“Wright” and wrong

I just didn’t want to do this. Not another post about race. Feel free to peruse past posts here where I have spoken out against how race shouldn’t matter in the scheme of things. But here we are again, and this time in regards to presidential hopeful Barak Obama. Surprise, surprise.

The remarks of Sen. Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright are not only embarrassing but have set us back quite a pace. Stating that blacks should “damn” America instead of bless it is not only presumptuous but it’s a self-indulgent statement. How can he speak for me as a black American? Scratch that. An American. I know that in the times not too far from my own, I would not be sitting here, writing this to you all, living the life that I live today. We have our issues of race, unfortunately, but we are still leaps and bounds beyond where we were.

But maybe I’m wrong. If race was no longer the issue it was centuries ago, why are we even here now? Here RIGHT now with a half-black man who may very well be president. Everything that has surrounded this candidate has been shrouded in a cloak of racial separation. Is he black enough? Is he too black? I want to believe we are in an America that we can look pass all of this but obviously we aren’t. On all sides — whether it be the Pastor Wrights in the world or the David Dukes.

I am not saying that Obama didn’t have to speak up for his stance on his pastor’s words. They were sorely off track and because everyone became aware of this pastor’s thoughts, Obama HAD to discuss it. However, I think the reason this has become such a grand deal is because of Obama’s ethnicity. No. Half of it. I don’t think Mitt Romney had to face this kind of attack when he was questioned on being a Mormon. Not exactly the same comparison given Pastor Wright’s remarks, but if we are going to make the connection of what happens in a person’s place of worship, we should be looking at everyone’s place of faith. Not just the select few.

Religious leaders say a slough of things we don’t usually agree with — every week. Right now there is probably someone’s priest molesting a child, somene’s reverend having an affair, someone’s pastor saying something ignorant. Oh yea. That already happened…

Let’s start worrying about who is going to pull us out of this war.

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  1. Watch closely on how they play this game. Blacks and whites are being played for suckers in this country. Wake up to it — it’s not the white man who’s the problem for America. We all need to figure this out and SOON!


  2. What a joke this guy above me is. He is spreading hatred. How nice.


  3. The question that came to mind was that if after 20 years Obama cant identify this guy Wright for what he is , how will he be able to identify an enemy or his motives ?
    How is he going to be able to sit down with any one of our less than friendly nations and be able to pick up on ulterior motives or deceptive signs if he cant figure out Wright in 20 years ?
    Hes stuck between stupidty and deception here.
    If Obama tries to get us to believe that in 20 years he was never hip to his preachers anti American sentiments, he is being less than honest.
    If he admits that he truly didnt pick up on this hateful mans feelings, he risks looking like an idiot.

    This is what James Cone the first person to create a systematic Black theology whom Pastor Wright looks up to and idolizes and is his mentor has to say:

    “Black theology refuses to accept a god who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If god is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community.
    Black theology will accept only the love of god which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in black power. Which is the of black people to destroy their oppresors here and now by any means at their disposal
    Unless god is participating in this holy activity we must reject his love.”


  4. Micky. I get what you are saying, but this is an election. And he can’t very well admit to things he may have if he wasn’t running. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s politics — literally. I don’t think that Obama is a hate monger and I think in his private life probably saw Wright’s words as some left over “black power” movement. But to hate white people, is to hate himself. And he doesn’t strike me as a self-deprecating character. Again. I’m not defending Wright’s words. What he says and the David Dukes of the world ruin us as a nation. As humans. But look into every damn person’s past or guidance and you will see dirt. And I mean messy, sticky, defecating stench.
    And I doubt that a man of his mind would not know who to pick out as an ememy. Now is he the right choice for the role of president? You know I’m not solid on that idea.


  5. Well like I said, hes either and idiot or a liar.
    To say he wasnt hip to his preachers standings reveals ignorance.
    To try and justify it is disengenuous since he already un invited him to a function not too long ago.
    Theres definatly a disconnect here.
    ” I was not in the pews when these statements were made”
    You mean to tell me that in twenty years he could of seen a hint of this Pastors anti white sentiments ?
    I dont think hes a hateful person either. But I do believe he sympathizes in a certain directions and I really dont see him embracing his white half in his choices. His wife, his church, those he surrounds himself with.
    Looking into ones past when running for preseident is not only expected, its right. And yea, you will find dirt on just about anyone. God knows I know.
    But 20 years ! Of not realizing this mans feelings ! Thats not just some small episode in the mans life, that huge.
    If Obama should get elected do we really want guys like Wright and James Cone influincing or having access to our president ?


  6. Jenice.
    This is a subject that you are not going to transform people on. People believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. And even facts can be misconstrued to reflect your beliefs. I think Obama is the greatest leader in our lifetime (34 years of voting Republican) and anyone that speaks out against him does so because they have an axe to grind. His speech on Tuesday may go down as one of the greatest political speeches of all time.


  7. Posted by incogman on Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 9:58 am

    What a joke this guy above me is. He is spreading hatred. How nice.

