Why American Airlines sucks

I’m back and trying to get things on track to semi-normalcy. Thanks everyone who wished me well during my recovery. What I really wanted to do was come back and share all my photos from my recent trip to Vegas. I still plan to, but what is getting in the way is the fact that I can’t get pass how much American Airlines needs to be put on blast.

Let me start with how since I turned 30 in January, I’ve had frequent abdominal pain and a tad bit of nausea after eating. While in Vegas I pretty much ate anything I wanted and pretty much paid for it on the last day. After having a seemingly innocent omelet, I started to feel sick. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and went to the bathroom to vomit. Sorry for the mental image here, but I basically had to make myself throw up. From the gas station next to the airport, at the airport and finally on the plane, I was getting sick every five to ten minutes. While flying back to Texas, I must have rushed to the tiny and may I say NASTY American Airlines bathroom and proceeded to keep gagging myself for the nausea was just unbearable. Meanwhile my boyfriend was worried. And at some point I got pretty delirious.

Luckily (and as it turned out kind of unluckily) we were in the back of the plane and the access to the potty was quick plus the flight attendants, which were stationed there, became clearly aware I was quite ill. My boyfriend asked that we have a wheelchair waiting at landing and that the attendants make sure to make an announcement that I needed to be let off the plane first.

By the time we landed, everything went even more wrong. There wasn’t any announcement telling passengers to remain seated so as you can imagine, sitting in the back, everyone stood up and I was sitting there, waiting in dehydration and pain for everyone to get off the plane. My boyfriend was livid. There was a wheelchair with an attendant waiting, and boy was she full of attitude. And yes, I’m going there…she was a black female with every stereotypical, head-nodding attitude you see on those awful caricatures of black women. She banged me up against the wall and rammed the chair up the ramp. My guy had to take over and at the end of the terminal, she made sure to begin cussing up a storm while my boyfriend was explaining the negligence to the pilots. Everyone claimed ignorance.

The total time waiting for a medic to check me out, waiting for help with bags (which never came…we had three large bags and me in that damn chair) and getting to the hospital was TWO hours. It was clear most of the American Airlines crew didn’t give a crap and also made sure to say, “We don’t make announcements like that. It’s against policy.” But I guess it’s alright policy to make a sick passenger feel like the bottom of a tarmac. They didn’t even acknowledge all the obscenities Sista Flight Bitch was spewing.

Bottom line: American Airlines is about as professional as a White House intern looking for a good cigar. And I hate that such a lovely trip had to end that way. As far as my health, I have to see a gastroenterologist. Definitely not food poisoning, my doc determined, even though the hospital just took a guess at that being the problem after making me wait two hours in the waiting room, then another two just to take my blood because they were having trouble with my veins but don’t get me started on that hospital. What the hell happened to proper care of the common man and a little respect?

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  1. I am so, so, so sorry to hear this. I can’t believe what I just read. I really hope you’re doing better. This pissed me off and made me sad at the same time. I am at a total loss for any other words (other than to start swearing myself).

    I really, really hope you both file a formal complaint with AA. Please do it!


  2. Hey Greg. Thank you. It really was amazing and I was pretty out of it while it was going on. He did file a complaint. I will say that I was offered ginger ale while on the plane and a barf bag. That’s all flight staff really knows what to do, I guess. And there was only some concern shown at landing after I was barfing pretty much and looking pathetic. Very minor help, mind you. It was very shocking. We are waiting for word and may take it further after a few weeks to see if they respond.


  3. You shoulda just said you had a bomb in yer ass and you probably would of gotten of that plane and to a doctor a lot quicker.
    I would of done it. Or just start puking on the guys ass in front of you. Chances are they’ll let you go.

    Hey glad to see you’re O.K. and you’re not dead.
    I had some gastro problems once and bled to death cuz of it.
    At first I took it lightly when the discharge was only small amounts of black ooze. It later turned into pure blood.
    These days when my tummy gets upset I freak and sweat.
    One of the last times I flew was in the good ole days when airlines went out of their way to help.
    We had left a 1/2 hour late so the pilot announced that all cocktails were on the house. Going from L.A. to Honolulu that was a pretty good deal. I got wasted and hit on O.J.s daughter(Arnelle). Him and her were on the flight.
    I guess its a good thing that never worked out.
    Glad to have ya back lady.
    Take care, let us know whats happening


  4. American Airlines needs to close its doors. I feel sorry for the good employees of this line, they are the ones suffering while the execs pocketed big bonuses this month. As a CEO Gerard Arpey stinks, he is not professional or smart enough to see that his planes get routine maintenance. This could have cost thousands of lives, but management didn’t care, they were thinking about all the money going into their pocket.

