All I want for Christmas is a disease

Your body speaks to you. And if you listen very carefully it can tell you when something is wrong. It seems to be the most basic thing to know and be aware of, but sometimes we DON’T listen when we should. This year has been a very trying one for me. One of constant illness and I’ve written about it here along the way. It turns out that some of my problems are closely related to a diagnosis I just received last week.

My life-long friend has been telling me for a long time now to see her doctor. He is an endocrinologist and knows a heck of a lot about the thyroid. I have had bouts of tiredness, strange moods and just all around scatter-brain behavior. I jokingly chocked some of that up to undiagnosed adult ADD.  I just can’t seem to get my thoughts together sometimes and lose focus. With all of this combined along with crazy hormones and the fact that I haven’t dropped a pound after I hired a trainer a few months ago, I finally took my friend’s advice.

I have had my thyroid checked before so I thought nothing was wrong. However, my antibodies were never checked and it turns out that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease which basically means the body attacks itself. My thyroid is pretty much not working properly which explains the weight issues and all of the hormonal changes.  The doctor is a Dutchman and isn’t a big fan of American practices. He asked all the questions none of my previous doctors have asked. He even tested my reflexes. And he felt around my neck and found that I have a goiter. None of these things were done before and he took the time….now I finally know why I’ve felt like crap.

I’ve started on Synthroid. It is supposed to get my thyroid in order. And through all of this my dear friend is giving me advice and sending links to stories I should read to further understand this whole thing. All this time she kept bugging me about it. If only I had listened sooner. So all I got for Christmas so far is a diagnosis, a disease and meds. But at least I know now before the new year begins. Hopefully it will be a better one. I plan to keep updating here to chronicle this thing…and maybe I can finally countdown OFFICIALLY to an even hotter 31.

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  1. I too have a thyroid disease, took the doctor months to figure it out. All the while I was gaining 3 lbs. a week for 3 months and working out, hiking and eating right.
    Glad you have been diagnosed! Exercise through it all and you’ll be slimmer and hotter in no time!!!


  2. Some studies show that taking selenium supplements can reduce level of thyroid antibodies [about 30% success]; daily dose varies from 70 to 150 micrograms per day.
    High iodine diet should be avoided , if goiter is present and you are taking Syntroid.


  3. I hope you are right, Michele. The thing is I just am always so tired now. My friend says that is normal considering I’m so active. But I feel like I should just feel better. OT, I’m on Synthroid and my doc said for now we need to take our time with my dosage…and see how it goes.


  4. Once you get your dosage right you’ll get your energy back. It’s one of those “One day at a time” things, almost like dieting.. ugh!


  5. I hope you will feel a lot better soon. Glad you found out why you are feeling low as this is usually the very first step to feel better.

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog and sorry for taking so long to respond. yes things have changed drammatically for me.. I am no longer single and I have found the best woman for me and have changed my life dramatically.. Now I am going to search for this old comment of mine that you mentioned.

    Happy Christmas and get weel soon.


  6. I’m going to wish you Happy Holidays anyway and I’m glad that you were finally given a diagnosis for your condition. Good luck, Jenice, truly. I’m supposed to get my thyroid checked soon as part of my physical exam. Funny because my boyfriend was talking about the medication he is on for his thyroid. Sounds to me like thyroid issues might be more common that suspected, I have no idea, to be honest.

    Take care of yourself, xoxo


  7. Look at the bright side.
    You could always start a career as a Black feminist santa .

    Hey, you take care lady

    Merry Christmas sweets !!!



  8. Ah. Thanks Micky! I’ve missed you!
    Stil!!! Where have you been?
    Thanks to both of you for the nice words. And of course Micky’s tongue permanently in cheek…
    Stil, hope your tests are normal. Make sure they test antibodies as well.


  9. […] all: Lose a total of 30 pounds by next year. (Well this didn’t happen. But you can read why here. All I have to say is I have an Oprah […]


  10. Holy Cow! I’m so glad he caught it, and that you can get treatment!

    Our medical system sucks, sometimes. 😦


  11. I know girl. I know. If only I heard sooner.


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