    Yeah, anyone you disagree with, out comes the “hater” bull. White Americans are sick and tired of your crime rates, your violence towards whites and your continued “victimhood” games and drivel.

    Go ahead and make light of it, black chick — you’ll soon have lots to cry the blues about but this time for real.


  8. Whatever icogman. You don’t really know me one bit. And you have no idea who I am. And who ever said I saw myself as a victim? I stand on my own two feet. I’m not on welfare. I have a career. You are categorizing. You see me as violent against whites? You REALLY don’t know me. Plus, unlike you, I’m not hiding behind an avatar and a moniker.


  9. Plus who said I didn’t agree with you? I haven’t even read all of your posts to say I don’t agree with what you have said. I just don’t think you really needed to come at it with hatred. I read a few of your posts and don’t agree with the approach. There are other ways, icogman. Do your thing. I don’t censor anything here. Say whatever the hell you want.


  10. Grand view:
    “People believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts.”

    But facts are still facts, and beliefs are beliefs.
    The two are completely different things.
    The facts are that he has been going to a church for 20 years under the leardership of a man who said some nasty horrible things.
    Their is no ambiguity or nuances in his rhetoric that could leave his words up to interpretation due to beliefs.
    What we have all heard is in its proper context is and is all for sale on DVDs on Trinities website.
    His speech was no gretaer than this post of mine.
    His speech was plain and simple damage control.
    This church is Obamas only real tie to middle black America.
    So he cant totally toss the church and its pastor as much as I think he would like too. It would severe his ties to the average black man. he ahs grown up an elitest and has no way been able to relate to the suffering of the average black man.
    I lived a mile from Punohou school here in Hawaii for 16 years and went there for summer school 3 summers in a row. Obama wasnt hurting for anything, trust me.

    Oh and by the way, INCOGMAN
    Go fuck yourself.


  11. I cant get this fuckhead INCOGMAN out of my mind.
    Where did this piece of shit popcorn fart his way in from ?

    You generalize Jenice into a group of people that clearly do exist, but she has nothing to do with. And you know little if nothing about the woman.
    Some are held back due to racism and some just want a meal ticket, no doubt. But you have no right to slap that meal ticket label on anyone you dont know.
    If I were some minority with a mind as small as yours I would assume because of your mouth that all white people are prejudgemental contemptuous racist pigs.


  12. Micky. I understand your point…I just don’t entirely agree, though I do feel that Obama should just fess up to knowing what kind of pastor this guy was. But, you may also be correct, that would only mess up his connecton to the “average” black man. However, is the average black man a bigot? I would hope not.
    Grand, you were part of why I was swaying to the Obama side. Republicans voting for Obama is an interesting trend to me. But will admit that McCain is looking better and better for me. Who knows who I will vote for come November.
    And as for incogman, I’m done with that mess. I went back over to his site and I feel dirty. I’ve decided, the minute he has a point I can kind of find an ounce of agreement (a very tiny ounce), he ruins it with hatred and racist banter. He really just loses me entirely to even get past any more posts to form a more “in-depth” decision on his views. I think you can make sense of the world in a number of ways. And that, my friend, isn’t one of them.
    Thanks, as always, Micky. I keep getting jumped…Oh well, keeps me on my toes.


  13. Posted by incogman on Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    I just don’t think you really needed to come at it with hatred. I read a few of your posts and don’t agree with the approach. There are other ways, icogman. Do your thing. I don’t censor anything here. Say whatever the hell you want.

    And I will too. You should read my latest two posts to see where I’m coming from. After that, you’re on your own.
    First one is on the Rev Wright and Obama biz:


    Second is about whites and blacks being in the same boat with an eagle for the main art. You might have a hard time with that one, since I talk about black crime and I can tell your sensitive about your black bros behavior. Hell, I would be too.

    Yeah, I’m a white SOB, I fully admit so. But I actually think the real problems are not blacks. Just check it.



  14. Gosh Jenice, I hope you know I dont think either Obama or the average black man is a bigot. But we all have our preferences.


  15. Nah. Just making a point that even if you listen to a sermon like that one, or even believe in most things your pastor says, doesn’t mean you agree with all of it or even feel comfy in the same room with it all the time. And I feel the pastor is a racist. Though many of his congregation probably isnt. Igogman. I’ll give it a go. But I’m sure we will never see eye to eye. That’s the world.


  16. Yea well, I havnt been inside a church in 30 years unless it was to donate food.
    I dont do mass religion, its never organized as its often referd to.


  17. Posted by incogman on Friday, March 21, 2008 at 12:00 am


    I cant get this fuckhead INCOGMAN out of my mind.
    Where did this piece of shit popcorn fart his way in from ?

    I know. I have that effect, anymore. Hey! Got a great new post that reveals the BS about what they are doing to your bud, Obama. It’s getting a lot of traffic. People are too scared to say anything. I guess it’s too much to think about all at once for little Obama heads.

    You can feel free to cuss me out there. I just want the Obama Zombies to find out the real deal happening to their butts too.

    OK Mickey2. Bye. Love ya. Call me.



