Day 121: Countdown to a Hotter 30 (results show)

I started Oct. 1.

I wanted to kick start a new fitness/nutrition routine before the holidays and continue throughout the year. I called it Countdown to a Hotter 30. Well on Jan. 27 I turned 30. And though the countdown is over, I’m not done with my improvement. I think the below photo started my whirlwind of changing my habits: no more Sonic breakfasts, no more large ANYTHING, more homemade food, more working out. I’m not going to tell you where the scales tipped in this photo! Circa late summer 2007.


It was taken at a friend’s birthday party. I remember what I ate. I think I knew even that day that I was feeling heavier than the year before. And I forwent the enchiladas though I think I had my share of margaritas and mojitos anyway.

I’ve spent over 100 days working at my goal of dropping some of my lard-ass and it was tough considering I started just before the crazy holidays. Boy that sucked. I hardly took home any leftovers at any function. In fact I threw out some things I took home from a Halloween party as to avoid temptation. I will say that if I had started my calorie counting on day one instead of just two months ago, my progress would have been better. So drum-roll please….

Total pounds lost: 8

All over inches lost: About 3

Big whoop, I know. And I’m STILL not tiny. And I probably never will be. Besides, I just want to be smaller and more importantly, keep my clean bill of health. Tiny and me aren’t really realistic unless you are talking about my voice, ankles and wrists! But most of my clothes are more and more loose by each month. Even though these aren’t exactly the results I wanted in nearly four months, I can definitely say they aren’t bad being that I started at a really dumb time — the time when everyone gains at least 10 pounds in turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie!


Well there it is.  And obviously I’m not done. I’ve decided not to give myself another deadline, but rather keep up the work I’ve done. I don’t deprive myself. But I don’t overdo it anymore. Never really gave much thought to kid sizes at the drive-through — what a difference! And I’ve saved the “bad days” for Saturday only (with the exception of my birthday dinners this week!) But I told my family NO BIRTHDAY CAKE. 

I went kicking and screaming when my mother suggested counting calories. But it was the best thing she ever made me do. I’ve since decreased my intake from 2,000 calories a day to 1,500, which isn’t that different. At night I crave less and drink more water.

So here’s to just keeping healthy in 2008. And hopefully, sticking with a good enough outlook of myself so I won’t even want to go back to bad habits!  Stay with me though, I will update any continued progress here and there…

9 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you! The whole idea about dieting is so vast because it really requires a lifestyle change. At least you’re doing this the right way. I’m sure you’ll have awesome results and look even better than you already do. Keep the spirits high and happy birthday! =]

    By the way I just started a little social network of crafters, bloggers, domestic divas/divos, etc where we can all come together and share ideas. I thought that you’d be a perfect new member (everyone is welcome though…even if you’re not a crafter). If you want to check it out, you can go to =] (I’m Jane there)


  2. Posted by ungraceful girl on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 4:19 am

    I think you look absolutely fantastic! Happy Birthday!


  3. Posted by Winslie Gomez on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Happy Birthday
    A picture says a thousand words.
    Bet you feel good too!
    Keep up with your determination.
    I put on some podge over Christmas so know what it feels like!


  4. You go girl. Looking good. Keep it up! And happy birthday again.


  5. You are lovely. Good job.


  6. You can do it!!! I know you can.


  7. I was reading this while my brother was over and we both think you look smokin hot!! He put it better then me he said.. “She’s one hot momma who is that, she some kind of model??” =) If you feel foxy you are foxy 😉


  8. Thanks everyone. And Maria, that’s funny! A model? Your brother have his glasses on? Hahaha. Thanks though.


  9. I think you look awesome! I can’t believe that was only an 8lb change–apparently you just moved everything into a more appropriate spot. 😀


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