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The holidays are beginning to show…


I haven’t been reading much.

You haven’t been reading much.

So click these for my most recent recaps.

I probably won’t be on here that much until after the holidays…



Follow-up photos from the show…

my dad

What is this? Could that be my father actually smiling? Yes it is. That’s also a sigh of relief that the show was up and didn’t have any major problems. I don’t have many photos here but it says enough I suppose. People came and went and I look as if I’m about to spew my wine out of my mouth in that last shot! I think my friend was saying something funny.


Please feel free to get some of your holiday items from my site. All of the purchasable prints can also be postcards and we all know you can’t have enough of those? If you do purchase stuff, you will keep that smile on my father’s face…

I didn’t bomb…

Look. I’m smiling…The reception went wonderfully. I couldn’t have ask for a better turn out actually. I saw a few faces I didn’t expect. Didn’t see faces I thought would be there. And was pleasantly surprised that many of my sources showed up. The food was impeccable and so was the wine of course. Someone even bought one of my pieces. Well he asked for one that was already sold. So I have to make him another one. He was so kind to give cold, hard cash-ola.

My assistant is out of town today, but I hope to get some photos up tomorrow from the event. She took a bunch. Dumb me forgot my camera if you can believe it. So did my parents. The art center should be sending some too.

I want to thank all of you for the support. I even have some new conservative friends over at Grizzy Groundswell who promoted my work. Thanks Chad and Micky! It’s nice to know I’ve got buddies on all sides of the political fence. Now if I could just get off the fence and pick a side other than smack dab in the middle …

Well I guess I need to tell you I got pretty tore up Saturday night. That’s why I’m only just now blogging. I’m still sick! Some co-workers and friends joined me for dinner after the reception. Then a few of my friends and my cousin when out to the strip. Which out here is what is considered the gay side of town. Yes. I’m a hag. I’m not ashamed of it. I love my boys.

Anyway because I know a lot of folks out there, I think the pours were pretty heavy. I didn’t even realize I drank that much. Didn’t even mean too, really. The combo of the drag show, dancing and bonding with my cousin whom I haven’t officially hung out with since grade school got me all caught up and before I knew it I was home, sick as a dog. Then sick all Sunday. And still recovering. Can you believe it? I guess I’m getting too old for all that stuff. Thank goodness. I can only handle it once every two months and even that’s too much. Ah. Goodbye party girl. Hello 30.

I should write more…but I’m beat. And I’m due for another countdown update. Good news is ahead. This old mare ain’t what she used to be but she’s slowly a smaller version of what she used to be!

I’m not gonna be famous, but I can dream…

The 50 primeSo this weekend is yet another moment of truth. The reception for my first solo photography show. I can only hope everyone will buy up everything to justify my purchases today at a designer sample sale. I should not be left alone with certain jewelry. Anywho, I’m no David LaChapelle at the moment but I’ve already sold a piece and the pictures have only been up since Monday. And I’ve sold others in a previous shared exhibit. Maybe I’m not so bad. You can be the judge. Bagel of Everything over at Ration Reality was so very kind enough to give me a plug under their NEWS section. Thanks lady.

The next goal is getting my dream macro lens and snap better shots. People go on and on about the “eye” being more important than the equipment but let’s get real. You may have a wonderful eye but limited equipment that can’t produce what the eye wants to capture. Currently my main lens is this 50 prime you see before you. However it was taken by my “dream” lens: the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 with VR. All that mumbo jumbo basically means kick ass but there’s lots better out there however over $700 is more than enough of a start. At least that is the translation I’m sticking with. If you look at the reviews of the product, there is one complainer but he’s not using it right. This baby isn’t a portrait lens (my prime is) and that is why I want it. It produces AMAZING macro shots. Sorry, I’m babbling again while drooling over glass.

Wish me luck tomorrow. And feel free to buy stuff from my site if you want Christmas gifts that didn’t come from Target. I’m excited and very anxious about the reception. I’ve saved all my calories for the wine I’m drinking tonight for the nerves. My next post shall discuss the cruelty of counting calories, however two more pounds lost so far…

Why is follow through so hard to do?

I run a very tiny business. Minuscule in fact. But it’s mine and I enjoy what I do.