  18. Incogman.
    I went to your site and did some reading.
    I wont grace that piece of shit you calla blog with my comments. I dont want my name seen there.
    Its not so much your political views, some of which are spot on.
    Its your reflections on anyone is not like you.
    I’m a white 50 year old married American who migrated here from Denmark when I was 3.
    I’ve been all over this country and a good part of the world.
    You may be dynamic in your writing skills. But its clear to me that you are a one dimensional thinker.
    These are the kind of people who cannot deal with any versatility in their minds. Their minds cannot distribute and sort out more than two or three things in their minds at once. This is why you have this need to break everything down into two factions. White = good Anything not white= bad. For guys like you this lesds to a more peaceful existance since you dont have to actually do the brain work of reckognizing the many different verasatilities and complex bleds of characters and people we have in our society.
    Your the guy that goes to 31 flavors and his head gets all clusterfucked because you cant handle the choices so you just go with vanilla. And talk shit about the rest. Simply because its too much work for your little mind to concieve how when or why these flavors exist. So you just put them all in one basket and call it that.
    Anr the fucking cherry that you put ontop of this is that you generalize people you dont even know into a personal level with personal attack.
    All the things you compain about and the flaws you connect to every race in your diatribes can be linked to any human of any breed.
    But you have this ability driven by ignorance to slap a color or ethnic label to each flaw you percieve as charcteristic of that race. Human beings are subject to and creatures of their surroundings.
    So when I hear a guy like you always using racial, ethnic or religious labels to describe people I realize how truly fucked up and ignorant you are.
    And its always done in a demeaning and angry hateful manner, such as the way Reverend Wright deleverd some of the things he said.


  19. Happy Easter Jenice.
    Want a good recipe for rabbit ?


  20. Posted by incogman on Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Hey mickey mouse 2:

    I dig butter-pecan ice cream. I dig banana splits. So does that make me a diversified SOB or what?

    You cannot deign for any white people who promote or stick up for other white people. The experience I’ve had with people like you, are that you have some kind of father figure issue, like your daddy didn’t come to your english riding show, or your cotellion, or whatever, and since then you hate white men in general.

    So solly.


  21. Incogman,
    You’re actually quite wrong simply by association with ignorance.
    I dont hate anyone based on color. I was adopted by a Jew you shmuck. And he never once pushed his faith on me and was a good and decent man who allowed me to venture to the spirituality of my choice.
    I have read your blog and have held my tongue up till this point.
    You are a racist, anti semite piece of shit who makes no other points of issue besides hatred.
    I am also not one for entitlements but believe that every man was given what it takes to succeed.
    I am a self sufficient individualist. I am a rabid conservative hawk.
    As far as the experiences you speak of they sound quite limited due tothe simplified thought process you suffer from which I have already mentioned.
    And from my experiences a with all people of all races and creeds you sound like you used to getcherasskicked by everyone while you were growing up. From the sounds of things you are probably being treated the same way now.
    It is not for the whole world to recieve your message or understand you , but it is for you to understand the world.
    This is what makes a man.
    If you are to expect everyone to understand you , you will surely drive yourself insane, which seems well in progress at this point.
    You have widdled yourself down to a nothingness of hate and anger.

    “I dig butter-pecan ice cream. I dig banana splits. So does that make me a diversified SOB or what?”

    I have been a professional chef for decades now in all fields of culinary arts and restaurant management.
    Your taste in ice cream is predictable and boring. And you are depriving yourself of a array of flavors that I’m afraid you may never get to experience.
    But then again, I’m not a pity monger either, so ask me if I give a fuck


  22. Incogman;
    ” know. I have that effect, anymore. Hey! Got a great new post that reveals the BS about what they are doing to your bud, Obama. It’s getting a lot of traffic. People are too scared to say anything. I guess it’s too much to think about all at once for little Obama heads.

    My bud?
    And I have no idea why you think I support or even like Obama.
    Try reading a little closer next time.
    I clearly stated my reasons to jenice wht I dont think Obama is a good choice.


  23. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 9:24 am

    What you think I was talking to you? Oh yes, the world revolves around you, alright.

    And my taste in ice cream is just fine. So I have to eat some kind of exotic dessert now, just to prove how “worldly” I am? Those that make such a fuss about stupid stuff are usually the ones trying to say: “Look at me everybody — I’m so cool and different that I eat X ice cream!”

    I can tell that one about you since you rattle on about your expertise in the field — so you just have to be the expert on the subject!

    Just like your “logic” you put forth on all the rest. “I was raised by a wise and concerned Jewish person. So that makes everything you say nonsense.” Hey everybody! If this is how ME, the center of the known Universe, turned out, then you better believe everything that I, THE WONDROUS CHEF and EXOTIC ICE CREAM PIONEER THINKS, then it has to be fact!

    Funny. Thanks for the laugh, Mickey Mouse.


  24. incogman;
    “What you think I was talking to you? Oh yes, the world revolves around you, alright.’

    Yea you were ASSHOLE.
    You even quoted me , cut and pasted it and responded to it about with reference to your blog.
    Scroll up you fuckin moron. #17

    “And my taste in ice cream is just fine. So I have to eat some kind of exotic dessert now, just to prove how “worldly” I am?”

