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Halloween and all that jazz…


So here I am as Velma Kelly from Chicago. Not really sure if I pulled it off but it was cheap — and the costume didn’t cost much either. Haha. As for the bottle of SoCo. Nope, that’s not apple juice as many people at the “party” I was at asked me. That’s me partaking in the good stuff straight from the bottle. Have to stay in character.

My friend Micheal went as Micheal Vick — he wore the jersey and attached a stuffed dog to his leg. Hilarious. As for the festivities, not an earth-shattering night but the conversation was interesting — discussing everything from does it mean you are gay if you spent 10 years in prison and slept with a man to the luxury game of cricket. I’m hoping Halloween night will have some mischief for me to get into.


Do you have a card?

That is something we probably say just about everyday. Out and about we meet people, claim we want to stay in touch or network, share ideas … Then we reach into our pockets, purses and wallets and exchange our cards. Everyone usually has one — some for business or some that were just made up as calling cards for, well, ya know …

I’m in the middle of the “saddest” move of my life right now. Worse than the long and painful one I experienced a few years back from the cornfields of the Midwest. It’s sad because I am going to move into a nicer area but a really, really small place. Today I have been rummaging through useless crap and I tell you, the most useless crap I’m throwing away are business cards!

I had every intention when I collected them to contact the person written on each little 2″ x 3 1/2 well-intentioned card. But about 95 percent of them truly have no use to me even though I will probably keep many from the lot. Some of that percentage includes past business, sources and old friends I never will see again. However this move is about downsizing and I already have a problem throwing documents away and yes, I do consider business cards in that category because they are supposed to have value. Supposed to anyway.

I pondered how in the hell did I collect so many?! Some of them I can’t seem to throw away. Those in question are:

* Millenium Wines, Inc., overlooking the Platte River Valley (and that isn’t a typo)

* David Allen, Elvis Tribute Artist

* Country Acres Kennels, since 1972

* Goui Gui, African Art, Crafts & Djembe Drum Outlet (huh)

* Steve “Snorkle” From, Bullfighter/Clown, Barrelman

Honestly if I actually stayed in touch with at least a third of the people who gave me the cards I decided to keep, I could say I’ve traveled the whole world.

The elimination round and letting go…

I have been doing a lot of thinking about releasing the things that I have held on to — and perhaps for too long. Some of this feeling has something to do with reevaluating things as I pack up for a move to another apartment. I have this ring I got from an old flame a few years back. I know I loved him dearly but am happy that I was able to move on — well, kind of. Because I’ve been holding on to this tiny diamond ring I must not have officially moved on. I toyed with the idea of selling it a few times and went to some pawn shops — ultimately deciding that I just couldn’t toss the sentiment away on a nominal gain.

I’ve since reconsidered. The same goes for this old Vermont teddy bear he gave me that I know a little girl will appreciate more. This is all part of growing. The elimination round of typical reality shows has some validity to real life—there will always be things/people that you will eliminate from your life or will be eliminated for you. This is all part of growing too, only sometimes it is a harder lesson. 

Collectively letting go and the process of elimination makes you stronger and reevaluate yourself — or situations in your life. They are not always pleasant but they are always part of you. 

I will be making that trip back to the pawn shop today.

when harry met sally…well sort of…

I have a male friend I can never date, though tonight, and any other night we go out, I guess it could be considered “dating.”

Wasn’t there some sort of reference to such a thing in that movie “When Harry Met Sally?” Or was it just that men and women could not be friends because it can lead to sex? Well I can safely say I have a friend of the opposite sex that I want to keep as such. When we first met there was a brief inkling of something more but our ages were truly something I couldn’t see moving past. So now we keep up the friendship and after a divorce, he’s not looking for a serious relationship and is working on the “fun stuff.” Can’t really blame him. He’s a single, red-blooded individual. We are on the same page about a lot of things and isn’t that just one aspect to a real relationship?

I’m only using this as example and of course because it is the most fresh thing on my mind. But the rampent curiousity in me has always wanted to know when do people decide it’s OK to take/risk your friendship to the next level? I’ve done it in the past and look back thinking that maybe it was better not to cross the line. Is it better to risk than to not risk it at all?

In this case, I would never. We laugh too much.

I don’t think I could come to grips with not ever doing that again…