    There is something very dirty in the air. Something very deceitful goes on behind the lines and I hope one day we all know what is going on with AA. Sure, Osama had something to do with 9/11, but who taped the box cutters to the seats. Had to be someone on the inside. Murder for profit.

    I hope one day there is a full, official investigation into this airline and all is exposed.

    I will never fly this incompetent airline.


  5. Box cutters taped to the seats ?
    Please, not another conspiracy whacko.

    “What is the evidence that the hijackers who took over the Boeing 767s that crashed into the World Trade Center “used box cutters and plastic knives?”


    There is zero evidence of box-cutters on either plane that hit the World Trade Center. Not a single flight crew member or passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 or United Airlines Flight 175 reported seeing box-cutters or plastics knives. Nor were they mentioned in the FAA executive summary on any of the hijacked plane.(LINK FAA MEMO.) Only on American Airlines Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, was there a near-mention by one passenger that the hijackers in the back of the plane had knives and “card-board cutters,” and even that passenger to claim to see what weapons were actually used to hijack the plane. The claim by administration officials that plastic knives were used to hijack the planes is pure invention. (See Fictoid #9)

    Since unlike guns, metal knives and bombs, it was legal for airline passengers on September 11th 2001 to carry aboard box-cutters and plastic knives, the claim that they used such devices to commandeer the planes that destroyed the World Trade Center is a functional fictoid. Not only does it serve to shield the airlines, airports and airport screeners from massive liability from the victims at the World Trade Center, it protects the Bush Administration by diverting attention away from concern that airport security at three Federally-supervised airports was dangerously lax.”

    Collateral Question:

    (Since CBS News quoted press briefer Ari Fleischer verbatim, why did the New York Times identify him anonymously as a “senior administration spokesman?

    As you can see this story devulges the fact that box cutters were probably not what was used it also points out that there would be no need to tape them under the seats.

    As much as Ari Fleischer would like to cast a shadow on the Bush administration the facts on AA and airport securuty contraband policies are true.

    Leave it up to the New York times to put out a screwed up bias article like this.

    I would hardly lay the blame on AA, as the hijackers seemed able to accomplish their motive with United also.


  6. Damn, I think you need to write a letter to the Directors. If you do that you may get some satisfaction/free flight/apology. Here’s the URL for the BOD. http://www.aa.com/content/amrcorp/corporateInformation/facts/structure.jhtml

    Good Luck


  7. Please write a letter as I’ve expressed my dissatisfaction numerous times to various corporation and have always gotten a decent response.

    But more importantly, go see a doctor! That sounds like the beginnings of IBD.


  8. Thanks everyone. And thanks for that link, Mike. I will do that. I think we have given them enough time to respond and now we need to take further action. Stil: I hope I don’t have that. I’ve been better these past few days and I have an appointment with a GI at the end of the month. We’ll see what happens…


  9. Posted by Bekki Bedow on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 8:04 am

    Oh my love! I hope you are ok. Please let me know the moment you find out what it was.


  10. Mickey2,

    No need for calling names. Wacko is that what people refer to you as. Is your name Jonnie Goodwin by chance?

    For your information, I have met several pilots and FAs for AA and believe me not everyone of them really work for the airlines but they are behind the lines and at our gates.

    Don’t you find it suspicous that 3000 planes were grounded and in desperate need for maintenance? Doesn’t it strike you odd that the CEO and the other execs received big bonuses last month after that grounding? No maintenance money, but bonus money?

    Next time you convey your thoughts, please do so without calling names.


  11. Isn’t American charging $15 per first bag, $25 for the second? That would suck for a family of four.

    It used to be my favorite airlines.

    “What the hell happened to proper care of the common man and a little respect?”

    I reread this post again and it makes me angry. I will hit the weights and beat something up for you.


  12. I would like to beat Ms. Flight Bitch up. That woman, if you can even call her one, was a real number. And btw, is there an American Airlines fight above? I think AA is corrupt for sure. I wouldn’t be shocked to know there are behind the scenes dirty dealings.