    No, you just try fucking something besides your hand.

    ” “Look at me everybody — I’m so cool and different that I eat X ice cream!”

    Ya see, you do have a small mind.
    You already lost the point that the ice cream thing was an anology refering to people.
    I’ve given more people the benefit of the doubt than you have asshole, thats the point. Or would you like me to tell in lengthy description of how openeing ones choices not only makes life interesting but aso helps to clear hurdles of contempt ?

    ” I, THE WONDROUS CHEF and EXOTIC ICE CREAM PIONEER THINKS, then it has to be fact!

    You have proven your hypocrisy in this statement. Because I never said it must be fact. But that your taste is simple.
    As I read your blog I quickly realized that you are begging everyone to believe that your rational towards anyone who is not white should be justified by the accusation you fly against them as fact.
    You are trying to convince the world that it is a fact that your way of thinking is superior because you are simply fucking white. That my man is about as imaginative and mind expanding and creative an experience as the struggle you endured coming up with the name ” micky mouse”
    Man you’re a fucking genious!
    I’m crushed ! No one has ever called me that before !
    I’m come on dude !
    With all the name calling you do I’m shocked that you couldnt at least come up ;
    “Mick the prick ” or ” Sticky Micky”, or “Micky you’re so fine , you’re so fine you blow my mind”
    I was right.
    You are a small minded infantile name calling child.
    I can see calling someone a name in the heat of anger.
    But you do it constantly as if its some kind of confirmation of your intellectual prowese. Or adds to your point.
    I do alot of debate at other blogs.
    And I come after looney extreme liberals mostly.
    But we have an agreement that when personal name calling takes a place in the debate you have compromised your ability to have a constructive conversation.
    But hey ! Dont get me wrong !
    I have intentionally come out and called people the fucking piss of the earth on purpose just to end the debate only because any further attempt at logic is clearly impossible.
    You remind me of this little teenage bitch moonbat who still had bubble gum stuck to her braces and never sucked a dick ( never mind been pregnant) that was trying to tell me how to raise my children.
    So I guess with that , it wouldnt only be appropriate for you to grow up and go blow somebody.
    And no cogman, you cannot get pregnent taking it up the ass. Unless in you case you would take a shit and probably put that turd over your shoulder and try to burp it.
    You truly are one of the dumbest fucks i’ve ever met.


  25. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    You are a small minded infantile name calling child.

    Hilarious! lol

    Here you call me a fuckhead to start all this up to begin with and now you are saying something like this?

    You remind me of this little teenage bitch moonbat who still had bubble gum stuck to her braces and never sucked a dick ( never mind been pregnant) that was trying to tell me how to raise my children.

    Remembering your lovely past?

    Sounds to me like you’re teaching your kids how to suck major dick right now! And they will too, eventually, with parents like you rolling over and taking it up the rear from the same people who’ve brainwashed you since even beofre your bubble-gum days.

    No, not only are you one of the dumbest fucks out there brain-wise — but you’re a spineless little worm who can’t see JACK about what’s up.



  26. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Oh yeah, forgot to call you Mickey Mouse again. Us unimaginative are just so repetitative!

    Call me?


  27. Posted by MisstressM on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    Hello your hottness. Here is the issue. Most importantly I dont know politics so i ignore it. But I am no white girl I am not black, brown, or purple either. But I get it. People are just closed minded and dumb. Instead of looking at me and seeing me as the woman I am, people look at me and say, “You are not white. What are you?”

    Who cares! Listend to what I have to say, and not how dark my hair is, what shade of olive my skin tone is, or where possibly my accent originated from.

    I honestly dont think that the issue of race is ever going to go away. Unless we all were carbon copies of one another. But what fun is that!


  28. Guys. Let’s stop right here. Here’s something you have to realize, Mr. I, I allow everyone and anyone here. But let’s stop with this bashing of my bud Micky. Mainly because at least he stands up and admits to everything he says. He stands behind everything he says. You my friend are a racist so just say you are and be done. I still don’t censor here so whatever you want to say, say it but know that I’m very partial to my regular readers….and friends.


  29. BTW, I had a lovely Easter, Micky. Hope yours was nice and Misstress, nice to hear from you.


  30. Yea fuckhead.
    I sat by idoly for a number of comments and watched you bash a good woman.
    I was not the one casting deragatory stereotypes on everyone.
    the moonbat bitch comment was an intentional statement , meant only to make my point that rational discourse with you is impossible.
    God your thick.
    You dont even know when you are being made an example of.
    We could on and on with retaliatory statements and name calling. That was the point.
    You fucking idiot.
    As far as seeing whats up goes.
    Having your head up your ass should make that easy for you


  31. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    I’m a pro-white Racialist. Not a racist. I support my people and will not apologize nor equivocate about that regardless of PC thinking. I do not hate nor consider being white people to be more superior simply because of skin color.

    And knowing everything I know about my life and the different people I work with and am friends with, makes me very comfortable about my position and I do not need to advertise my accomplishments, in any way, to make my points.

