SNL, the Latino vote and media stupidity

No matter what you may believe, I truly am convinced that it took a silly but relevant comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live last week to really get America thinking about the media’s softness and one-sidedness when it comes to Barack Obama’s  NAFTA flub and so many others. As you already know, I was on the trail of mediocre support of Obama and yesterday proved that to the utmost. I walked into the polling station reluctantly with a knot in my stomach, almost in a sweat. Then they told me to pick a line — democratic or republican. I so desperately wanted to make my final decision in that little black box but I figured, as we all saw, that McCain didn’t need my help.

The lines were not crazy yet but were building by the minute when I left. I decided the caucus Texas Two-Step or convention (whatever) was going to be bananas (both sides are already screaming misconduct from disorganized polling stations) and I already had a stressful 20 minutes grappling with my final decision. What I also saw were Latinos. And anyone who underestimated the power of the Latino vote were kidding themselves if you are an Obama supporter. A few calls from the Obama camp to Spanish-speaking homes begging for support IN Spanish wasn’t good enough and in fact offended some Spanish-heritage people I work with. Clinton’s win over Texas isn’t a real huge surprise if you take into consideration all of these factors: that damn SNL sketch, the Latino vote (who she knew she would win over) and the media’s constant bias. My initial response was shock until I really thought about it.

In a bout of her own desperation, Hillary Clinton made a smart run of appearing on SNL the same night a sketch featured a phony debate hosted by parodies of the usual bias suspects (did someone say Tim Russert?) showing the usual soft approach journalists take (yes, I know I AM one) when it comes to grilling Obama. And then Hillary pandered to the young crowd by appearing on Jon Stewart. All while Barack played it cool and hung his hat on popularity even though scandal ensued. Oh and let us not forget THAT DAMN PHONE! Dammit for like two weeks STRAIGHT I couldn’t get that damn ringing out of my ears. And I think it must have had hypnotic powers over the democratic voters. “Who do I want to answer that phone?” Someone smart enough to hire someone to answer it before it hits like 7 rings!!!

Anyway, we will see what November brings of course (I’ll be glad for a quiet summer) but now I’m all screwed up inside again. This has been the most stressful time ever of my “voting power.” When I did this two other times in less than a decade it was so much easier when I knew who I DIDN’T want to vote for.

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  1. I was hoping you would post your take on this. I think you are right. SNL made a difference and the fear ads made a difference. If you think about the things that have made a difference for HRC in this election, it’s been crying, SNL and fear. Wow. Ex the crying, it sounds like George Bush.


  2. Oooh Mike! Buuuuuuuuuuurn!


  3. I wouldnt call them ” fear adds”.
    More of an awareness add. Our enemies have been put on the back burner in this campaign for too long.
    Most of it has been pandering to those who want things at home, little bribes.
    The first duty of our government is to protect Americans lives. But its no surprise that instead of using this real and relevant subject in its true context to win votes. Instead it is being promoted and not surprisingly so as a fear tactic.
    reason being because in my opinion Hillary knows she is lying to Americans when she says how soon she will bring troops home. Once in office the course will remain the same as the one that is plotted out now.
    Obama is just fucking clueless on foriegn policy, but would still not be able to pull out of Iraq as he says he will due to the fact that there are a host of generals and the joint cheifs , armed services foriegn affairs ministries and committees to answer to.

    @Grand View.
    Bush is not running for re election so at least we know the tears arent planted


  4. I’m not sure either can pull us out of Iraq the same way McCain would. And I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I know for one, almost voting for McCain is the result of many things for me–mainly I think he’s the best to deal with wartime. But I’m not sure he’s the best at foreign policy, if that makes sense.


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