I own what is considered the worst job of this century…

Did any of you read this?  I happened upon it searching out opinions on journalism….

[from Forbes.com]

Another endangered species: journalists. Despite the proliferation of media outlets, newspapers, where the bulk of U.S. reporters work, will cut costs and jobs as the Internet replaces print. While current events will always need to be covered (we hope), the number of reporting positions is expected to grow by just 5% in the coming decade, the Labor Department says. Most jobs will be in small (read: low-paying) markets.

If I didn’t feel obsolete before, that pretty much did it. Yet I’m still craving this career that will never pay well, never be the same and never get the respect it used to deserve. This really isn’t news. I know that my career is threatened by so much right now. And it’s dying a slow death. I knew that after college. But still. I try to hope…

I emailed the Forbes snippet to my father to which he wrote something very poignant.

Well you have first hand knowledge of that. People are
more interested in Brittney Spears than real news. The
schools are turning out kids who just want to do
things that are fun. And yes the younger generation
wants to read only what appears on their computer or
their iPhone.

So what now? Teach?

10 responses to this post.

  1. People are still going to read. Books, Magazines,and even newspapers.
    What a lot of people don’t realize is that blogs and websites offer a more limited selection of ideas and opinions. Usually catering to one group or another.
    Yes , the computer has no doubt taken the place of a lot of traditional print , but its just another medium to put to your advantage. Also, its true that traditional newspapers are declining in sales. But the majority of them offer a larger selection of view points and dept’s than any one website or blog.
    I’ve been in the Rest. business all my life. When fast food and conglomerate franchises and chains came about I thought the end of the cozy privately owned rest was near. But it turns out that’s what people are seeking the most. Is a unique and personal place all its own that is able to make the customer feel as if they’re getting something special and not tarnished by unbending imagination and stifling rigorous uniformity


  2. journalism will have to become a job of passion instead of a job of fame or fortune. As the market declines, the people who remain will be the ones who are doing it for the love of what they do.

    Don’t lose hope, Jenice. If you love what you do, then you have nothing to worry about. It’s simply going to be a time for the less dedicated or less passionate to reevaluate their career choices and their lives.


  3. Posted by ungraceful girl on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 8:28 am

    As someone who also works in the media, I completely feel your pain. I think to do what we do, we really must love it.


  4. […] Her post was based on a Forbes article which she didn’t link to but quoted from on her blog. Here are here feelings.  If I didn’t feel obsolete before, that pretty much did it. Yet I’m still craving this career […]


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  6. I just wanted to say as a Person who works in media, I also understand. Just wanted you to know, you aren’t alone in your feelings about this but it is happening and sometimes I want to just howl when I hear the term ‘new’ media.
    Other times I’m cautiously optimistic and excited about it all.
    I do, however, think we are all going to be okay.


  7. Just a note about the “learning to shoot stills” comment I made. I know you know this already, but I wanted to make a general statement.


  8. Posted by MisstressM on Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 12:05 am

    I have a lot of respect for you and what you do. In my humble opinion your job is the hardest. Simply because you play with words and you have to write to appease all parties. And when someone decides they dont like your thought process they basically throw you under the bus. Long story short….my hats off to you lady!


  9. I guess I don’t think I will be fleeing the profession soon, and as some of you have said, people still will read…
    But I guess what I miss is the respect journalism used to have. And yes. I do love what I do. I can’t really imagine my life without some sort of media. I don’t think I’m done…I just think I’m tired!


  10. You know I feel your pain on that one. I was having this discussion with my colleague last week and I told her that I might consider becoming a teacher because they get paid way more at the jump but nothing beats doing something you are truly happy doing–regardless of the pay. Someone once told me “you have found your passion in life if you can do it for free and still be happy.” I’m not saying I could write for free for sure, but getting paid as little as I do and still being happy gives me hope. Here’s to hope!


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