Rate My Space: A kind of certain madness

If ever there was a more definitive moment where an individual is at his/her most self-important finest, it is when said person uploads that very first photo on the HGTV madhouse that is Rate My Space.

As long as I have been on my own, I have always felt that when I decorated the place I lived, I had what I would like to call eclectic taste on a budget. That said, I never really thought I didn’t have taste in decorating. I just was a victim of making do with what I had/could afford or what was given to me. And if I had the proper moola, every room would look a million times different. I am also a victim of an unhealthy HGTV obsession. And it has morphed into something really scary since buying my house. I watch everyday and now I’ve officially become a Rate My Space user. If you haven’t ever heard of this, it’s basically a part of the HGTV Web site in which you upload photos of your home, cross your fingers, rip yourself wide open and lie there as you let people dissect your furnishings and decor. Fun, right? Well now this concept has carried over onto the HGTV channel itself in that the lowest rated homes get renovated and are inspired by the top rated homes on the site. Madness, right? Why leave yourself open to such criticism, you might ask. Well, because I like the impartiality of it all…and I of course hope to one day be picked for the show. Sad, right?

So I’m actually risking a lot giving you guys the link but why not? Feel free to make fun, but know that I’ve changed some stuff up since these photos but not much. Look, I had all this crap before I got the place. Minus the red couch. Just trying to make it all work somehow. Don’t even ask about the glass blocks. They were some kind of charming monstrosity (yes, I see them this way — good/bad, interesting/tacky). I keep trying something new to make those things work for me, but alas, I’m sure I’ve missed the mark and I’m exhausted. Some of the comments on my spaces are brutal but I think if I showed the culprits my debt to income ratio, they would understand! In the end, maybe it will result in HGTV FINALLY coming to my little abode.

Bottom line: What people think I suppose means squat but if the average person really believed that, a Web site like Rate My Space probably wouldn’t get as much traffic as it gets. A new photo is uploaded every 30 seconds. I’ve timed it.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I once heard this quote from a real estate guy that may apply to your glass blocks…..if it’s odd, feature it. I like the glass blocks personally. I should have Chris look at this and give you a hand. She’s exceptional at it.


  2. Maybe we could make cinder blocks, plywood and milk crates elite.

    I tell everyone that I like to keep everything as streamlined and uncluttered as possible.
    This takes away from having to explain the lack of furniture.

    I think clusterfucking comes with age though.
    I notice that every year I seem to be more inclined to hang to shit that I would of tossed a few years ago.

    Yea, that eclectic taste on a budget is what Sanford said once.

    You’re not gonna do the macrame` plant hangers , are you ?
    Stick a big pink plastic flamingo in your front yard with gnome ?


  3. Ok. I’m kind of a junkyard lady, so sue me Micky. But I don’t have milk crates. I draw the line at milk crates. Mike, please DO have Chris critique and tell me what to do. I can handle it. I’m sure she has much better taste. I would/do have better taste if I had more moola!


  4. Posted by nectarfizz on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 9:40 am

    bathroom is gorgeous! I love the mint and chocolate effect..I think it would be cool to add a chocolate tongue in cheek pic to the wall. (cause I am weird like that!)


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