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Just as I gave the women of Iowa credit, the women of New Hampshire got soft. One thing you can never say about Hilary Clinton is that she is stupid. Being a woman myself, at least at last check, I can relate to the whole “if you cry, they say you are emotional” and the crap line “if you are too strong, they will think you are a bitch.” Men do both every day and they are not accused of these “crimes.” Yes. I’m defending Hilary Clinton a little — much to my chagrin. It was time Clinton showed something.

Even though I am not entirely sure the tears that choked her up at that campaign stop in a Portsmouth, New Hampshire coffee shop were authentic, part of me says, “So what?” Can’t women do both? Lead with their heart and their head? There is no doubt that the women of New Hampshire stepped up to Hilary’s defense of constant attacks. I will admit that I’ve attacked her as well and I don’t take it back. There is something about her that screams insincerity and I’m not saying that because she’s a woman. But she has every right, as the male candidates do, to go strong, show some authenticity and emotion and use still be shrewd. As she does all of those things, I wish the media would focus less on the fact that she’s a woman. I almost feel that the Iowa results influenced the New Hampshire ones because people there said, “Wait, Hilary’s getting a bum rap. Let’s keep her in this thing and see what happens.”

And like I said, she isn’t stupid. Recruiting the old faces  proved to be a clear winning move for Hilary. Another clear move: chatting at that coffee shop where a probably now infamous woman asked, “How are you doing?” which brought Hilary to seemingly show a human face. It’s now on record that it was the push Hilary needed in her campaign. I’m not sure it made much difference to me other than I thought, “Now that’s a smart move…” instead of, “Wow, she’s actually going to weep. I feel for her.” Don’t we want strategy in the White House? That was better than Stratego.

Still, I’m on the fence. As I often am about politics. I’m not sure if it came down to Hilary against McCain who I would vote for. 

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  1. Don’t go too soft on me J. She is bad news. Ed Muskie cried during the 1972 NH election and won. He claimed it was a snow flake melting on his cheek.

    See my blog for the Bill Clinton crying bit. This is one calculating family. Sounds awfully familiar to me.


  2. Actually I hope she gets to the general elections.
    Shes almost guaranteed to get beat there by any one of the top 3 cons. So what if she came out in front of Obama in New Hampshire ? Thats not really her biggest problem… yet.
    (as I’m typing this the weeping tape is being run on fox, how ironic.)


  3. Posted by mssinglemama on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Before you vote for Hillary – please, please watch the video I posted on my blog, – “The Shocking Hillary Clinton Video She Doesn’t Want You to See.” I loved the Clinton White House – that administration did worlds for this country. But when we went into Iraq and she supported it – knowing full well what a crock it was (along with every member of the media and most politicians in Washington) she sold out. She has had what, 8 years now? to lead our country – to lead the Democrats – to unify them … and we haven’t seen anything.

    I’m not looking at either candidate as black, white, woman, man…I am looking at their past – who they are and first and foremost – their ability to galvanize action in this country through people. Their ability to move people to actually do something about it. And that’s what Obama wants…he has said time and time again that he can’t do this alone – that the American people need to take action – volunteer – write – talk – do something. I think he gives us hope. And just watch – this November (after he’s crushed Hillary – god willing) the youth vote will come out like never before. Because they are sick and tired of the old guard.

    Great post!!! We need to keep telling the media to get to the bottom of the real issues. Who cares if she was crying. I would be too…was it staged? Maybe. Should the fact that she was crying persuade you to vote or not vote for her – I sure hope not. We need to stop judging political candidates on their race, sex or looks and start reading up – and learning what they actually stand for.


  4. ” knowing full well what a crock it was (along with every member of the media and most politicians in Washington)”

    Intelligence leading up to the war was compiled by 21 different countries. “most politicians ” voted for the war.
    Congress and the media were all too aware of the 1600 + reasons we had to go in.
    The reason the dems dont want to talk about the war is just that. Nobody is talking about Iraq, wanna guess why ?


  5. Posted by mssinglemama on Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Funny – because Obama is talking about the war … a lot.

    Differences aside this election will be the most historical one ever in the history of this country…very, very exciting. I’m proud of our country right now for bringing such a diverse group of candidates to the table.


  6. Its not funny that Obama is talking about the war. Its downright scary. Hes clueless on foreign policy as he has made clear by saying he would bomb Pakistan and have tea with Achmed Amamdingdong in Iran.
    Hes talking about doing things as if its a whole new idea. It just so happens that all his ideas are already planned and beggining to be implemented . Such as phased withdrawls and troop reductions.
    This is one the dumbest elections I’ve seen in my life if it has any historical content at all. And I’ve seen alot more than most of us. As a matter of fact as history has gone on the elections always seem to lack more substance than the last one.


  7. MSS; “I’m not looking at either candidate as black, white, woman, man…I am looking at their past – who they are and first and foremost – their ability to galvanize action in this country through people.”

    “I’m proud of our country right now for bringing such a diverse group of candidates to the table.”

    Pride in diversity ?
    What kind of thing is that to be proud of in an election when your basically talking only about a black man and a woman ?
    You yourself just said it was about their past and who they are.
    I want a group of candidates than can actually make a decent decision. I could give a shit about anything else.

    I would be deeply ashamed if this country voted for Barak or Hillary just make our acceptance of diversity clear to the world.


  8. Whoa. This is kinda heated. All I want to make sure everyone knows is that we are all wanting the same thing…someone who can run this country. Even if every candidate looked like the best one, what’s really going to prove it is when they are in office unfortunately. We don’t have a magic ball. And if we did, wouldn’t you know SOMEONE would abuse it!


  9. Sorry AJ, This is what I do. And I’m actually being reserved out of respect for your place.
    I cant help myself though. I have to point out the assinine when I hear it.


  10. You know I never mind heated debate, Micky. I just wanted another voice of possible reason or middle ground. Which is not saying much since I guess I elected myself as the voice!


  11. I know your positions AJ, and I have no beef with you or them as you’ve stated before you are kind of a fence sitter so I pretty much leave you alone.
    Having a variety of candidates is great. But it should not be an issue to be proud of. Any more than klan member should be proud that he can sit next to a black person.
    By hoisting too much pride on the issue of gender and race in candidates we do our selves a diservice. It shouldnot be a historical election for that reason.
    You want diversity, watch the miss USA pageant.
    I dont want to hear a candidate play the gender card by saying “finally we’ll have a pres that wont be afraid to ask directions”.
    As much as I dont want to hear that we dont need a pres who crys in public.
    We are at war with people who want us dead. And that brings me to the puckering in my asshole whenever I hear the tired and disproven rhetoric about how Bush lied and we did it for the oil and its an illegal war and the endless lines of crap that I have researched and found to be totally bogus.

    Now, about your cooking skills…



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