I need a name rebirth…

Lily don’t like the name…

As I’ve said in my recent About Me that I revamped around Christmas, I am kind of tired of my Arm Jerker J. moniker. It suites me but I get bored easy. Got any ideas?

This is a call to action, Micky, Stil, Laura, Greg, Mike, Chris, Karen — too many to tag here. Anybody! Everybody? I hope you all can provide some feedback! Or do I just need to keep it since there is a Baltimore Sun blog right now that references my singles blog on occasion, using my handle as Arm Jerker J. in her entries?

22 responses to this post.

  1. I’m going to go back to sleep and dream about it and let you know what I come up with!


  2. Texas Lexus ?
    Head Jerker ? (maybe not)
    GWB ” Got Wine Bitch ?”


  3. While I did not get any sleep, I’m on a creative roll this morning…so no need to consult the dream oracle.

    First, how important is it that both blogs be under the same name? Couldn’t you write up a courtesy note under ABOUT?

    With that said….how about “Pix Vix?” Like as in picture vixen. Or pic vix, pic vixen, photo vixen…wait, are you a vixen?

    Tx Pix Vix?
    Hey, that you should be a vanity plate lol


  4. Well…I’m kinda like Got Wine Bitch? Ahahaha!j Micky. You too funny. Stil. I dunno. Both blogs are under the same account so the same name will show on both. I think it’s just that I’m tired of Arm. Maybe I can just start using my real name or something…


  5. Leg Puller J.

    Sorry. Just kidding. That was so “on the nose” that I couldn’t resist. I’ll think about it.

    I like the idea of using your real name since you write outside of the blogosphere.


  6. Greg! lol

    I was going to say leg jerker but leg puller is better…


  7. I think AJ has matured and wants to get away from jerking things.


  8. You mean she’s ready to get beyond first base?


  9. Stiletto ? You died your hair ?


  10. Yes, I did..but, put two and two together…..


  11. Not very creative BUT why not shorten the whole thing to AJ which can stand for Arm Jerker or Alluring J. What do I know? It’s early.


  12. I’m partial to “The Texas Vixen” myself 🙂


  13. This will take some thought…….


  14. I think I did The Texas Vixen. But am I really a vixen. I mean I’m hot and all but still…
    Ahaha. I think I’m going to be bold and personally begin what will be a long line of mistakes to lead to my firing and use my real name. Jenice….


  15. well, you’re a brave one

    Now we know your name and send the evil republican black helicopters after you if you get out of line 😉 hehe…

    Just kidding


  16. Thats not fair. I’ve known your name for a while but didnt use it cuz I wasnt sure if you wanted it out there.
    Ya make everybody jump through fucking hoops and stretch our imaginations to unbelievable boundries, and then for what ?
    And then you decide , ho-hum fuck it I’ll just use my name.
    I’m calling the ACLU right now.

    (if for anything just to fuck with their heads)

    I hope you feel better now !



  17. Aww, Micky. It was a ploy to put you in a tizzy.


  18. Enjoy your new name you, you, you…
    Tizzy giving fence sitter you.


  19. Or your old name.


  20. “But am I really a vixen.”

    Maybe it’s in your future!

    How could you reveal your real name? Don’t you know I’m the queen of compulsive internet searches?


  21. Search away, Stil. I’m not hiding anymore! I can’t, really.


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