    And get Micky Mouse’s response to your attempt to bring peace to all this:

    “Yea fuckhead.””God your thick.””You fucking idiot.””Having your head up your ass should make that easy for you”

    What’s that tell you?

    This person’s virtriolic spittle, in the place of sound discourse, is readily apparent to all. And you know why? Because this person cannot debate on the real facts and truths. He knows this deep down and it enrages him to his core.

    Right and truth infuses what I say. And it’s easy because of that. I just hope Mickey Mouse keeps plenty of kleenex around to wipe the spittle off his monitor.


  32. I do not debate with those who consistantly use etnicity as a reason for ones purpose. Be it crime or otherwise.
    you are a racist because your premise on everything is race.
    Any fool can look at your blog and see that it is you who has cornered the market on kleenex. You cheery pick only the crimes you need to reinforce your vision of perceived defects in a certain people.
    You may fool some peole with your approach and semantics.
    But its the one dimensional thinker who thinks he is actually getting away with this.
    You are a classic example of racisism in sublime arrogant context.

    You seem to forget or never make a point of white on white crime by such people as Hitler, Stalin, corrupt corporate white America, rebelious skin heads and centuries old european wars.
    You even had the nerve to use David Duke as a reinforcing reference to your disaggrement with our civil liberties. Saying that it has ” cost lives”
    And last but not least the hundreds of thousands of black slaves who died at the hands with those of your logic.

    I will let you have the last word, because as much as I dislike you I know that need that kind of thing and without the last word you might off yourself. And I am of the mind that every life is worth saving, no matter how insignificant it may seem.


  33. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    David Duke is a geniune American Patriot. Say what you want about me.

    I cherry pick nothing. It’s the Multicultural politics that constantly brings up the dragging death of Jaspar Texas nine years ago or the 4 little girls in Alabama killed by bomb, day in and day out, but absolutely never breathes a word when whites are violently assaulted. Like the Knoxville torture deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

    And you mention Stalin? Stalin and Communism were both born from the Jewish mother. 15 to 25 million (admitted by the Soviets) white gentiles died in the Ukranian Holocaust at the hands of the Jews. Even the Jews admit that the NKVD was 80% Jewish. See my post about Stalin for links to Jewish sources and Alexander Solzenitzen about the Jewish involvement.

    Funny how no one hears much about it, but is ceaselessly bombarded about Hitler and “The Final Solution.”

    And I’m the one who has to worry about Civil Liberties, my friend. Look at the PC environment and our government these days. I’m on the outside and hated just for taliking about it. You’re don’t have anything to worry about. At least not yet.

    I guess I should take the moment and thank you for not calling me another vile name. And I was so getting used to it!


  34. You still fail to address white on white crime rates anfd our ugly slavery era which historically out does what your bitching about by no small comparison whatsoever.
    I just did a debate with a professional historian on the patriot act and it has come to surface that we have far more civil liberties than we have ever had in the history of our country.
    You guys love to bitch about it ” Oooh, my civil rights, Ooh ‘
    But no one has ever been able to show me a loss of them anywhere yet. With, excuse me, the exception of smoking bans.
    And if you noticed, I dont do PCI , I speak from ther hip, but at a level some deserve or need to understand that what they are saying deserves only that response.
    If it is a racist diatribe, which is meaningless to me. I will answer in vulgarities, which is equally meaningless.
    By now(it took long enough) you have realized that the name calling was an excercise as to see how long it woiuld take you to realize you were being played and baited only to express your limited mentallity.
    As far as issues go , facts and history are against you.
    Recent american history would be the only thing you have come close to being correct on.
    But if you have done anything , it has been to become the poster child for why we still have a racial divide in this country. for its those like you who will never ever let it go.
    You dont have that kind of will.
    You are a sick and insecure man.
    Now, to keep my word I will offer the last word as I did before. Sorry I let you down the first time.
    Will you write an article now about how white conservatives who defend decency cant be trusted ?


  35. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    White on white crimes? All populations are going to have a criminal element. No matter what the race.

    I’m talking about the lies that people put out there that all us whites are constantly attacking blacks when it’s all lies. Like Angela Davis so that porportionally whites rape black women more then black men rape white women. Total lies.

    In 2005 they were over 100 rapes of white women PER DAY and somewhere statistically 0-10 black women raped by white men PER YEAR. Go to my blog and see the post on rape.

    West Virginia has 4% black population but 40% of the state’s Prison population is black. 90% of all interracial crime is black on white.

    Over 90% of negro rapists are between the ages of 15 and 35, which comprises no more than half the total negro male cohort. Then, among that age group, about a third are in jail. This leaves us with approximately TWO PERCENT of the population committing about HALF of all rapes! The same TWO PERCENT commit about half of all murders, and about half of all assaults and robberies.

    Patriot act you say? You seem to forget about Bush’s presidential directive that gives him the authority to declare Habeas Corpus null and void for up to 6 months. Or the bill HR-1955 or S-1959 that seeks to create “committees” to decide who might be “Idealogically prone to terrorism” in the US. And seeks to give the Zionist Chertoff the right to oversee the program.

