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Tired of politics…

As you can see from my latest posts, I’m not really going into the latest in political coverage. Why? Because it’s just more of the same. Not about the issues. Not about what we are going to do in Iraq. Not about the condition of our current economy. It’s about who said what. Who insulted what small town. I am just tired of all of the banter and you know the two I mean. Seems like McCain has it the easiest. He could say almost anything and the media  won’t bother to cover it.

I just have not been inspired. Besides the whirlwind that is my life lately, I just haven’t mustered enough strength to come at you guys with my latest political rant. I’m just deflated. Just damn tired and mostly disappointed. I may be a part of the media, but I can safely say they are failing you as well as the likes of me. I feel like ranting about what matters in my life. And getting it all out in the open. I feel like giving the president and the presidential candidates the finger. I feel like burning this cubicle I’m sitting in and charging a ticket to Cancun for two weeks.

Today’s political climate can kiss me where the sun should shine — right there in the middle of the sea of sand I want to bask topless in.