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Dallas Bimbos and Bottle Service

Last night I had the displeasure pleasure to hang at my first bottle service bar. And it had one name. Like so many of them do. One name everything like we are trying to be a mini Los Angeles or something. Kind of sad. I was there for a singles event and I had a good time until everywhere we sat eventually we were kicked out of because of “reservations.” Which basically means people called ahead to spend nearly $1,000 on a table of liquor and mixers they put together themselves. Seems like that kind of money should come with a bartender at every table. So I see this Tom Leykis looking joker (but worse) come with five better looking guy friends and whip out his wallet immediately for two bottles of Belvedere. All I could think was what a way to get attention. I mean all that cash is going down the drain — literally. I mean I pee after two drinks.

Well. Like I said. I did have a nice time — prior to the crowd getting there. But I had no qualms leaving before midnight. While I waited for my car from the valet (yea, it’s THAT kind of bar where you really don’t have a choice) I was privy to a little play I call: Dallas Bimbos and Bottle Service. This is where I saw a gaggle of ditzy women, drunk, waiting for their car.

The blond says, “We need the white Volvo but we’ll take a Bentley.” Her brunette, equally vacant friend chimes in, “Yea, or an Aston Martin.” She annoyingly giggled. The blond staggered a bit. And I imagined it that is was only going to take two more chocolate martinis before that one was going to need the brunette to hold her hair back. The group of them said a number of superficial epithets. And they laughed — that laugh. The one where you have to ask if there is air between the girl’s ears. I was in absolute disbelief that the Dallas stereotype was standing right there next to me, putting on a real life comedy of errors. I wish I had a video camera.

And this is Dallas. I am thinking that at sometime back in college or better that I felt that THIS was the lifestyle I wanted. I think looking at it now at 30, I just shook my head. Before heading to my car, which I found was a $6 valet instead of $5 and the guy just stood there because there was no tip (sorry, miscalculated), I remembered all the pumped up guys who rudely brushed by me to get to the bar, the girls overdone with silicone tits and acrylic nails and the fact that I’m happy not to fit the look and attitude of the typical uptown “Dallasite.” In room of fake, I felt my own fresh air.

Are bars and brothels the same?

Sure both pretty much accomplish the same thing. Both indulge urges. Give the good-feelin’ dopamine. Can get a little messy. More importantly they give folks jobs. And like it or not there are some areas of the world where people have to make it working in these two establishments as oppose to the alternative. Read an interesting take on prostitution over at the anit-socialist’s blog.

I happen to believe that legalizing prostitution here in more places than Nevada may be controversial, but it happens anyway. People crave “the bad things” so why not just tax it or something and we all benefit because it isn’t going away. But, I’m not going to write about morality here because in the end that isn’t why I’ve written this post. I just want to get people’s opinion on the recent situation in a little place called El Alto, Bolivia. Did anyone read about the extreme protesting by prostitutes trying to get bars and brothels reopened by sewing their lips together? Read up, but here is a snippet.

“We are fighting for the right to work and for our families’ survival,” Lily Cortez, leader of the El Alto Association of Nighttime Workers, told local television. “Tomorrow we will bury ourselves alive if we are not immediately heard. The mayor will have his conscience to answer to if there are any grave consequences, such as the death of my comrades.”

People affected by the closing of bars are also protesting, but not to that extent. More like the traditional fasting and shouting. Prositiution is legal in Bolivia, but not pimping. I know that the brothels must offer a “safer” location for a hooker’s occupation, so is that the reason why they can’t just technically just stand on a street corner to get a john? Please someone educate me if that’s not possible in Bolivia. Same can’t be said about a bar. And bars affect so many other jobs. Gee, with hooking the only other jobs affects are — wait, that was too easy.

Anyway, I just want some of you passionate bloggers to give your comment on this. Is life without bars the same as life without hooker havens?

Is drinking with co-workers a no-no?

It’s no secret that for centuries people have used drinking to celebrate special occasions or to bring people together. I don’t really see it as a “good” or “bad” thing when done in moderation. Of course that is me as of late … not me circa 1996-2006 (may she rest in peace).

But where does drinking stand when it comes to the office? Yes, I will be giving a television reference here but look at shows like Boston Legal and Ally McBeal. Please note of course that I realize these are both lawyer sitcom/dramas. There is always a silver of truth in even the shows we watch. Is it just the lawyers who can get away with the booze? Well lawyers AND journalists for I’m sure there are quite a few of the latter that could be considered quite pickled by now.

I recently attended a happy hour of sorts with co-workers. It was under the guise of being a send-off for someone heading to a different office. But I also think it was orchestrated as an event to finally relax, blow off steam and regroup. My question is, was that such a good idea? There were direct reports there, sitting right next to their bosses and having a few sips of whiskey.

To my knowledge I don’t feel we broke the work laws by partaking in the fire water after hours. I am not even really worried about next week. But I do wonder if it was ultimately the right move. I think we all wanted so much to just chill out and not worry about crap for ONE evening. I let go, everyone let go. It was freeing and everyone stayed tame and uncontroversial for the most part while being tipsy. So is it really all that taboo anymore to share a few drinks with folks from the office?

It’s not like anyone got naked anyway…

But isn’t that left for the company Christmas party? I mean, holiday party.

The cubicle boozer

What do you do when you suspect the coworker sitting in close proximity to you is drinking in their cube? Do you complain? Or do you peep over your own damn cube and ask for him/her to share?
Here is my synopisis so far:
1.) You have drank a few times with this person and know they are quite capable of doing this.
2.) You often hear not one, but two pourings from what sounds like two different bottles. One of which is a Sprite container.
3.) You notice plenty of water bottles hanging out. Hello, vodka is clear.
4.) This person makes very frequent trips to the icemaker after returning from his/her car.
5.) And more importantly, as the day goes on, this person gets more campy, chatty and red.


It really isn’t your business you say to yourself. But you can’t help but chuckle every time you think about it.