    NOR: Micky means well. We all have fun names he calls us. It means he cares. 🙂

    *hoping i’ve broken the awkward moment by making it more awkward*


  13. Jenice, check out



  14. It looks like an interesting read but it’s not easy to decipher against that blue background.


  15. Posted by Susan Reid on Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    First of all, let me say that I feel really bad about the experience you had! It outs mine to shame but my family and I had a really bad experience with AA on May 11, 2008. Please see my post on complaints.com. I wrote Gerald Arpey, CEO of AA directly. He passed my letter on to their “Customer Service” department and I received an e-mail basically stating, sucks to be you. I have again written Mr. Arpey directly and am waiting “HIS” response. Now with that said, there are no phone numbers to directly call anyone at AA corporate. You can only e-mail them from their website. This says to me that customers do not count. No one wants to talk to you directly. After much internet research, I now see why the employees are disgruntled and why over a dozen have killed themselves and/or their families. It is very sad that AA just does not SEEM to care about me as a consumer and MANY, MANY others but they don’t care about the very people that make their company run unless they are upper management. I am sure Mr. Arpey and his family have wonderful flying experiences when they take their family trips. That is wonderful for them but what about the rest of us? I see here many bloggers on several sites say to write letters to AA management. I have! AA is much like the movie the Wizzard of Oz. There is no clear way to get in touch with the “Wizzard.” There are only smoke and mirrors. While at O’Hare on May 11th, I kindly asked several different AA employees for a number to contact customer service. They each handed me a pre-printed paper that said please call this 800 number with any questions. Almost like Mission Impossible, the number would self-destruct in 24 hours. This says to me that they do not want to hear my voice. After calling the number and becoming entraped by a web of voice commands, I realized that there would be no actual living person to take my call. Again, this told me, I do not matter. I am amazed that a company with this many complaints and internal problems can still be in operation. I feel truly sorry for all the AA employees even though many of them make way more an hour than I do as a school teacher. I see WHY the majority act rudely but I cannot agree that they SHOULD act that way. There are many days I want to take somneone’s head off verbally. All jobs have their stress. It is not easy dealing with parents who think their children do no wrong BUT that does NOT give me the right to act unprofessionaly. I don’t make what I feel like I should. Do you? I feel teachers are worth way more than they are paid but do I take it out on my students? Of course not! Bottom-line: I would just love to see AA go out of business. Get the fat cats at the top out on the runway at another airline doing the hard labor for a change. Justice is mine saith the Lord. AA will meet its demise. Thank you for the opportunity to express my feelings. I love your disclaimer that says: “She also wants to let you know she realizes that all her posts can either be utter shit to you or thoughtful prose. You can agree or disagree or agree to disagree.” You are awesome! Hope you are better and well! – Susan


  16. NOR;
    “Next time you convey your thoughts, please do so without calling names.”

    I call em like I see em. Is Nor your real name ?

    “Don’t you find it suspicous that 3000 planes were grounded and in desperate need for maintenance? Doesn’t it strike you odd that the CEO and the other execs received big bonuses last month after that grounding? No maintenance money, but bonus money? ”

    I hope you never fly any airline , competent or otherwise.
    Competence being a key word here would be why you deserve the name “Whacko”
    There is an outrageous amount of evidence pouring out of every investigation stemming from interigations at Gitmo all the way to out to our national intelligence that puts you conspiracy theory in the shitter.
    Please, give the intelligence of the good people on this blog some credit and respect.
    If you seriously believe that Bush or anyone could get away with murdering 3000 people and not one witness or shred of evidence come forth yet I have no reservations about calling you a fucking nut. Whacko was cordial.
    Let me guess, Bush blew up the leveees in New Orleans also, right ?

    There always more than 3000 planes grounded for maintenece. I dont find anything suspicious about that at all.


  17. on a lighter note, thanks susan for the compliment…
    as for the topic at hand, i’m always one to believe that the government is to blame for a lot of things that have gone wrong in america…like maybe more than just a little bit.


  18. Yea, but we always need to draw the distinction between intent and fuck ups.
    I’m all about the fuck ups, they’re a dime a dozen. But we have to be careful when we make accusations of intentional malice.
    Comtempt prior to investigation is the one single thing that is tearing this country apart in all areas.


  19. […] zunaechst der weg nach panama. abflug: ostersamstag … der wahrscheinlich schlechteste tag zum reisen … wir waren ziemlich knapp, aber on time als die service tussi unsere reisepaesse mitschleppt und weg ist. wir warten 20 minuten wie die doofen und verpassen dann den flug weil wir, begruendung, nicht frueh genug da waren … frechheit … naja und hier geht die eigentlich odysee los. was folgt sind 48h am flughafen, immer auf den naechsten flug warten und hoffen, dass noch ein platz frei wird. da es ja angeblich unsere schuld war, haben wir quasi gar keine Rechte und koennen nur hoffen. das problem: United Airlines hat relative alte Maschinen und so musste bei vielen Maschinen ein teil ausgewechselt werden, was zu verspaetungen, absagen, chaos gefuehrt hat. auf jeden fall never, ever again. schlussendlich haben wir auf traum-schwiegersohn gemacht und ne alternde stewardess hat uns auf die priorty list gesetzt. wir sind 2 tage spaeter als geplant angekommen, wir haben 3 mal in nem flugzeug gesessen aus dem wir wegen teschnischer probleme wieder evakuiert wurden und fuer die jeweiligen fluege wurde KEIN ersatz zur verfuegung gestellt … nee, echt, was geht?! bottom line: shini my colleague hat folgenden flug bekommen: San Francisco – LA – New York – Dallas – Panama City … 4 fluege ueber Nacht fuer ein ziel. alles klar! ach so ja: Name der Airline AMERICAN AIRLINES … ALLE leute waren so abgefuckt ueber das wochenende weil einfach alles scheisse lief, der kundenservice der letzte dreck war und naja, erst kuerzlich hab ich die geschichte hier gefunden, die mir irgendwie bekannt vorkommt: LINK. Das Problem betrifft also mehr als eine Airline … sorry, even more here: LINK , LINK . LINK […]


