I really wanted to talk about pant suits…

               I found this image here.

I have been backsliding on political banter for some time now. I have good reason. Most of which is that I’m tired of politics. Secondly, I’m dying. OK. That’s a bit dramatic, but I have not been 100 percent for a few months now. And I just found out that my CT scan results from last week need to be analysed by a specialist. It could be nothing. But it could be a really big something. I have been spiking fever all weekend, can’t eat and delirious which may explain this post.

Anyway, I realized I hadn’t talked about pant suits and whether or not they have a place in the White House. Let’s face it. Barack may just win over McCain if the Democratic party can get its head of out its ass. And by the “secret talks” with Obama, Hillary will have a bunch of placement in the campaign or even beyond. If not as VP (yea, right), she surely will be in another role also not suited (pun intended) for her just to keep the party together.

But I just can’t help wondering: Would America want to see pant suits or power (skirted) suits on a “politically powerful” woman in the White House. This isn’t really an important question; I just wondered what other people thought. To me pant suits try too hard. They say: “Look at me! I can be just as strong as a man!” And even though I’m guilty of wearing the latter, I like seeing a real powerhouse of a suit, equipped with a skirt and killer heels. To me that says, “Get the hell out of the way, boys.” Especially paired with the right jewelry giving way to a feminine power as well as taste and class.

Is red too communist?

                                                        Lady Di did it…                

  Oooo…1960s vintage.

Of all the things that this presidential election brouhaha represents,  this is the least important. But is it? What do other countries see when they watch Hillary strut in pant suits? I bet they say, that’s one wuss in a suit. We can take ’em.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Jenice, I really hope you start to feel bettr.
    The pantsuit. I really do not think it has anything to do with making a gender statement. I think it’s purely dressing for your body type. Hillary has cankles and the pant suit covers them. A skirt will not flatter her figure. I think she needs to continue wearing the pant suit. . .she looks great in them!


  2. I’m loving your selection of skirts suits! I say they’re in.

    I’ll say a little prayer about the cat scan. After that, no worries! All will be well.

    Love the blog.


  3. I had three nuts once.
    I went to the doc and told him my problem so he pulled on my sack and held a flashlight behind it, took a look around the other side and said;
    “yep, you’re right, thats quite a collection”
    He left the exam room for about ten minutes and came back with a sketch pad and started drawing the male reproductive system. I figured at this point he was gonna tell me which part I was gonna lose.
    When he finished drawing he just stared at me for a few secs and said that one of the hardest parts about his job was breaking this kind of news to his patients.
    Now I wasnt half as worried about losing my pecker , I thought he was gonna tell me I’m dying. Finally he said; ” You’re getting old” ( I had a urinary infection that worked its way down to my stash, little fucker was hitching on one of my nuts)
    I wanted to reach across the desk and plow his fuckin face. Sonofabitch thought he was being funny.
    Dont sweat it baby.
    Thats why its called a “practice”

    If you were packin a bazooka would you wear a skirt ?


  4. I say, pant suits look like you are trying to hide something. You can hide things without be so blatant about it.

    And here’s the surprise of the day, I am going straight to post (as ooposed to ending up in your spam folder)!!


  5. Hey!!!! You aren’t in my spam anymore! That calls for a celebration…


  6. Jenice, I love all the outfits you put on display. Could you please tell me from where you borrowed the first photo? That suit screams Stiletto!

    BTW, I never paid much attention to what Hillary wore…until those pesky pundits started bringing it up. I’m with Rhea Paul. She’s got cankles and she knows it, no need to draw attention to those.

    Micks, you’re a piece of work!


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