The iPhone guilt….

I finally purchased one and I feel dirty. I think it’s elitist and Apple is the super sophisticated and slick version of the monopolizing Wal-Mart. They have taken over. And they have infiltrated everything. Yet…I…can’t…stop…playing…with…the…koi…pond!

I have to admit, though a very reluctant buyer, I am enjoying this blasted thing. It’s a miniature extension of ourselves. All our cravings summed up in little applications. All our musical choices labeled and at our fingertips. Oh why, oh why have I succumbed to sheeple behavior?  Oh yea. Because it’s cool.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations on your new purchase. Please don’t feel guilty about it. From what I have heard and read, those things are a marvel of the electronic and digital world. Have fun with it.


  2. I am having a BLAST with it! The guilt seems to be waning…!


  3. My father just got one and he too is having a blast with it – the proof is in my inbox (he only took nonstop pics of him on vacation and blitzed my Outlook Express with it!)!


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