Short DNC observation…

A great place to attempt to mask post-presidential run posturing with “support.”

Great work so far, Hillary.

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  1. Hey, J, long time no see. I’ve been in hermit mode, but i got Stiletto to do some charity work for me, wondering if I could get you to do the same. Check it. For old times sake, ya know?


  2. Hey! It’s my favorite ‘coon! Still running?


  3. [for those who may not know, keywork is a racoon running for president]


  4. No, I bowed out, I signed some paperwork agreeing that I wouldn’t speak of said campaign ever again.


  5. Jenice, I think you hit the nail on the head. On the surface it sounded good but the underlying message was: me me me me and oh, me.


  6. Yea but AJ, Key is running for a hot blogger calender. He needs yer vote and whomever you can get to do the same.


  7. I voted already…how many times can I vote! He’s looking pretty good, by the way…
    I guess I need to post something.


  8. Oh and Mike, I know! I mean . It was surely a victory speak or something re-written!


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