    And you’re the one with the name calling and spittle, bub.

    And if you knew anything about history you would know that 600,000 white men died over the subject 145 years or so ago and whites are sick and tired off having to listen about slavery 24/7 for what? Forever now?

    Or, if you knew any real history, the fact that Jews were heavily involved in the Triangle run, owning and manning the slave ships and Slave market in the biggest Jew city in North America, Savannah. Also, that the very first Jew Synagogue in Newport RI was financed by a Portugeuse Marrano Jew who profited greatly from his slavery. Or that Auschwitz Poland, ironically enough, was the center for Jew white slavery in the middle ages. Or that Ukranian women are suckered to Tel Aviv, Israel and turned into whores for Jews.

    Shall I go on?

    Or do you just want to insult me more with the barest of truths and PC mumbo-jumbo?

    You cannot even read and address one of my posts at my blog, and then you have the nerve to call me insecure?



  36. Posted by incogman on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    I meant to say the over 100 white women raped per day was by BLACK MEN or I should more accurately say sexually assaulted. And this versus 0-10 black women by white men (in statistical DOJ 2005 figures).

    Go to my blog. I have links to DOJ reports and reports like the PEW center. You do know who they are, right?



  37. Incogman:
    “Patriot act you say? You seem to forget about Bush’s presidential directive that gives him the authority to declare Habeas Corpus null and void for up to 6 months. Or the bill HR-1955 or S-1959 that seeks to create “committees” to decide who might be “Idealogically prone to terrorism” in the US. And seeks to give the Zionist Chertoff the right to oversee the program.”

    Only because you ask with a question mark will I indulge you.
    On June 11, 2007, a federal appeals court ruled that Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a legal resident of the United States, could not be detained indefinitely without charge. In a two-to-one ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court held the President of the United States lacks legal authority to detain al-Marri without charge; all three judges ruled that al-Marri is entitled to traditional habeas corpus protections which give him the right to challenge his detainment in a U.S. Court. This was due in part to a lack of due process as per described in the act.
    Ant other case that has challenged the absence of habeas corpus has lost, Each case was tried on its own merits per Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA), a bill that would suspend habeas corpus for any person determined to be an “unlawful enemy combatant” engaged in hostilities or having supported hostilities against the United States by a vote of 65–34. (This was the result on the bill to approve the military trials for detainees; an amendment to remove the suspension of habeas corpus failed 48–51.) President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law on October 17, 2006. The declaration of a person as an “unlawful enemy combatant” is at the discretion of the US executive branch of the administration, and there is no right of appeal, with the result that this potentially suspends habeas corpus for any resident, citizen or non-citizen, of the USA.’
    Civil liberties in Ameriaca have risen and declined depending on our position in conflict and existring foreign policy and theatres.

    Detention without charge is exactly what international law requires. Why, after 4 years of this war do you not know this? This is what gives the patriot act its balls, so to say.
    And release of detainees is not required untill hotilities are deemed ceased.
    So as much as you choose to complain , other than the one case I mentioned you are not able to give me an example of anyone who has lost any rights, and challenged for them as assumed lost in court and won or lost ?

    It is painfully clear that you have never read the Patriot Act and if you did do not understand that using filters on overseas phone calls, funding terrorists and sharing info between various law enforcement offices are not things enshrined in the Constitution as proctected. There is no Direct surveillence in the Act without FISA. How is strengthening our ability to detect terrorism a victory for the enemy unless Incogman believes we are the enemy or that our percieved loss of rights is to the enemies credit ? In the numerous long winded arguments not once are you able ever list a right that had been taken away. Sure there has been some stuff made up about due process, but that isn’t in the act so I am ignoring it.

    Incogman does not address these facts, he spews the same silly ass double speak on rights without addressing the activities employed in the Act, eg a technological filter to find patterns. If such patterns are found a judge must issue the feds a court order to allow them to do actual surveillence. So how does that remove due process from the equation? Answer , it doesn’t.


  38. Holy crap, did you really say NEGRO on MY blog? At this point you are just testing me, I. Black will do just fine, sir.


  39. And I have to say that reading all of this I am aware that I’m too content, which I have never admitted to, to actually give a crap about trying to be angry at the stats Icogman is spewing. Mainly because stats are ALWAYS skewed to make one side look AWFUL. I am not saying BLACK men do not commit rape, but white men rape white women daily. Find stats on that. I won’t get into the people I’ve known in my life. Let’s just say a black man didn’t come up in the horrid conversation. Just try to look at everything, Icog. That’s all. Just try to put yourself in my shoes. Or in the shoes of those who don’t have the advantages YOU may have. I’m not dismissing horrible behavior, but I’m not sitting here saying something like, “Oh the man keeps holding me back” when I know damn well I am the keeper of my life. Me and whatever higher power there is above me. Just like I’m not doing that, you shouldn’t say, “Oh the black man is the reason there is so much bad in the world” (paraphrasing of course.)


