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  1. It’s a joke. Read the rest of the site… clearly, a blog written for humor. Is it the Al Jolson image that offends you? I can see that some might be offended by blackface. Then again, it’s been so long since anyone actually did it that it has really become a mockery of itself. No one sees blackface today and thinks of it as racist, they think of it as mocking blackface itself.

    Other than that, nothing in the post could be offensive. The man is black and legally blind. Nothing bad about that.

    Note: I am the editor of the site, so you might find my view biased. But I really just see this as a silly little joke post, which we encourage at our site.


  2. Jenice: I agree with you – way over the line. I didn’t get past the images. If I have to read a post to find out it might be a joke to some people, forget it. The blogger blew it.
    Blackface is VERY racist.


  3. Again, Jenice, I’m just on here defending my writer. If anyone was offended, we’re sorry. You’re a rational person, and you have your right to be sensitive to certain things. But you also know what it’s like to be an editor… my writer was using the image not to convey his own racism, but to poke fun at the long-gone tradition. Did you watch the Sarah Silverman Program last year on Comedy Central? They did a very similar thing, using blackface to make fun of just how ridiculous it was in the first place.

    I hate it when people come on to my blog and tell me to calm down, because if we calmed down then we wouldn’t have anything to write about, so I won’t say anything liike that. And this is a racially charged issue, so there’s always going to be some heat. But we trusted that regular readers of our site would immediately understand the satire.

    And to all you people who were offended: we very rarely touch on the issue of race, but if you actually look at the article underneath it, you’ll see my editorial comment on the media giving awards to a white basketball player whose stats weren’t as good as a black one’s. So the pendulum swings both ways.


  4. I guess I brought this to my blog to see what my readers thought. I was kind of was curious in addition to pondering this internally myself. I am not sure I was completely offended after reading the article. Black face is very alarming—no matter how you slice it. It’s an effective way to grab attention—and you surely got mine.

    If you read a bit of my banter here, you will find I don’t always immediately get offended about things. And I try to see both sides. And I suppose you guys WERE conveying the ridiculousness but I only saw that after you have explained it. I’m not a regular reader…

    I figured it was a jab at being satirical. But at the same time, when I continued to read the post, I read about how a blind man will not be able to see important documents. Then I wasn’t sure if I was offended by the black face or the blind joke! Well, to each is own. And I’m not one to attack, just bring to light things everyone may not see. And seek opinons on all sides. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, but I have to respectfully disagree however realizing that the aim was not to offend.


  5. Jenice I am the author of the post and I would like to set the record straight that in no way am I racist. It was just a small, fun post. I hate the ‘I have black friends’ argument but I actually do. The Al Jolson blackface image was purposely supposed to be extremely offensive but to the point where it was funny, but I guess you would need to know me to understand that and you don’t so I understand where you would have a problem with it. I’m happy that it got some attention though and I appreciate you taking the time to comment on it regardless of if you agreed with it or not.


  6. wow, that was impressively distasteful. I’m glad to see that some people still wear their ignorance on their sleeve… That makes it easier to pick out and berate 🙂


  7. You don’t know me, don’t judge me. You are showing your ignorance by not understanding what is clearly a joke.


  8. I strongly believe that if Pete was truly racist he could have taken his post in a million different directions instead of presenting his entry as he did. When it comes down to it I feel Pete was simple writing about the same news everyone has heard over the past few days, but presented it in a way that would generate interest. And I certainly do not condone anything that would cause prejudicial controversy (assuming his post was not written for this reason) but I sure do like the attention our blog is getting!


  9. Humor is one thing. This shows an incredible ignorance only superceded by the comments.


  10. Stop calling me ignorant because chances are I have a more mature outlook on the world than you do. You don’t know me and you don’t know what my intention was. Your lack of having a humorous bone in your body tells me a lot about you. So keep quiet.


  11. Hey Peter,

    You got to be able to take it if you are going to dish it like this. Black face is historically offensive. And I don’t think that we will ever get past that to think it was OK.


  12. It was funny.
    Funny only because people were so stupid back then that they had to paint themselves black because the field wasnt open to blacks.
    Its no different than when actors put a strand of fishing wire across their eyes and get all stereotypical Asiain instead of just hiring an Asian actor.
    Being the first black mayor should not be the big story.
    Blacks are held to way more promonent positions today and have been for quite a while now.
    The big story is that a man was sending people to jail for supporting organizations that foster and promote prostitution. While he was supporting the same kind of organization himself.
    Thed hypocrisy is ther big story here.
    Governors who say you should go to jail for what you did. But if i do it I shouldnt have to.
    Johns are just as big a part of these operations as are the pimps and madams.
    And another big story would be the hypocrisy of the blog writers who say they are not racist just so cheap shots can get a laugh.
    Signing the wrong bills ?
    Do you how many motherfuckers with 20/20 do that everyday?


  13. And Peter.
    You need to also realize that it gives the impression that the governor is somehow a black man in color only.
    That he is somehow in white Americas pocket.
    In my experience, especially in the beggining writing blogs was hit or miss.
    Maybe you meant no harm, which seems to be the case here. But when the majority of responses are negative you need to sit back and ask yourself if you got it wrong this time. And if so just apologize and move on.
    Instead I see you defending this with arrogance.
    First you called Archlight ” ignorant” and then you got pissed at grand view for calling you ignorant and tell him to keep quiet ?
    What the hell kind of crap is that ?
    No one keeps quite on anyones blog unless its the direct wish of the blog owner themself. Who the fuck do you think you are ?
    And then you say ” you dont know what my intention was”.
    Well isnt the whole point here to know what your intention was ? Otherwise you missed the mark right ?
    Instead of just saying ” hey you know what ? I made a bad, sorry.” You seem to want to shove acceptance of this lame joke down everyones throat by critisizing their senses of humor or using ” you dont know me” as a defense.

    But really, dont you think we know you well enough by now ?


  14. I showed my friend who is black that blog post and he thought it hilarious. So go figure.

    [In fact, he did joke that if Paterson gets caught cheating he could always fall back on his disability and claim he accidentally stuck it to the wrong woman.]


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