Resolutions: Pointless yet expected

Last year I posted my resolutions. I even went as far as making a page on here about them. I can pretty much say if sticking to resolutions were a class I probably made a C- or maybe a D? You can read them all here. But I’m going to recap.

1. Never watch Beaches again. Reminds me too much of a friend I miss dearly. (Check. And that friend and I are in the same zip code now.)

2. Stop yelling every time something doesn’t go my way. (I did pretty well with this one…)

3. Here’s the most common of all: Lose a total of 30 pounds by next year. (Well this didn’t happen. But you can read why here. All I have to say is I have an Oprah excuse.)

4. Keep up calorie-counting. (Um yeah…that got old.)

5. Get over the things I can’t change. That’s a big one. (Bombed.)

6. Make myself more available when it comes to sparking new relationships. It’s time I’ve found grown up events and places (i.e. not bars) to frequent to nab me a man…(First part. Yes. Second part…um yea.)

7. MAKE MORE MONEY. (This did happen. And my photography helped a little as well.)

8. Travel. No excuses of money, time or if I can get people to join me.  (My three-month stint at “love” took me to Vegas.)

9. Get my dream lens…at all costs. A new camera won’t hurt either.  (Check and check. But now I have another dream lens I want.)

10. Complain less. That’s a hard one so I have one caveat: Complain less to people in person and get it all out on my blog.  (I did pretty damn good with this one, considering where I had to start. Only I wish that I blogged more.)

So I’m ready to get going on this year’s set of resolutions that I am going to work like hell to actually complete. This is a new year that I have been waiting for all last year. Last year was a real challenge.

Read my 2009 list after the jump…

1.) I’m going to stick to the generic stuff again about losing more weight but at least I have some items and folks in my arsenal:

My trainer. You will hear more of her later this year. And my synthroid. I’m hoping I can still try for that 30 pounds…

2.) Still want to travel more. And I’m putting Austin’s famed SXSW on my list of places. Sure I’ve been before but that was nearly three years ago. Time to make another appearance.

3.) I’m going to start changing the things I thought I couldn’t change. But in all seriousness, this never comes with accepting the ones that I can’t so maybe I should aim lower this year and just say I won’t throw a fit when they don’t change.

4.) Take more me time. I so tried this the last few months of 2008. It’s something that seems so simple but so few of us seem to do.

5.) Improve my skills/talents. That means I need to brush up on my Spanish, improve my fish dishes and learn how to turn my second bedroom into a fully functioning photography studio. Easy right?

6.) I need to take a page out of this lady’s book and find another strategy. Going to bars to meet guys is getting old, costly and far from being free of  guilty pleasure.

7.) Grow in my spirituality. That will be a bit hard for me. I’ve only just started going to church again. And a new religion at that. I’m now a Unitarian and so far so good. I just need to learn to trust my faith more and that is surely going to be a worthwhile resolution. We shall see how I do.

One thing is for sure through all of this…I plan not to self-destruct. I spent many days of 2008 being sick, then worrying, giving up drinking and then just ended up back to my old standard of Tuaca shots. Not to mention meaningless “relationships” that never amounted to much more than instant gratifications. I may be a bit too honest here but I don’t think  Unitarians do confession booths. I let this blog speak for itself. And as reminder that I should not disappoint myself.

One response to this post.

  1. Those all sound like good resolutions. But you have to add to it faith.


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