  20. Im sorry this had to happen to you. But why in the world did you get on a flight in the condition you were in? Being a frequent flyer (average 2 flights / month over the last 5 years), I can tell you that if you feel bad on the ground, STAY ON THE GROUND!

    The atmospheric conditions that exist while flying can cause havoc to a sick individual. Especially someone with stomach issues or sinus issues.

    Also, and this because I am a frequent flyer, please think of the other passengers. How would you feel if someone boarded a plane you were on in the condition you were in? The airline shouldn’t have to forget about the 150+ other people on the plane, just to deal with you. Especially when this was do to your actions.

    Again, my sympathies, but this wasn’t the airlines fault. It was your fault for flying in that condition.


  21. American Airlines is a terrorist airline. I will never believe that they were not involved in 9/11. How did they hijackers get box cutters taped to the seats without inside help?

    American Airlines is declining at the hands of a Nazi bastard by the name of Gerard Arpey who is publicly bankrupting this airline. He is a greedy man and definitely appears to want a corporate state run by the elite.

    Something foul happens at O’hare Airport regarding a trafikking ring. Some Chicago Police Officers are involved in the ring and that is why it is kept silent. I escaped this group, but not before being gang raped and terrorized by them. I think I am the only victim who escaped.

    Do not fly American. American Airlines pilots are criminals.


  22. Jenice,

    myspace.com/airlinegangstalkers is now fixed and readable; it also has videos. Check it out.


  23. Micky2,

    I know several congressman who would disagree with your statements about conspiracy. I know what I have been told by them and believe them over your snotty comments. Your opinion is speculation, mine is inside information and fact.

    Good luck.


  24. Mickey2,

    By the way, you are the uninformed whack job.


  25. American Airlines is simply CRAP


  26. Posted by UK FREE MAN on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 5:24 pm



  27. Gerard Arpey is a loser, his wife married him for money and his daddy gave him a job. I think there is some mental illness in the family.


  28. I know this is old, I just caught it, sorry but I wont let someone who claims to know everything but know anything berate me when all I did was offer counter arguments that they cant refute.
    “I know several congressman who would disagree with your statements about conspiracy”

    Since when is inside information considered fact ? Just like you expect me to believe you ?
    That my friend is a sign of a whack job.

    I confirmend nothing but only asked questions while you seem to think you’re the last word because you heard something from someone ?

    “I hope one day there is a full, official investigation into this airline and all is exposed. ”

    Thats right Einstien. Until there is a “FULL” investigation you’re as lost as anyone else, so shut up.

    You’re full of shit.


  29. […] search for “American Airlines sucks” came up with more than 137,000 results (including this one).When the customer service luddites don’t have the common courtesy to help my elderly mother […]


  30. I will never again fly American Airlines despite having flown with them for almost 20 years.

    I was treated despicably at LAX by the customer service agent and American Airlines then sided with her and defamed me in a letter (they’ll deal with a lawsuit I’m filing this summer).

    The government should not give any further breaks to the airlines. Let them all stop flying. I don’t care. Think about it. All of our business can be transacted now over the internet.

    Want to vacation? Fly an international airlines like Korean Air, Quantas, JAL, etc. But don’t fly these arrogant U.S airlines based out of Texas or Arkansas.

    No more, man. No more.

    I also hope and pray God dispenses judgement against the people involved with my dispute. I leave it to Him to judge.


  31. Posted by Someone Who Know on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 2:16 am

    I have met American AIrlines flight attendants and they were after nothing but money and sex. They were after every man and dick that walked their way. I litertally watched these stews have group sex with a lot a men for items. They are broken down hookers. I heard from them that Gerard Arpey’s wife Lisa was hooker before they married. Mr. Arpey you are a loser.


  32. I didn’t have any expectations concerning that name, but the longer I was amazed.

    The writer did a great job. I spent a couple of minutes studying and checking the facts.
    Everything is crystal clear and understandable.
    I enjoy posts that fill in your knowledge gaps.

    This one is of that sort. Moreover, I enjoy how the author organized his ideas in addition to the visual part.


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