Up the pooper, down the hatch

So the colonoscopy and upper scope are over. They have diagnosed me with hemorrhagic gastritis and reflux esophagitis. They found a polyp in my stomach which is being tested as we speak. And through all this, I didn’t even get ONE CALL from my supposed boyfriend. Doped up on anesthesia, I sent a text:

I had my procedure today. You didn’t even call to see how I was. OK. I get the hint. I’ve let you go. I hope all your dreams come true. I wish you had said goodbye when I asked you to…

I’m still in a dopey fog, and I don’t want to go into that “goodbye” reference. Point is, he didn’t even respond. I was worth THAT much?! After he took me to Vegas, had me meet his family and wanted a committed relationship, I wasn’t even worth the call. What is funny is that everyone else did. Even an old friend I had become kind of estranged with and hadn’t talked to in almost a year. She has been wonderful and checks up on me.

The irony is I would have never got everything checked out like this if I hadn’t got so sick while I was in Vegas. It’s not my fault I haven’t been as fun anymore — I am a shell of my former boozing good time self.

Maybe all this was/is a blessing in disguise. Everything happens for a reason (and other crappy cliches). Or maybe life just sucks.


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  2. Well now its “down the hatch and out the pooper” with shithead.

    I’ve been really proud of some of my turds and admired them for a sec before I flushed.
    I wouldnt even look at this one, its prolly just full of nuts.
    Flush twice, eat better from now on.


  3. I love you Micky. Would your wife mind if you took on a second one? 🙂

    Really man. I don’t think you realize how much you have helped me…now and in the past here at the blog. Even through all of our differences in opinion (which I find refreshing), you always know what to say.


  4. Its easy, and a pleasure.


  5. Jenice,
    I’ve learned you never say anything about an ex- in case they resurface. Suffice to say, I am cussing under my breath.


  6. Thank you, Mike! I am cussing but not so under my breath.


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  9. […] say about what you have written. And you get the occasional funny advice from the peanut gallery. Here’s my favorite. Hint: Read the first […]


  10. Well, look at it this way. If he’s freaked already about this crisis, what would he have done when things got real serious, as in “death do you part” serious? Jump ship? The universe brought you a blessing in this regard and saved you tons of time and trouble, not to mention that you are now aware that you may have some sort of health problem to deal with and maybe if you didn’t go to Vegas with this chump your diagnosis would have been delayed.


  11. That is very true, Stil. I would have never got this checked out as quickly has I did after Vegas had I not have gone. He served his purpose…I can at least say that.


  12. I am just reading this post…Disloyalty of such as you’ve described is one of my MAJOR pet peeves…Being as I don’t know you from a can of paint, I’d of at least sent you an email…But one thing is, I am glad you found out what kinda character he was before things got really serious….

    BTW…I pray and hope you are doing well today : )


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