Holy s***! I bought a house…

Well actually a townhouse but it’s still the same really…responsibility and upkeep. I suppose the feeling I should be having here is excitement. And to many degrees, I do have that particular sentiment. But overall I am more to the point — numb. I can’t believe the grueling process is over. It started with hopes of receiving a forgivable loan from the City of Dallas. I may have a pretty fun job, but the pay isn’t that great.


 Well, I qualified for a program that allowed me to receive $10,000 from the City of Dallas if I:

A.) Found a home in Dallas, of course.

B.) Take homeowner classes.

C.) Live in the home at least 8 years.

It seemed perfect. But right in the middle of my offer to the townhouse I wanted, they pulled the funding. They now exclusively offer the funding, even at a better rate, for the homes that are in their system, which means I wouldn’t be able to just find a place — it had to be on the city’s list of homes they are trying to sell. I decided to give up.

Then in May my realtor calls me and tells me that the townhouse I wanted — the one I had originally put an offer down on — dropped $10,000. It just seemed meant, but not without a few hiccups. Namely the appraisal came in under the sales price and there were a few repairs that had to be taken care of such as a few breaker issues. And even after all that, I sat at the title company’s table of endless papers and began signing. Then my realtor points out a taxing discrepancy. Would it ever end?!

The next day I finally got the keys and my family and I went out to dinner to celebrate with my realtor. We had some crazy times together so I felt it only fitting to pay for our dinner. Confession: actually dad made me but I was gonna pay — promise! As well as the fact that I am sure I was very small potatoes in the scheme of clients for my realtor. After all the trouble we went through, all of his concerns and looking out for my best interest, I just don’t think his commission from it all is that spectacular but he’s quite a humble man. And anyone who could put up with my tastes and demands deserves more than a gold star. I mean I am really particular about what I call, and I think the industry calls, “wet areas.” That basically means I’m a stinker about kitchens and bathrooms. But considering my choices of price range, and my particulars about what I wanted, I think I did pretty good.

So here I am — outside of my very own place (please excuse my casual attire…not my normal look I assure you.)  Sure the neighborhood isn’t the Ritz but it’s a place that really suites me. And I’m happy to call it home. But all this means is I’ll be pretty preoccupied between medical appointments and cleaning/preparing the new place. Blogging will be a tough one in the next few weeks, but I’ll still try to make time to blather about.

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  1. Posted by inbodyexperience on Monday, June 30, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    Congratulations! What a great time for you! Good luck to you in your new home. Sounds like it really was meant to be and your realtor sounds like a great person!


  2. Congratulations! It’s a cute house and I hope you will make many wonderful memories in it!


  3. Congrats Jenice. Homeownership is a big step but one you won’t regret. AND no apologies for how you look, you look great!! (as does the house)


  4. Bitch.
    Your kitchen is twice the size of mines and bigger than my living room.
    I like to brag and say I own a 1/2 million dollar house in Hawaii.
    But 1/2 a mill dont buy much here.

    But hey, its yours, and I’m actually very happy for you. In the year or so I’ve gotten to know you I cant think of anyone (honestly) that deserves it more.

    I see from the picture you’re gonna be brown baggin it for a while ?


  5. Thanks everyone! I am really happy. And now I’m staying up late every night painting and cleaning and packing. Once I’m settled, I can’t wait to just sit back, relax and blog, read and veg knowing that I’m no longer hopping from place to place!

    Micky…you are so damn funny….
    And the bag actually had all the keys and stuff in it. But you are right — I will surely be cutting back even more than I am now since quiting the sauce. And thank you…it has been a long road…I was hoping I deserved some kind of return on all that pain.


  6. And Mike I attribute looking “great” to getting sick, giving up booze, juicing fruits and veggies and becoming an all around bore…!


  7. We wanna see pics from the housewarming party.
    And you juicing the biggest fuckin cucumber you can find.
    Dont you get the shits from all that fruit and fiber ?


  8. This is one beautiful story!!! I am very happy for you and glad to see your dedication pay off. I thought it very kind of you to mention your Realtor and how much assistance he was to you. Beautiful stories like this are what keeps me in the business!!! Congratulations and be blessed!


  9. congrats on the house it is beautiful!! =)


  10. wow – how great for you – me a bit envious – but thrilled for you – you so deserve it. damn girl this is like terrific news – great looking kitchen too. so have fun decorating etc.

    have a safe and peaceful 4th – my birthday is 30th of june – and for many years i thought all the fireworks were part of a big party for ME… yeah well i do know better now – really… 😆

    enjoy girl – blessings…palestar


  11. Posted by ungraceful girl on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    This is so exciting! Congratulations! I hope you’ll share more photos with us. I’ve lived in my house two years last Sunday and I’m still attempting to decorate it! PS, great kitchen! I’m so jealous!


  12. Posted by loudmouthprotestant on Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Wonderful! Congratulations! I am so happy for you. One time for new home owners.


  13. Posted by MisstressM on Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Oh my GOD it is beautiful. Congratulations.


  14. Congratulations J

    It is one of the final hurdles in adulthood. The place looks great and your photo is adorable.

    One of these days I owe you a nice long emailo, but in the meantime, enjoy homeownership.


  15. You must be busy with life and house….hope you’re well.


  16. Yes. Having a new place is really taking up ALL my time! And I still have a few more things to move from my apartment!


  17. Girl, congratulations! See, I told you the universe would reward you eventually!



  18. Posted by nectarfizz on Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    OMG OMG OMG!! go away for a while and J goes and buys a HOUSE!! yay!! Girl that place is gorgeous!!


  19. hope all is well with you and your new home… 😆


  20. Things are good! I just am trying to get things done as best I can with what I have and my very tiny budget!


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