Being mad at a man drove me to myspace…

I don’t know why I did it. I think it’s because I haven’t heard from who is supposed to be my boyfriend in four days. What’s funny is this is the guy who started off kind of clingy. Now he’s so focused on self-improvement and all his ambition that I’m no longer on the priority list but “I’m important” to him. And now I stupidly joined the myspace crap just to feel like I’m keeping my options open.

Mind you. I know that I’m not going to find anything or anyone worth a shit on myspace. I guess it’s just some passive aggressive acting out thing I decided to do. But given all that, I am aware that myspace is another way to network. And I would love to be able to get this blog more exposure. So, if you have a myspace profile (and I KNOW you all do, don’t lie — even if it’s for business like one I have for my photography), please give me an add. It is part of a number of things I’m doing right now to keep my mind off of feeling neglected. Still, I give it another week and either I pull the plug on this “relationship” or he does.

4 responses to this post.

  1. When you’re not looking for what you need, its a lot easier to find it.

    Take it as it comes. I know it gets tiresome and lonely at times.

    But if the search is frantic or directed you usually end up settling for less than you’re worth.

    The coolest things have happened to me when I wasnt expecting it.


  2. Thing is Micky is that I wasn’t really looking when I found him. I just was “putting myself out there.” I felt like if I was to be proactive, my chances would be increased.


  3. Yea, that “proactive ” shit will get you everytime.
    Stick yer tail feathers in and just keep your eyes open.
    Hey, its just advice from my life experiences. It may not apply to everyone.
    Theres been a million times in my life where I told myself “damn! I could sure use some decent company” And a lot of times the company I needed was right there. It just wasnt what I had in mind (which usually had some ulterior motives attached, like double Ds)
    I didnt wise up til I met my wife.
    She was right there in front of me the whole time but I was chasing what I wanted and not what I needed.
    Shes as flat as they come and is about as goofy as a three dollar bill.
    But shes a fucking riot to be with and has a set of morals and compassion I’ve never seen in anyone.
    A friend of mine said something interesting once. He said that when it comes to partners most of us eventually get tired of the hunt and end up setteling for less than we deserve.
    I believe these relationships are destined to fail.
    So just hang in there lady.
    Dont short yourself.


  4. I will look for you on myspace. My friend nagged me to join it but I refused because I thought it was lame and for kids, possibly lame kids. It has actually turned out to be a surprisingly fun way to meet people.

    Good luck!


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