So this is what it feels like to give up…

Being poor sucks. But what sucks more than being poor is when your expectations are squashed because of it. As you have been reading I was looking to buy a home. I will candidly confess that one of the major incentives (and almost the main reason) was because I was going to receive $10,000 of an 8-year forgivable loan from the city of Dallas. As of this week, right in the middle of my offer to the townhome I wanted to buy, they pull the funding for homes not in their network. Meaning that if I want to seek their assistance, I have to look into the properties on their list.

I am a girl of a certain taste. Does that make me high-maintenance? I could give a shit less. What it makes me is a girl who will not compromise. I want the option to pick where I want to live and the home I want to live in for the next 10 or so years. So what does this mean? It means I stay put, bitter in the rent race and clutching the Tuaca I said I was going to give up.

 I’m still in the middle of the offer but I doubt the owner, though a great guy, will want to accept it because it will be about $10,000 less than asking price. The blessing in all of this is that I will no longer be anchored. And maybe I’ll search out Alaska again one day.


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  1. Posted by Nectarfizz on Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    I’m sorry love.


  2. Sorry to hear that.


  3. Jenice, don’t give up. You haven’t heard back from him on that offer, right? Regardless, I’m sorry to hear of your home hunting woes.


  4. thanks everyone. i should know more soon because there may still may be hope…but i doubt it.


  5. Getting into the market will be a big plus in boosting your credit in order to buy better properties down the road.
    Yea, you’ll have to make a sacrifice in the beggining but the idea is to get started.
    My sister started small and in the last 15 years has taken equity from little a cracker box and progressively turned it onto bigger and better properties. Shes turned 4 times in 15 years and now lives in a mansion on the beach that used to belong to a Bobs Big boy exec and her payments are only slightly bigger than they were 15 years ago.
    Hang in there girl.
    Theres an upside to being a single homeowner, its all yours.
    If you were married with two incomes that would make it easier to get in, but if worse comes to worse its not all yours.


  6. Not to be nosy but have you heard anything back yet?


  7. Well as of right now, without the funding, I don’t want to risk it until my review at work at the end of the month. My realtor contacted me saying he had a few lenders that could help me and that the owner is willing to work with me. But I can’t help thinking this was a sign that I needed to get things in order first. Just have to see what happens…


  8. […] I’ve made some adult strides in this refreshing, beverage-themed cliche. I got over my commitment issues with 401K (don’t ask and yes I’m silly to only NOW start one up at a company I’ve worked for nearly three years but that’s another story). And as of tomorrow I should be closing on a new home. Well not new. New to me anyway. I know several posts back reflected my giving it all up but somehow the fates have let me try again. Hopefully this time I will get the keys…more on that later, but if you are curious about what happened last time, read this from my other blog. […]


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