When will it be about the issues?


Are the Clintons bigots? Is Obama a pot head? Why do we do this? No wonder I’m a fence-sitter. Who wouldn’t be in times like these where everything in the world is being criticized instead of what the presidential hopefuls’ issues really are and where they stand? I’m more confused than ever. At this point I don’t even want to vote but I would never do that. Voting is still important. I know everyone is collectively saying, “Duh” right about now but I think we all need to remember that no matter how stupid everyone is looking right now, we still need to mark our ballots. But wait. Not everyone is looking stupid. Seems the republications haven’t been guilty of quite the same muckary (is that even a word) at this point as the democrats are.I was raised by democrats. I’m confessing right now that I’ve voted democrat all my life when it came to presidents — for very obvious reasons. I’m 29. You do the math. But I have never said I would never vote republican.

The Obama/Hilary stuff is making me want to vote for Huckabee. Now that’s bad. But if you look at the original origins of democrats, they were the ones who weren’t very progressive. Can that be said of today’s party? While republicans opposed the expansion of slavery and promoted business — that last bit is something they still do today of course. Obviously both parties have changed but is the change all that significant or can the change be measured by the mile? I’m still on the fence. Just give me a can of paint for me to whitewash it.

One thing for sure that WAS vastly different in the past was the media. News from what seems like a million years ago was about news. Not the fact that today’s celebrities are wasting away to anorexia or stopping to pump their own gas and grab a latte. I’m just sick. What CAN we believe?

I’m a part of the media, but I blame us just the same. Today’smedia that is. The media machine only cares about why Anna Nicole’s daughter is wearing an eye-patch. It’s breaking news when the Spears get knocked up and go crazy. Why wouldn’t that lack of real moral fiber bleed over into politics? It all makes me kind of happy in a way that I’m in the community news genre. But obviously the reason media goes after the superficial is because they think that’s what we want to hear. And that must be true because it’s only getting worse. We as a nation are watered down. Dumbed down. Oblivious.

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  1. hey, wait a sec… What happened to John Edwards? Or was that more of a physical attraction than ideological? 😉

    Seriously though, I know what you mean. Not only has this campaign cycle been dragging out waaaay too long, but it has turned into a game of fluff. Where’s the beef? Even on the (R) side of the house the majority of the news is who says what and who slaps who around etc. We’re all going to be in campaign overload burnout before things even get to a useful stage!


  2. J –

    I hate the fighting, the game playing, the back biting in politics – especially when it is within a party. It is no wonder after a year of campaigning and there is still nearly a year left.

    As I wrote on my blog… it has turned into a money making machine now.

    But even all of that couldn’t make me vote for a single one of the republicans.

    In a couple of months it will cool down and we will know in what direction we area a party (the democratic party) will be going and I will support whoever the nominee is.

    Of course, I haven’t hidden who my preference is….


  3. J,
    I feel like I have to say this. I am a Republican. I have voted party lines for 33 years. While I like John McCain, I won’t vote for him for several reasons but the biggest two are his age and the potential for hawkish behavior when it comes to Iran. Mike Huckabee is an idiot, a likable idiot but an idiot nevertheless. I am from Massachusetts which is all I need to say about not voting Romney.

    Lets look at the other side of the aisle. John Edwards is staying in it for one reason only. He will be a power broker at the Democratic Convention. This leave us Obama and Clinton. Most people who knows HRC personally dislike her immensely. Count me in this group and Al Gore. The reasons for this are complex but boil down to this. She has a vicious temper, She listens to no one, she is a pathological liar AND she’s not a nice person. All great Presidential qualities. Obama on the other hand is a listener and a unifier, the antithesis of Hillary Clinton. If you listen carefully to him, you can hear JFK & MLK. That’s what our country needs at this point. We need to reestablish our place in the world. Hillary Clinton will be a very divisive President. Hell, we have had 8 years of that. Lets not go back.

    That is all.
    Mike 😉


  4. Mike. I like your take on this. I have a feeling I may be voting for Obama for those reasons. But I also fear him for those reasons. He stricks me as smart but a little green around the gills. Will he be able to pull us out of the mess that is the Iraq war? Will be be able to handle the most impossible of situations? I’m with you on McCain though. He’s a bit old for this game. I am not an ageist. But the fact that he’s nearing 80 doesn’t promise a very long run.


  5. Oh. About Edwards. Yes. I just think he’s hot. That’s not enough to cast my vote for him! Chris. I know you are for Hilary. But I saw her on Meet the Press on Sunday. I’m really questioning her motives.


  6. Jenice, I think a read of this Newsweek article will help.


  7. J.
    “Will he be able to pull us out of the mess that is the Iraq war?”
    Plans for withdrawl and troop reductions are already in place and almost 50% of Iraq is secured by its own forces already. If Obama gets in, by then exit plans from Iraq wiil already be in play. But dont expect us to ever leave Iraq completely. We will be their for quite sometime as made clear by the embassy we’re building which is larger than the Vatican.
    What I would hope for is that hes able to show some more insight as to how hes going to deal with all our other situations and interest in the middle east. His foreign policiy experience is something to be concerned about if he ever has to deal with any international or global situation.


  8. Oh, you gotta stop saying Edwards is hot, I’m tired of buying new keyboards.


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