  40. Posted by incogman on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 8:50 am

    Put yourself in my shoes just for a second:

    I just do NOT like the PC people coming down on MY RACE when the opposite is true. Is that so bad?

    Go to my blog and look at the post “What You Don’t Know May Get You Raped”

    I have a link to a DOJ PDF for 2005. Table 42 breaks it down to whites getting raped by blacks, etc. etc. You can do your own math.

    But it must be remembered that Hispanic perps are added in to the white group, this needs to be well understood. I know they do this from personal experience and have researched the matter in other states. You can ask your State Police about their data uploaded to DOJ. This is where they ask them to do this. Be insistant on the sep between perps and victims and if Hispanic data is merged with whites for the DOJ.

    Look, Jenice: I’m not trying to come down on blacks in general. Sure, black men do commit crimes far in excess than their pop numbers. But blacks and whites are being poisoned mentally in today’s society.

    The real deal when you get down to brass tacks is BOTH whites and blacks are being manipulated and jerked around by the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists. Also, white Globalists too who consider all of us to be their slaves. No question in my mind.

    We’re both being screwed around with in the head. That’s pretty much the gist of what I’m saying on my blog.

    Yeah, I get testy about black crimes committed on my fellow whites and I go off half-cocked about it.

    Now, the Globalist Zionist has been doing this shit for decades now. Go to my blog page “Videos II” under pages at the top and watch some short videos on POLITICAL CORRECT HISTORY, to see who these people are and how they did it.

    Blacks need to understand all this shit too. Some blacks already do and they think the white liberals are stupid. Just like I do. Some black commented on my site, agreeing with me and mentioned a book “Redneck Manifesto” By some guy named Goad who talks about all this. I haven’t read it.

    Hell, think about this: If blacks and whites came together against these people they would have a shit. They’ve been playing us against ourselves!

    Always have been. The guy above just irks me since he seems to be a self-hating white liberal who’s looking for anything to justify the beliefs his held for so long. He just cannot reevaluate things.



  41. “The guy above just irks me since he seems to be a self-hating white liberal who’s looking for anything to justify the beliefs his held for so long. He just cannot reevaluate things.”

    Since I was old enough to vote I was liberal 60s hippie “hate the establisment” type.
    In light of sobering up after 30 years of rampaging addictions abd alcoholism I ” re evaluated” and went to the right. No , you are wrong. I am not a “self hating liberal”
    I do not believe in some altruistic means to aleviate the supposed guilt you assume I carry. And if you ask Jenice she knows for a fact that I will lambast anyone who thinks that just because I have more than you I am somehow obligated to give up a portion of it.
    I hate only those who have taken an allegiance to kill me.
    In our case that would be radical muslim organizations.
    I also understand the entitlemant mentallity is one that could destroy our country.
    I attach nothing to race or culture but more to the belief that when given equal opportunity any man can achieve his goals. America offers these advantages and opportunities in abundance far greater than country on earth.
    So as you can see Mr Incogman, you assume too much on the premise of race.
    Because it was me who volunteered in the beggining that I was white.
    And you have succesfully and finally choose top use that as a talking point aginst me when it really has nothing to do with my political leanings or positions.
    In light of this I have made my point that you are a racist.
    I am also part Mahichan.
    And with full clarity and justification on behalf of my ancestors I could ask you what fucking business anyone of you had on this continenet to begin with.
    But I dont. because life goes on.
    And unlike you I choose to embrace my fellow man and see him for all his good, and reckognize him for his flaws on an individual basis.
    All behaviour is learned, no matter what your breed, race , ethnicity or culture.
    Those with a belief package and presentation such as yours are a dying breed simply because intelligent people can see that your approach to our problems is the last thing this country needs to close our racial divide.
    As a matter of fact it is highly toxic.


  42. Posted by incogman on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 11:38 am

    The paranoia created about radical muslims is for the Globalist Zionist and the Military/Industrial Complex as a replacement for the Soviets.

    You’ve sucked down the propaganda hook, line and sinker. I am not a racist, I am a pro-white Racialist. Funny how you types cannot allow any whites to think in this fashion without slandering us as racists or xenophobes or Nazis or…

    Ever think that the same people behind all the Muslim crap are the same people behind this?


  43. I’ve done extensive research on the origins of radical Islam.
    It is not some conspiracy fed BS stemming of zionist or militarism as you suggest.
    But rather stems directly from and in correlation to pre WW2 Nazi doctrine.
    Paranoia is warranted to most idiots who believe in no descript threats based on inconclusive science such as global warming.
    More idiots are worried about this crock of shit than they are a a true and proven enemy that warrants no paranoias but instead warrants direct attack.
    And if there is paranoia it is warranted by the numerous times we have been attacked.
    Read bin Ladens letter to America.
    It has nothing to do with any paranoia ” created ” by Zionist or military introductions.

    Pro white ?
    That is a seculsionary term of preferance based on choice of breed and color rather than human.
    You are a racist and my conversations with you are over.


  44. Posted by incogman on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Whatever, self-described expert who’s read all the pap from newspapers and Time magazine and now fancies himself the cocktail party pundit on Islamic Terror threats.

