Post “Sex and the City” photo

I just want to take pictures...


For some reason, that movie really made me want to take photos in my semi-cocktail dress. You should go see it although I was kind of disappointed with the ending. If you are diehard fans, you will know why I was. If you aren’t, you will just say, “eh, it was supposed to end like that.”

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  1. I go see it tonight. Heard so much about “the ending” cannot wait to see it for myself


  2. I’d rather watch Killer Tomatoes while wearing a wet diaper.


  3. Yea Micky. You didn’t really strike me as a fan…

    Rhea, tell me what you think of the movie after to see it tonight.


  4. Posted by loudmouthprotestant on Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 12:36 am

    I’m a pretty die hard fan. What didn’t you like about the ending? (I saw it this evening)


  5. Hey LMP! What didn’t I like? The fact that she compromised. I wanted to see her get what she wanted the first time around. He owed it to her. But as always, he got what HE wanted. And even though she is still a strong person in my eyes, I felt the way she went back to big was weak. But then again, that letter thing was romantic. The thing is (and I know it’s just a show!) he will always know he can do whatever and she forgives him.


  6. I am a huge fan of the new banner. It’s a great photo! And I have some ideas about your “problem.” Stay tuned.


  7. Thanks, Mike! I need to head over to your blog today…


  8. Sexy!!!! (grin) now I must copy you and link it everyone who sees mine can drool over’s just the girlfriend thing to do..heh


  9. I like the photo.


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