Me and Barry…

Tricked ya. I’m not really dating a guy named Barry. I scored some free tickets from my favorite local radio station and I am confessing right now that I actually went to a Barry Manilow concert last night. When in doubt — go to a concert, I always say. Well, I really don’t say that, but you just never know who you may see there. I went with another single friend who loves Manilow. And may I add that I saw a good crop of good-looking lads — too bad they were looking at each other. Read more

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  1. Aww! Lucky. I wanted to go.. Just for the nerdy cool aspect of it. I would’ve gone with you 🙂 I bet it would’ve been all sorts of fun!


  2. “Her name was Lola”

    And they were all looking at each other ?
    What ? Is Barry the new Johnny Mathis ?

    If anyone is familiar with the kinks, Lola was a tranny.


  3. Posted by MisstressM on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    How fun! I am a closet Barry Manilow fan. Shhhhhh….dont tell a soul


  4. All three of you. I’m shocked! barry fans?!
    Micky. Lola was a tranny?? BTW, haven’t downloaded that guy you told me about. You need to send me an email reminder!


  5. I’ll make a small list of the songs I think are cool and e-mail it to ya.

    You havnt heard the Kinks sing Lola ?

    “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls.”
    ” She walked like a woman , talked like a man”

    I just thought it was funny that Barry met a girl named Lola at the Copacabana. Bitch gets around.


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