work last week and now working well into the weekend helped me come to this “realization.”

Scenario one:  The Perpetual Complainer

OK, I do my share of complaining — off the clock. It was a hard lesson but I learned it just in time to now have to manage folks and keep a focused “eye on the prize.” But ring, ring here is yet another peer who is yaking about how much she doesn’t think things are going in a “fair” direction at work. And usually emails follow. It usually starts as, “Well why do WE have to do it when [the perpetual] THEY never do?” or “I just don’t see how this will benefit us.”Well usually I feel the same. I listen. I try the “positive” spin as I work through the complaint. Inside I agree, but I just can’t fuel the negativity. I save that for here.  🙂

Scenario two: The Big Cover Up

All I’m going to say is if you have to call before my visit to your bureau and unprofessionally warn me not to listen to what your “gossipy” staff says about your management and overall personal skills, you have something to hide.

Scenario three: Bitch Fest Liaison

Last week was like walking into a mine field when I visited another department at my company. Let’s just say I like to be able to hear what EVERYONE has to say; relate to them so they are comfortable; laugh; tell jokes;  decide what is fact, fiction or embellishment and then make sense of it all in time to report back to my boss. Why do I have to? Well because I really don’t see anyone else in my department doing it. But somehow my newly found “sense of purpose” is emblazoned on my forehead.

Scenario four: “When and where do you need me?”

That’s my handicap. Something needs to be done, the company needs help with something off work hours or so and so flaked, “Can you fill in?” Like the kid who always raises her hand in the front row of class, I remark, “Sure!” or “When and where do you need me?” When you scan the room of management, I’m the one who isn’t married. The one without kids. The younger one.

A wonderful addition to this is I get this closing remark from the older folks in the department quite often, “You’re young. You can handle it.”

Scenario five: Keeper of secrets

So and so did this, said this, their boss is having them do this but, “Don’t say I told you.” WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT? Here in my hands is a problem, now I have to decide if it’s true and then I have to decide the next plan of action in the most diplomatic and slick jewel thief kind of way in order to execute the solution or “report back” to the powers that be.

I know there is more to life — and for that matter my purpose — than this. But when it is the majority of your day to day activity … living … existing — it’s a little difficult not to think that this may be the illustrious “point of it all.”

Getting too comfy at work

That’s a hard one.
On the one hand you feel pretty good that those managing you see you in the right light and you are finally saying to yourself, “YES!!! Everything is working out in my favor!”
You are driving with the windows down, the top town, the sunroof pulled back…whatever. And you are driving home with the reassuring breeze in your hair, knowing that the chips are falling into place after years of agony.
You pop open that beer when you get home, sigh and feel pretty damn good.
But wait! The higher you feel, the harder you fall.
Don’t get too comfy. NO matter how much you have toiled and feel you deserve this warm feeling of self-affirming luxury.
Even if you really want to feel settled. Even after it’s been 10 years. Don’t sit back in your chair, soaking it all in…no matter how tempting.
I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know.
But sometimes everyone needs a kick in pants.
There is a stack of resumes, just waiting to replace you.