How ya like that women’s vote now?

Hilary Clinton just got it wrong. Women aren’t the women of yesteryear. They don’t care that you get along with your mother. They don’t care that you support women’s rights. All of that in the end never shows in a presidency really except when we finally even GOT the right to vote. They DO care about what’s best for America though and apparently Hilary isn’t it.  I’m not really sure I think Obama is either but Iowa has spoken. And I saw it coming.

I’m not going to deny that I’m a little pleased a black man got past that mostly white state at last night’s caucus. But only because of the principle. It says a lot. It’s seems obvious that Obama showed something that got beyond race and THAT’S what pleases me. That doesn’t mean I will vote for him if it comes down to it just because I’m a black chick. It just means a little history has been made. The same goes for Hilary. I’m not going to vote for a woman just to vote for a woman. I just think today’s voting society, though still very disjointed, is a bit more intelligent than to vote just based on race or gender. Or at least I hope. Yesterday’s results kind of proves that though. Can’t really say Iowa pushed Obama through because he’s black. Please prepare to say I’m wrong though.

As for Huckabee. I don’t even have the time right now to discuss my fears of his win. We’ve still got New Hampshire but you know what they say–you win in Iowa, you win the presidency. Not really true though. Seems Bill squeaked by all those years ago.

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  1. Caucus.
    Its like having the most popular high school in each stae perform a test vote.
    Iowa clearly showed us that part of the country is voting for reasons that go past sex and color. And then we will have states that will do the exact opposite.
    As a con I havnt really been too lit up about any of the top 3 yet. I’m disappointed that the dems didnt give Biden his due attention. He’s actually the one dem that wouldnt scare the shit out of me. He has more experience on the hill and overseas than the top 3 dems put together.
    But the silver lining is this.
    Ron Paul and his offshoot bitch Kucinich are slowley being taken off the stage.


  2. Posted by C.L. Mareydt on Friday, January 4, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    … it is all part of the Matrix.


  3. Clinton assumed that women would vote for her simply because she is a woman. Sadly, she is a woman in name only, but that’s beside the point. She’s paying the price for assuming people will bend to their supposed “guilt” and flock to her.

    Ooops! I guess that was a massive miscalculation on her part. Maybe the people are more interested in substance than guilt 🙂


  4. J – I wrote about the Iowa caucuses as well

    But my take is different.

    I don’t think this has nothing to do with Hilary being a woman in name only. Shame on you arclightzero!

    Hilary is a great candidate and in my eyes will be a great president.

    I like Barrack as well and think someday he will make a fantastic president.

    Read what I wrote…. IOWA? NEW HAMPSHIRE? WHO CARES?


  5. Chris ! Do you mean to tell us that Hillary wasnt counting on the womans vote ? And that she wasnt using her sex as aa apathetic and sympathetic tool ?

    Give me a break !


  6. The way it looks so far I may be writing in Keywork.


  7. J since you read my blog you know that I am a Republican. You also know that for 33 years I have voted party lines. This year, I am supporting Obama because he is a listener ( among many other superb qualifications ). In my mind that means he listens to both side of the aisle. His work experience and political experience proves that.
    Regards HRC, I know too much about her. Years ago I was given the Key to Little Rock ( don’t ask) and I learned more about her than I cared to know. If she becomes the next President, I find another country to live in.


  8. Keywork, Greg?
    I appreciate all the comments here because I really wanted to know what everyone thought about the caucus. How do you thing New Hampshire will fair?

    Grand: I think the fact that Obama is a listener is very key to being a great president. But I’m not sure if he has enough experience. But does that really matter I guess? The real question is who can get the job done…

    Chris. Heading to your account today…and of course will leave my thoughts!


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