The Obama era: Hero-worship has a price

On Jan. 20 I watched history from the cubicles of our news office.

I’m sure many of you as well, with permission from your bosses or not, popped open a few windows on your computer and tuned in as President Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African-American president. This has been something we have heard for a long while — this word “first.” I have to say it was a moment that I will never forget. And from the stories of my parents’ past, it was a very significant day moving toward healing the wounds of a time where I may not have been able to even write these words to you today.

However,  I also know that this huge job of being president works beyond cultural background or the color of one’s skin. And I only hope that President Obama will be able to work to mend America. What his new presidency has surely done so far is bring people together. But what has to be the one thing I can’t stop thinking about among all this “history” is the constant comparisons to Martin Luther King Jr. The constant comparisons to the days of Camelot. And the constant sheer hero-worship of a man not even my father’s age running our country.

We just don’t know what President Obama will ultimately accomplish yet we have already deemed him our savior. Yes, I do know that the Bush administration, one I have never been in favor of, no longer being in power is something to be celebrated. At this point I feel anyone who would have spoke differently than the words of former President Bush would have sparked hope in us all. And once we came together as a nation and elected someone I thought I would never see in office, we proved that we know that we can move beyond our past. I just get nervous when we put all of our hopes and dreams in one man…a man who will have four long years to make this country better.

I am not saying I’m pro-Obama or against him. What he stands for is hard for me not to take notice because, yes, I am a black female. But I don’t let that get in the way of seeing things without rose-tinted glasses. When I voted, I was middle of the road on both Obama and McCain. My final decision was not made lightly. I had a hard time grappling with what I believed and what I wanted from our president. I wanted a third option I could believe in and when that didn’t come, I marked accordingly…somewhat half-hearted in the end because I knew I still had doubts. When we expect everything out of one man, we are doomed to be disappointed to some varying degree almost every time.

As exciting as yesterday was for us all, I still had in the back of my mind: What does this really mean?  My hero-worship is more of what I hope our country can become in the next four years…as people not just lead by this one man, but led by our hearts and heads. That is what we should believe in.

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  1. Posted by mikewalzman on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    it is sort of weird thinking this is going to be a major piece in US history and even world history and we were here to witness it. It still hasn’t really hit me and maybe it wont till I tell my kids or grandkids. My mom already is saving all the newspapers and magazines, ha.


  2. I have a few papers, but I haven’t done a thing with them! I guess it just didn’t hit me the same way…


  3. Yea well, as conservative you can bet I’m pretty damn upset that so far the only thing Obama has going for him is the racial ceiling thats been broken, and quite over celebrated if you ask me as weve already put many beautiful black people into highly respected positions as it whithin our recent history.
    Being half white and being raised by a white family also puts a little damper on all the glee connected to his supposed background as a black man.
    So far hes proven not to be a man of his word, divided the country in that aspect alone, as well as instituting upon the country a method of economics that has proven to be a failed concept many times over in other countries, and this one.

    Anyway, how ya doin girl ? ya healthy and happy ?


  4. fucking monkeys out there celebrating Hitler 2s inauguration makes me sick


  5. Hey Jim, I dislike Obama and many of the reasons his voters chose him but that shit you squeeked outta yer ass was just plain stupid.
    If were going to compain about Bush being referd to as Hitler for 8 years then we really ought to set the example and shit can the use of the term.
    Are you insinuating that Obamas followers are monkeys in a racially derogatory term ” If so, then you yourself are more like the racist leader himself was.
    You’re an embarrasment to the party, shut up and sit down.
    Got it schmuck ?

    By the way Hitler hated blacks just as much if not more than Jews.


  6. Hey Micky! How have you been. I have been so very busy. And so very tired. Wonder who this Jim idiot is anyway!
    Good point you made too.


  7. Hows the house coming along ?

    Yea, if the cons are going to present their package differently in the upcoming campaign guys like Jim need to be buried.


  8. It’s awesome. I’m working on making my second bedroom a office/photo studio. I’ve been so busy with all that and work and the photography, I can never keep up here anymore…Do you have a Facebook?


  9. Facebook ?

    Ha ! I still use my 8 track from the 70s.
    Great, I,m happier than a pig in shit for ya.
    Hang on to it, dont let the fed get ahold of your mortgage.
    Yea, its the same here.
    Weve had ours for 12 years, once you actually own your own it takes on a whole new meaning and level of work keeping it up.


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