Missed the mark…

Kidd Rock and ‘Lil Wayne. I’m not a huge Lynard Skynard fan obviously (“That Smell”, “Tuesday’s Gone,” “Free Bird”…OK, I like FEW songs) but I’m sure Ronnie Van Zant is turning over in his grave after Kidd and Wayne’s performance a few minutes ago on the VMAs. What a joke.

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  1. Posted by MisstressM on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    I honestly dont think Kid Rock has any form of a talent. He is not even good looking. I dont understand how and what he did to be this apparent “star” that people perceive him as.


  2. ‘I honestly dont think Kid Rock has any form of a talent’

    OMG, are you serious? While I respect the opinions of others, when I listen to a Kid Rock song, I often think, Damn! Pure genius! I love his rhymes and his play on words – despite his “average” looks lol – but honestly, I only own one album, and it has provided great entertainment throughout the years.

    Seriously. I’ve got to wrap my head around that one.


  3. its just taking the old stuff and doing it again. I can’t listen to that. I’ll listen to Sweet Home Alabama every time before I go listen Kid Rock. In fact the only good song Kid Rock has is the one with Sheryl Crow. But lets talk about the hole show… Rihana, Pink, Britney, Cristina, they are ok, but people, lets face it, something is missing from these shows: soul! where is the spirit? the emotion? its all gone. Who’s to blame? MTV. They’re the ones promoting dumb ass shows like the hills and sweet 16, their main message is MONEY is everything, they don’t play music anymore and then try to make a show about music? How? how can they bring artists when their programing is “reality” TV stuff. Uhhh. Hope some grunge rocker apears and treatens the MTV evil empire from all the money, bling bling, hoe, Hollywood, ass, hummers, they have become.


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