How to take the higher road…

Deciding it doesn’t matter what an emotionally inept blogger has to say about you. By the end of the day, does it really matter what he or she believes? Blogs are great in that we are able to voice our thoughts to everyone and anyone. And we hear new viewpoints. All of which should be constructive. The blogs I can’t stand are the ones that attack people from just one blog post instead of reading the whole thing. Thanks Nectarfizz for pointing that out and Micky for getting my back. And that’s the cool thing right there. Both bloggers I mentioned are vastly different. And I’m different in many ways from them. But somehow we make it all work over here. Even when we don’t all agree. What we can agree on though is realizing we are not defined by people who don’t have a clue about us.

But because we all just need to laugh. Here is this gem…

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  1. That is f-ing hysterical but at the same time….he just looks too old to engender the leadership qualities that we as a nation so desperately need right now.


  2. I’m not going to hang on to this forever.
    Shithead aint worth it.
    But the subject is. The subject would be that smash and grab behavior has become a favorite pastime. It can be physical or literate. Or another description for this behavior would be ” just do it” anything goes.
    I recently lambasted some kid who thought it was funny to deny the holocaust and ridicule my mother and grandmother who both had been tattoed, raped and thrown into camps by Nazis.
    It was not funny. Kids today arent aware of the connections between the Nazi doctrine and what radical Islam preaches today. The two movements operate on the same beliefs.
    Kids are forgivable.
    An adult like Savvyblogger has no excuse for doing the kind of shit that bored children do.
    As a retired professor of english you would think this guy has had plenty of time to get over all the errors in grammar that he has seen.
    I have my pet peeves that piss me off. I go after those who put out disengenuous statements, lies, mistruths or say things that I believe will hurt our country. And I can be quite viscious.
    What savvy did was a personal attack with no substantial conversation going along with it.
    It was no different than standing on the sidewalk hurling insults at complete strangers.
    My god, I can go to blogs and find a slew of issues to write about besides whether I think someone is ageist or not.
    Along with the arrogance this fuck has to claim that his opinion is fact I will bet money he looks in the mirror every dayand jerks off the sight of himself.
    Really Savvy, whats your excuse for behavior that I dont see in some our worst kids ?


  3. I’m a little concerned here.
    With no offense to anyone on a personal basis I cant help but notice what some people are basing presidential qualifications on.
    I,ve heard plenty of critisizem about McCains age.
    I’m not that worried about it. I think he’ll make it 4 more years, if not 8.
    I heard from one lady on your Obama post that she thought Obama was hot and that she didnt remember what day she was supposed to vote.
    I’ve also heard that we have reached a point in our countrys history that we can be prod of because we gave a black man and an woman running for office.
    “celebrate the diversity” as the person called it.

    What concerns me is that the last three examples I gave are all surface issues. And not core issues that are important in choosing a leader.
    There are actually people I have met that say they are going to vote for Obama just so we can have the first black man in office. Some see their vote as statement to diversity.
    The same goes for Hillary. I’ve talked to feminists who will vote for her just so we can have a woman in office as a statement to world or who ever that America can carry diversity.
    Who we are supporting is not the point in this comment.
    What I’m worried about is why and what some people are basing their decisions on.

    Lets concentrate on the candidates abilities and the issues and not great speechs or platitudes and promises.


  4. Oh boy. You know I love ya Micky, but can we take this back to the original Obama post? This one was about being light and stuff. And forgetting about fussing for a bit. Of course, you know I like to fuss! But let’s fuss back two post down.


  5. You’re right. My bad.
    I forgot where I was.
    I’ve been sober forever. Can you imagine what my party days were like ?
    You can yank it if you want. Or I’ll just leave an apology here for your readers.
    SORRY !
    As far as shithead goes. The anger is starting to wear off and the pity is starting to kick in.
    I think he put himself at the point of no return.
    Theres no way I can see him coming back here and actually reading what you have to offer. And getting to know you.
    It could of been a beautiful relationship.
    I actually wanted Ted Nugent for president.
    My wife thinks Oprah could win. You know I love her.
    That reminds me. Did you ever check out Robin Trower ?


  6. Posted by nectarfizz on Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Smootches love. I like differences..if we were all alike I would not have anything to learn..and that would just kill me. LOL


  7. I just want to say this last bit on McCain’s age. While I recognize there are exceptions to everything, the facts are the brain shrinks as you get older. As an example if you give a list of 24 words to a 20 year old they will remember 14 of them, a 40 year old will remember 11, a sixty year old nine and a 70 year old seven.

    There is, of course, a different type of intelligence that’s experience driven but that intelligence is better imparted than acted upon by a seventy year old person.

    I feel badly for John McCain because when he ran in 2000 that was his time and certainly he would have done a better job than GWB.

    If you want to read more on ageing get the depressing book “The Thing About Life is That One Day You’ll Be Dead” by David Shields.


  8. If McCains age were to be a factor in my decision it would be that he may not be able to relate to todays world as well as someone 20 years his junior.
    Its perfectly alright to figure anyones attributes or things you see as detrimental into your decision making without being subjected to being called “stupid, radicst, or bigot”>
    I had a debate where I was called a bigot because I felt that a heterosexual couple would be the “ideal” parents for a kid as opposed to a homosexual couple.
    I have nothing at all against gays. I just think a mother and father would be ideal, thats all.
    In the case here with Jenice. She feels a younger candidate would be ideal.
    I harly think she has anything against older people or is ageist.


  9. I like how you censored your mouth LOL Did you just do that? I just noticed. Niiicccee. =)


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