I’ve turned my back on my lover…

I’m coming clean. I am confessing right here and now that I’ve been having a whirlwind love affair. Shame on me for keeping this from you, faithful readers. Not only is this love warm, but tall, dark and Italian comes to mind. I’m not the same person when I’m in the throws of such a presence. I forget who I am. What I’ve said. What I’ve done…

However, after last Sunday during a pathetic run of football playoff games, I made the decision to dump the love of my life. It hurt as first. The passion still lingers and at night, when I’m out with friends, I crave it once again. Not giving into such temptation, I’ve yet to slip up.  I haven’t had any contact with said culprit of stealing my heart. But it has only been less than one week

It pains me but I will leave you with this. If you have seen my love, make sure to say hello for me and that I miss those sweet caresses. Here. I’ve given you a photo so you can identify the love I speak of…

 Goodbye, old friend…

8 responses to this post.

  1. (guitar intro)
    Love hurts, love scars
    Love wounds and marks

    Love Hurts: Nazareth


  2. One of these days I’m going to break up with Rumplemintz.


  3. Roll a joint (and then smoke it)


  4. Posted by nectarfizz on Monday, January 21, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    (big grin) I love you when you get quirky..makes me feel like I have friends in this world.


  5. Rumplemintz!? That’s an easy thing to get rid of….YUCK!
    Micky, weed makes me feel stupid.
    Nectar, isn’t it nice to know we aren’t alone?!


  6. Alcohol makes me stupid


  7. Oh jeez, I tried Tuaca once and have lived in fear of it ever since.


  8. […] I am a girl of a certain taste. Does that make me high-maintenance? I could give a shit less. What it makes me is a girl who will not compromise. I want the option to pick where I want to live and the home I want to live in for the next 10 or so years. So what does this mean? It means I stay put, bitter in the rent race and clutching the Tuaca I said I was going to give up. […]


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