    Your slander of me as racist is just that: Slander — it’s your last tool in your PC toolkit to paint me with. It’s little more than what some High School kid from civics class can come up with.

    And did I ever once mention Global Warming? I happen to know some real Globalist background on that. But I hesitate to even bring up anything with the likes of you, since then I’ll end up being treated with another rehash of Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter on the subject and be as bored as your pals were at the last dinner party you went to.

    Correlation to pre-WWII Nazi doctrine? Right. Looks like someone found a nice ending to a sentence with the word “correlation.”

    You need to start watching more Basketball and spend less time talking about serious topics.


  45. “Whatever, self-described expert who’s read all the pap from newspapers and Time magazine and now fancies himself the cocktail party pundit on Islamic Terror threats.”

    Dont drink, 15 years.

    “Your slander of me as racist is just that: Slander — it’s your last tool in your PC toolkit to paint me with. It’s little more than what some High School kid from civics class can come up with.”

    Not slander, plain english , no semantics.
    You embelish all your posts with preoccupation of race and lace it everwhere with racial undertones.
    It has gone far beyond some ” high school civics class”
    I graduated College at 18 with an associates science and spent 2 months only in high school.

    Global warming was an example of fear mongering comprable to your fear of anything darker than you.

    :Correlation to pre-WWII Nazi doctrine? Right. Looks like someone found a nice ending to a sentence with the word “correlation.””

    I will leave you with proof that you are nothing more than a paranoid conspiracy freak racist

    “Yet the victor wasn’t any of these Cold War combatants. Instead, it was a movement with an equally powerful ideology: the Muslim Brotherhood. Founded in 1920s Egypt as a social-reform movement, the Brotherhood became the fountainhead of political Islam, which calls for the Muslim religion to dominate all aspects of life. A powerful force for political change throughout the Muslim world, the Brotherhood also inspired some of the deadliest terrorist movements of the past quarter century, including Hamas and al Qaeda.”

    “Gerhard von Mende’s interest in Muslims originated in 1919, when his father was murdered. The family had lived in Riga, part of a once-large German minority in Latvia. When the tiny land was invaded by the Red Army at the end of World War I, members of the bourgeoisie were rounded up and sent on a forced march. Mr. von Mende’s father, a banker, was pulled out of the line and shot dead.”

    “Mr. Namangani had come from a long line of imams in his native land, modern-day Uzbekistan. But his religious service had mostly been in an unholy organization: Hitler’s infamous SS. According to an autobiographical sketch he gave German authorities, he had been arrested by Stalin’s security forces in 1941 and soon after liberated by the invading German army. He served as imam in various capacities, ending as imam for an SS division. He won some of Germany’s highest commendations, including the Iron Cross.”



    Islam’s Nazi Connections
    By Serge Trifkovic
    FrontPageMagazine.com | December 5, 2002

    An essay adapted by Robert Locke from Dr. Serge Trifkovic’s new book
    The Sword of the Prophet: A Politically-Incorrect Guide to Islam

    One of the good things one can truthfully say about Islam is that there has never been any love lost between Moslems and Marxists.

    Sadly, the opposite end of the totalitarian political spectrum is quite another matter. SS chief Heinrich Himmler was known to remark that he regretted that Germany had adopted Christianity, rather than “warlike” Islam, as its religion, and there is a disturbing amount of twisted but very real logic in his remark.


  46. Posted by incogman on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    And I thought someone had given up the ghost on this here ole racist, ignorant redneck?

    Yeah, sure, I’m familiar with the ancient history with Muslims and the Nazi. Sure, Adolf and his ilk formed connections with them. Hell, the Paletinian Sufi of Jerusalum once was the toast of Berlin. Well, as far as toast can get with those types. BFD!

    And, in your extensive research, did you not ever come across the connections of the Zionists and the Bolshevik revolution? And the close relationship of Israel with the Soviets? Or that one of Lenin’s first move was to outlaw anti-Semitism with death? Or that 15-25 million were killed at the hands of the predominately Jewish NKVD and Kaganovich? Or that NY Jew Banker Jacob Schiff financed the Bolshevik Revolution with 20 million dollars thru Trotsky (Lev Bronstien)?

    Hell, it was Trotsky who coined the concept of “Racism” as political tool to slander his Marxist opponents! Good thing, too, or you might not have that word to describe me with. Oh, wait! I forgot, Xenophobe, Nativist, Nazi, Redneck, Cracker, NeoNazi, Skinhead…

    OK, enough for now. You can go back to your Jew-controlled media diatribes against the coming World Caliphate of schimitar-wielding Muslim fanatics and pat yourself on the back that you know what’s what.



  47. Damn. I need to go stick some popcorn in the microwave and finish the rest of this thread.


  48. Posted by incogman on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Yeah, you go enjoy some white-man invented popcorn in a Microwave invented by white men, while you read all the continual slander against white men.

    Us white men have had enough of the liberal PC BS and, like a rubber band, have almost stretched far enough — watch out for the snap back!



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