I feel guilty…

The Hillary Clinton video I’m watching right now during the Democratic National Convention is making me kind of miss her campaign. It shows her power. Her landmark run. Her humor. All her empowerment. Minus Chelsea’s monotone voice over on it, I’m feeling all mighty about being a woman. Is that wrong? I feel dirty.

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  1. Posted by batguano101 on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    Oh don’t feel badly. You have only been manipulated by a slick ad.

    Hillary and Bill are busy knee capping the real candidates- Obama/Biden.
    No other convention in history has been blackmailed by a hired pysop- PUMA- and phony primary results via Diebold to allow the loser to cut the legs out from under the nominee.

    The Clintons did not cheer the candidates, just themselves.
    The Clintons are the inside operatives for the Bushes.
    So goes the N.W.O.


  2. Ha ha…all I wish is that they both would just go away.


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