Day 99: I’ve posted this elsewhere…

My singles blog in fact. But it still should count for my countdown. Update on that by the way: I’ve got on size 16 jeans that I shrank once upon a time when I felt ambitious (yes, I will confess to size 16) and I’ve got at least two inches of room hanging out not to mention extra material in the tush and thighs. Pounds are still the same. Haven’t lost more than five but I noticed today, while sitting in my panties in front of the computer (tee hee) that I didn’t have protrusions coming out of my sides! Yes…

Yesterday [Saturday] a friend from work and I went to the lake by my apartment and walked. I took along my camera as I always do when I walk the lake. Usually alone. My friend had recently discovered the lake and fell in love with the area. She’s not really from here and I guess one day she just went driving, got out and walked…

Anyway this trek of ours wasn’t supposed to be that long. We both decided that before she came to my apartment. As we walked, we yapped about work of course. Where we wanted to be next year. And I snapped a lot of pics. Before we knew it I guess it may have been about 45 minutes and we looked around. I asked her if she wanted to turn back but by the look of her face and my frowned brow we both decided we were too curious and walked some more. However, we were headed nowhere near my apartment.

We kept walking, hoping we would see an end in sight. It seem like it never came. Bikers swooped by us and yelled, “On your left!” A few of them almost knocked me into the trenches. We crossed water and walked up heels. Our legs were cramping. Our feet aching. We were thirsty and we sneaked into the local gallery on the lake and stole bottled water. We giggled in delirium. I saw a sprinkler system at a rich person’s house and ran through it. This was like Man. vs. Wild or something. The whole way we talked about the big burger and beer we were going to have at the end of this journey. And the journey did come to an end.

Sore, mentally unstable and dehydrated I got ready for dinner. She went home to change. When we were finally on our way to civilization and a hot meal, my friend, who is also single, said that what we experienced was what it was like to be single everyday — fending for yourself. We didn’t take our cell phones. We didn’t take watches and even had to ask what time it was — turned out we had walked four hours. Even if we had the phones, we weren’t sure really who we would call. Not that we don’t have friends but you know, little men at home are usually the rescuers if you are in a coupled situation.

We aren’t coupled. We lug our 10 bags of groceries up the stairs. Fix our own apartment messes. Put together furniture. Although for me I will admit if something big is broken, I have my father to call but he doesn’t live in the same city or keep my hours. So for the most part, as the day to day goes, single people just have to do all this stuff themselves. That walk felt like the jungle of it all. Slicing through the crap, getting beat up along the way and ending the excursion with sustenance until you have to fight again.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nectarfizz on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 9:09 am

    I am impressed by your never quit mentality. You are my current hero.


  2. Good for you, AJ! You’re living proof that single women can and do live successful, independent lives! Is it any wonder why there are currently more single women than married women? We’re happier!


  3. Thanks nectar and Karen. I need all the encouragement I can get. A hero? That’s a new one for me. Thanks!


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