My efforts have brought me some successes… And I hope to keep growing, learning and hopefully, earning. But here’s something I don’t get. I have at least five people who have been emailing me back and forth about booking a session. And so far no one has planted down a solid date or commitment. It’s not like I’m outrageously priced. I’m not. I realize I’m no David LaChapelle  (love him by the way) but I do my best. Besides, if you clicked on that link, you will know that’s a COMPLETELY different genre than most photographers out there anyway. He’s a legend.  Anyway, I do the job quite nicely for portraits, a wedding or two, and my photographic art. So what’s up with the lack of follow through?

Why, as humans, are we so bad at following through what we set out to do? As it stands I was supposed to be blogging on my fledgling other blog. I have someone I interviewed for a post there and I’ve yet to write it. Why? Because it will be actual work putting it all together so I can do some justice and I’m on vacation. So what am I doing instead? I’m writing about how people don’t follow through. The difference is, however, I WILL do it. And soon enough. But how many times have we all said we WILL do something and don’t do it. In this case no money is involved. In the case of my potential clients, I’ve got no money coming in from them yet since they haven’t officially booked. Frustrating.

I don’t like to be dangled along like a kitty cat looking to get her head petted. Shit or get off the pot has got to be the best saying known to man.

Jimi already died once…

Hey I’m all for art. All kinds of it. And this guy is talented I guess. And I suppose this is kinda cool? But my heart already bleeds on a daily basis knowing the best thing that ever happened or ever will happen to music is dead dead dead. And I don’t really want to see him go up in flames! Some of you will probably think this is a great clip. But maybe some of you may think, as do I, that it’s sacrilege!!! Ah Jimi. Many many many moons ago I could have shown you the way to a good high without you having to overdose.

Glass envy — like penis envy but costs more

For those who may not know, another word for lens gear for your camera is glass. Recently I have had a real jones for some new hot glass.

I think as like any photographer, I am always wanting more gear — especially when I stand next to another photographer from a newspaper or even hobbiests and his/her glass is bigger and better than mine. That long, black cylinder of pictorial goodness just hanging there around their necks — mocking me as I stand with my little 50 mm prime! (A good lens to have by the way — no matter what.) Even when I snap on the 200 mm, I stand next to the guy who has a great macro (or micro)  and I’m salivating. I just want to touch it. Hold it. Snap it on…

I’ve been having all kinds of daydreams about the Micro-Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED VR. I’ve even played with it once and fell in love. I could tell, it loved me too. We had a moment.

What really stinks is how much this love costs. A great, spectacular lens can be well into the thousands. Geez, the Nikkor I mentioned earlier is even the cheaper of many better lenses.

In my favorite photog forum I like to travel to, they at least admit it isn’t all your “eye” when it comes to the nice money shots. Sure you have to know the basics of composition, what will be an awesome pic and some kind of artistic edge. But really, all of that can just be soooo much better with the right piece o’ glass.

Why I enjoy 60 plus…

I belong to an art club in which I’m the youngest person in the room. At first it was just for editorial purposes but it grew into my enjoying their company so I renew my membership every year. Today I got to sit with them in yet another Sunday meeting and art demo.

This month’s demo was presented by this truly hilarious gentleman who shares my love of roller derby. He was showing his technique of using photography in his art and laughed that he’s been “stealing” for more than 20 years and hasn’t been caught. To his credit, even though he uses photos, the paintings he produces are far from easy to do or half-hearted.

Sitting with these wonderful people full of grey hairs, knowing lines on their face and stories to tell to fill up a novel, I somehow didn’t fear getting old like I have been recently. One woman, who had a stroke last year, told me of her trip to Italy after I asked her about her beautiful leather purse. She had purchased it there during a recent trip. She was supposed to have taken the trip last year but because of a stroke that hit her the night before she and her husband left, she had to wait until this year. The peace on her face whe she spoke was the most pleasant thing. She spoke of how that because all of her kids have grown up and her husband has retired, the two of them take trips quite often. I believe it is the furvor of this traveling relationship that healed her so quickly after the stroke.

There is also another woman I meet up with from time to time when I go to these meetings. She is nearly 100 but you would never know it. She still paints, keeps her wits about her and always has a smile. How do you do that? Always keep smiling like that? She is the eldest surviving member of her church which has been around for over 100 years and she always likes to chat about it. That and my work and how it is all going. She is only a little bit of a woman but she has such heart that it seems she is taller than most that surround her.

Anyway I guess all this means is that with age can come more. I never understood people who were filled with ageism. There is so much we can learn and that I need to learn from 60 plus. When I can, I always try to talk to or hang out with seniors in the community. Somehow they keep me young.