Tired of politics…

As you can see from my latest posts, I’m not really going into the latest in political coverage. Why? Because it’s just more of the same. Not about the issues. Not about what we are going to do in Iraq. Not about the condition of our current economy. It’s about who said what. Who insulted what small town. I am just tired of all of the banter and you know the two I mean. Seems like McCain has it the easiest. He could say almost anything and the media  won’t bother to cover it.

I just have not been inspired. Besides the whirlwind that is my life lately, I just haven’t mustered enough strength to come at you guys with my latest political rant. I’m just deflated. Just damn tired and mostly disappointed. I may be a part of the media, but I can safely say they are failing you as well as the likes of me. I feel like ranting about what matters in my life. And getting it all out in the open. I feel like giving the president and the presidential candidates the finger. I feel like burning this cubicle I’m sitting in and charging a ticket to Cancun for two weeks.

Today’s political climate can kiss me where the sun should shine — right there in the middle of the sea of sand I want to bask topless in.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Candidates will display their viabilioty and qualifications one way or another.
    If this is how these two are going to conduct themselves in an election its a good example of the mindset that will ensue while in office.
    Will they be more worried about what others are thinking, or the issues ?
    Will they be more likely to play the blame game or accept responsability and move forward ?
    Take joy in the fact that these idiots are getting exposed now instead having to find out the hard way when you’re wearing a burkha or eating beans out of the can.
    America needs to accept responsabilty for this also. We have become too complacent and not demaded enough of our leaders no matter what your political leaning is. Its been a dismal year when it comes too choices , but we allowed it to happen.
    We should be inspired by the fact that we still have a system we can work within to change the status quo. But if we expect anyone else to bail us out this clusterfuck and rearrange this for us we will slip into a victim mentallity and end up accepting this as par for the course


  2. But what do we do? I don’t thing victim mentality would always be the result, do you? And do you think we will really just sit back and accept things as they are? Well. I guess I can’t talk since I’m so numb to our situation these days.


  3. No, I was saying its our fault because we did sit back. And especially now with all these people feeling so helpless they’re about to sit back somemore. If we accept the status quo we will feel like victims of that status. And if we accept it too often we get complacent with that emotion.
    In two years we will be electing a different congress. For dems they cant help but end up with a better one. For cons they might get back a majority.
    And when the next presidential election takes place its our duty to embrace our freedoms and rights and not let ourselves get stuck with this clusterfuck again.
    I think the blame on the left sits with them getting all pie eyed about having a black man or a woman up front and now those attributes are beggining to prove that they dont matter and they’re all standing around going “what happened ?
    The Dems had some really good candidates but just kept hanging on the great idea of either a black man or a woman being in office. The excitement of diversity cused them to lose sight of more important issues.
    But you have to take joy in the fact that you live in America and you do have the means to change this. But we have to make better choices, and make them loud and clear.
    We all sat by and just let this dog and pony show take our dignity


  4. Well, I liked Giuliani and I’m not sure why he was so passive towards the end. Disappointing, really.

    But I understand what you’re saying. Listen, Micks, I think Hillary would make a very capable leader. It’s just that I dislike taxes.


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