Gruesome discovery at home…

I posted this over at my work blog. But I just could not pass up posting it here. It’s not often you find a body part in your driveway…

Yesterday evening when I came home from work, I went outside to take in my garbage bins as I normally do on a Monday. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary other than the fact that the weather seemed to be shifting to the cooler side. First I took in the regular trash bin and then on my way back to get the recycle bin, I noticed something odd in my driveway, just outside of the garage door.

At first it looked to be one of those black sponge rollers. But it seemed moist, like clay or something so I took a stick and picked at it. But the more I moved it around, the more it seemed apparent that this was no sponge roller or piece of felt or mud or even doggie business. No this thing looked to have nostrils. And I was quite sure by the time I had rolled that thing halfway down the alley to get it off my drive that it was certainly a nose. Not sure what to do, I took two sticks like chopsticks and tried to pick it up. That took about 10 minutes as the floppy thing kept falling back on the ground. Finally I was able to move it near the creek by my house and I just stood there. Not sure what to do…

So I went upstairs and took a shower. Being that I’m supposed to be a journalist, my curiosity and need to “do the right thing” overcame me and I figured I should at least take photos of it. Of course by the time I was back in the alley, my neighbors were walking their dogs. I told them of my discovery (because I’m sure I was about to look really funny taking snapshots of mud and grass) and I kept reassuring them I wasn’t nuts. However when I tried to find it, I forgot where I hoisted the thing!

After one neighbor left and said not to worry about it, the other humored me and let me get my flashlight. I was able to find it and even HE thought it looked like a nose. I got my camera and he fished it out of the grass and put it on the curb with a stick. I took photos and he just seemed speechless and walked away…slowly. I decided, after calling everyone I knew would be up, that when I got up in the morning, and it was still there, I would go to the police.

That is what I did this morning. The folks at the Dallas Northeast Substation were quite kind to me and brought out a cop in training to analyze my specimen. He came along with a pleasant but hardnosed, pardon the pun, policewoman. While he opened up the bag I put the nose in, I could feel my stomach turn at the thought of a real nose in my driveway. If it was a human nose, this was going to be big for this new policeman. He was about to have a real case!

However the policewoman, who was very calm and cool, asked me, “Did you try to mash it?”

“What? Mash it?! I didn’t want to touch it,” I yelped.

And it was then that she said she thought it was mud then the policeman said, “No, this is a nose!” The policewoman decided to mash it herself and picked at it through the plastic.

“That’s a nose. But it’s not human. Look at the veins,” she said. “Definitely a nose but probably an animal.”

From there she said that many times when an animal dies, other animals divide up the carcass. That is probably what happened. And somehow maybe an animal dragged the nose to my house. Good to know. (!) I live near Wild Kingdom! Better than the alternative I suppose because I live across the street from what I’m just going to say is an unsavory element…

They took my info and it didn’t help that they knew that I worked for the newspaper.

“Are you going to do a story on this?” she laughed.

Hey, at least the rookie cop got some experience with an over-reactive female who is certain she found a body part in her driveway. You never know when he will need skills to deal with THAT again! And at least now I know where my precinct is — there are some good folks at the Dallas Northeast Substation. I guess I just had to follow my nose.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Holy crap. Finding body parts from any species is enough to turn you off your day. My, my, my.


  2. Posted by MisstressM on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    It looked human to me. Kind of small for human. Or a big. But it was a nose alright.


  3. Yea, Micky! Like Misstress said. Looked VERY human. Not a slug. It had nostrils!


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